(We begin with some blackness as the narrator speaks)

Narrator: In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, the Big Bang whatchacallit began.

(An explosion occurred and the universe began)

Narrator: Life and everything else began afterwards. There is more but that is not important. Our story begins on a world called Earth where, after years when the dinosaurs bite it, life for mankind began. Of course for man, trying to survive is more important as the next big thing: trying to keep from getting bore.

(We see cavemen doing drawings and stuff. They laughed stupidly as they looked at their drawings)

Narrator: So they make drawings to keep themselves entertain. Weird? Perhaps. But you can see how happy they make them afterwards.

(We now cut to more darkness. Then suddenly another world begins)

Narrator: What man did not know that by drawing, they started making a new world. A world where their creations exist. A world of something called...cartoons. And so, life began on this strange new world.

(We now go to a split-screen, with real life on one side, and the cartoon side on the other)

Narrator: As Earth evolved and grew, so does the other world with new cartoons each time someone thought them up, draw them, etc. By the time man has developed something called "studios", this world has got itself a new name. And it was called...Toonatopia. Year after year, cartoons come and evolved. Soon, man discovered this new world and learns to co-exist with it.

(We see scenes from the live-action/cartoon film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?")

Narrator: Of course, because of the craziness of Toonatopia, man fears that the toons would be a danger so it was suggested that the toons stay on their world and not go anywhere near the Real World unless it is for live-action/cartoon movies, like Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, Cool World, Or Re-Animated.

(We see humans interacting with cartoons on Toonatopia)

Narrator: Although toons cannot lived in the Real World, mankind itself can enter and live in Toonatopia itself to study them, lived with them, or to make sure that they don't know think of sneaking into the Real World.

(Cut To AC)

Narrator: Meet AC, Ace Toonologist, He Teams Up With Jimmy Robberts Later in the year 2007, AC Is Also A Toon Belever, Belever Of Toonatopia, There Are Some Remaining.

(We now see the events of ToonSkribblez's Toonatopia)

Narrator: Events meanwhile happened on Toonatopia that would take too long to explain. Let's say it involves a scout monkey, three cats, a sponge, a home for retired and/or cancelled cartoons, and other stuff, there is too much to explain them all.

(We now see A Bunch of worlds)

Narrator: There are Times When Worlds Are Made, That's When The TIB Have To Play The Kingdom Hearts Game That Made Said worlds

(We Now See A Screen With 2 People)

Narrator: TIB Means Toons in Black, A Group of Toon Belevers That Remain. And They Are The Best Kept Secret in the tooniverse, Their Mission: Detect Aniterrestrial Lifeforms on earth and send them back home.

(We now cut to a black screen that said "The Year 2007")

Narrator: So what does it has to do with our story? Why am I asking you this? Let's Just Say, It's Time Jimmy Robberts Learned about the secret planet, Cue the movie screen!

Cartoon Network and Walt Disney Pictures Present

A Paramount Pictures/Imagine Entertainment Film

Dominic James

Toonatopia 2

AC Herman

Steve Martin

Tom Kenny

Tara Strong

Tommy Shnider

Tara Sands

Haden Chistensen

Jess Curtis

Michelle Bard