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"Seven Days" is such an enigmatic song and I've always been suspicious of the details of the date in the Odaiba Amusement park. This is my take on that day...and as it has grown, the subsequent events as well.

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Between the Lines:
Dream Date?
By Vindaloo
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Chapter One: The Big Day

A date with Yuki. A date with Yuki. A whole day together. Just the two of them. Alone.

Well, as alone as two guys could be in a crowded amusement park.

Shindou Shuuichi sat on the edge of the Mercedes' leather seat, hands tucked crosswise between his knees, staring eagerly out the window, beyond the Rainbow Bridge to the twists and curlicues of the towering Spin Bullet, Odaiba park's celebrated roller-coaster.

There'll be no PDA. Was Yuki's strict rule. Keep your hands to yourself. No hugging. No glomping. We're just two guys taking in the park. Got it?

Sure. He got it. No PDA. No 'public display of affection.' Because Yuki was shy. He pretended it was because he was this world famous romance author and if someone caught him holding hands with another guy, his career would be ruined, but Shuuichi knew the real truth.

He just didn't want to admit it.

Shuuichi, that was.

Shuuichi didn't want to admit that their long-anticipated date meant nothing but a lost bet to Yuki. Yuki didn't really want to be here. Not with Shuuichi, not even with one of his many girlfriends. Yuki Eiri, celebrated romance author, didn't do silly things like amusement parks. Yuki had bet someone...Shuuichi didn't know who, but he suspected his own manager, the crazy American, Claude Winchester, otherwise known as "K"...that Bad Luck's first CD would never go gold, never sell a million copies.

Yuki had gambled and lost and his penalty was this so-called date with Bad Luck's lead singer who just happened to be madly in love with the aforementioned romance author.

Never mind they made love at pretty much every opportunity. Never mind they'd been living together for months. Never mind Yuki had declared that fact on national television. Reality was, they rarely even met outside the apartment. Restaurant meals were 'refueling missions' combined with a 'chance to try out a new venue' as they visited the restroom together.

The one exception was the park. The park where they'd met, and where, sometimes, late at night, unable to sleep, they'd walk together, mostly silent, and where, sometimes, almost as an afterthought, Yuki would drape his arm around him and let him snuggle close.

To 'stop his chattering teeth from ruining the silence.' Or so Yuki insisted.

Well, Shuuichi wasn't going to let such stupid facts ruin his day. Or Yuki's either, for that matter. He'd surprise Yuki. He'd make sure Yuki had a good time, despite his sulky self.

He snuck a peek at his in-private-only-lover, and found those golden cat eyes had left the momentarily stalled traffic to glance at him. More surprising still was a softening around that perfectly cut mouth, a hint of...could it be...a smile?

Yuki's smiles were rare. Precious. Moments to be treasured. Was it possible he'd guessed wrong? Was it possible Yuki actually was doing this because he wanted to?

But no...

The cat eyes swept from his eyes to his lips, lingering a moment before turning back to business as traffic began moving again.

It wasn't today that put that smile on Yuki's face, it was this morning. Past tense.

Shuuichi felt the heat rise in his face, and stared at his hands as thoughts of that morning came flooding into his mind, of waking on the couch to the touch of those perfect lips, and he wondered, not for the first time, whether he'd ever wake up in Yuki's bed at Yuki's side rather than alone on Yuki's couch.

He had slept in Yuki's bed once, but he didn't count that time. He'd fainted. In the middle of the street. Shamelessly chasing after Yuki, dressed in a school girl's outfit, still suffering from the gang-banging his rival singer had 'arranged' for him. He'd fainted at Yuki's Italian-shod feet and waked up in Yuki's smooth, Egyptian-cotton bedding, with Yuki sitting in an American-made chair beside him, only to have that once in a lifetime moment shattered when Yuki declared he was leaving. For good.

Yuki had tempered that blow with a good-bye fuck. It had been, in it's own odd way, the sweetest, gentlest sex they'd ever had, but only, Shuuichi suspected, because Yuki felt bad for what had happened to him, had been worried about hurting him more when all Shuuichi had wanted was greater pain to shut out the gut-deep agony of losing Yuki forever.

He'd managed to dodge that bullet. Had chased after Yuki all the way to Yuki's father's Kyoto temple and convinced the morbid author that Yuki's dark past didn't change the fact that he loved him with all his heart. Yuki had relented, had allowed Shuuichi to move back into his home, but not into his bed. Never into his bed. Sex happened everywhere but Yuki's bedroom.

That morning, it had been a typical couch-fuck, with a towel shoved under him to protect the leather. Then, his body still throbbing to the rhythm of his racing heart, he'd been shoved into the shower with the words ten minutes ringing in his ears.

Nine minutes later, they were in Yuki's Mercedes, racing toward the amusement park, to get in, so Yuki insisted, before the crowds.

Get in, have your fun, and get out. Fast. Efficient.

Just like Yuki's fucking.

Shuuichi sighed and stared out the window, his excitement fading as they turned into the parking lot and waited in line for the attendant.


His heartbeat quickened, the way it would whenever Yuki called him by name. Like his smiles, it was so rare, so precious. Usually, he was 'baka,' a useful word, so Yuki claimed, because it covered so many appropriate personality traits.

Feeling suddenly shy, he glanced up into Yuki's golden eyes. "H–Hai?"

"Cell phones off." Yuki lifted his phone, flipped it open and thumbed the power off. "Unless we get separated and need to find one another. No one else gets to intrude."

It was like Yuki to think of that. He nodded, pulled his phone out and turned it off.

"This is your day, Shu, got it? Anything you want to do, you do. It's all on me. Food. Rides. Whatever you want."

He grinned as his one goal flashed in his head. "Even Pikura?"

"Even photo-stickers."

He cheered and bounced up and down in the seat as Yuki paid the attendant (including a very large non-tip), and pulled into the spot beside the booth. It would mean a long walk into the park, but Yuki's precious car would be the attendant's personal responsibility.

"Bust the springs in that seat, brat, and you'll be out a lot more than what this day is going to cost me." But Yuki's dry tones held a hint of amusement, and Shuuichi refused to be defused. This would be a special day. For both of them.

He'd make certain of it.


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