"Twins have been born. Two pairs of twins will evidentially save the vampire race from the werewolves. The first pair of twins are male. They will become vampires. The second pair of twins will be female. They will be separated at birth, but when they hit their 18th birthday, there will be a solar eclipse. When that passes, crescent moons will appear on both of them in five places. On the girl named Isabella, the moons will be blue. They will be on each ankle, each wrist and one on their forehead. On the girl named Natasha, the moons will be black. They will appear in the same spots. When Isabella and Natasha reunite, the moons will disappear." A hooded figure told a woman holding the twin girls.

"Goodbye my loves." She whispered with her last breath. Two hooded figures took the twins out of the dead mother's arms and handed one twin to one family and the other to another family. I began to scream with the twins.

"Bella!" Edward said waking me up. I opened my eyes and saw all of the Cullens looking at my worriedly.

I looked down and blushed. I couldn't keep the question that I tried to suppress in any longer. "Edward, do you have a twin?" I blurted out. All the Cullens looked around nervously.

"Umm…yes Bella I do. I wanted you to meet him. His name is Henry, he's a vampire, and he'll be staying here for a while." Edward said. I was now living with the Cullens since Victoria killed Charlie and Renée when they were here for spring break.

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." Edward said. a boy that looked almost exactly like Edward walked into the room. The only difference was that the boy was wearing all black.

"Bella, this is my twin brother Henry. Henry, this is my girlfriend Bella." Edward said. Henry smiled at me and shook my hand. His hand was icy like I expected.

"EDWARD, BELLA, AND HENRY, GET READY FOR SCHOOL!" Alice yelled. I laughed. I liked having Alice and Rosalie as sisters.

"Okay Alice." I called back. I looked at Edward and Henry and they got the hint. In a few seconds, I was alone.

I changed into a blue/green silk shirt and a dark jean skirt. Alice walked in and adjusted my shirt so the neckline was across my shoulders. I smiled at her and put on my black sandals. They had a small heel on them, but I could still walk in them.

I walked down the stair with Alice and met Edward and the rest of the Cullens at the door. Edward and I walked out of the house and stopped. We all looked to the sky. We watched the moon come in between the sun and the earth casting a white ring around the sun. (Well, I didn't watch it because it would blind me, but the stupid vampires didn't have to worry about that now did they?)

When the eclipse was over Alice looked over at me and gasped. that made everyone else look at me. They all gasped and I looked into the mirror that Alice gave me. I had a blue crescent moon on my forehead. This was just like me dream. I slid the sleeves of my shirt up and saw the same moon on each of my wrists. I lifted my skirt and saw the moons on my ankles.

"Wow, happy birthday to you." Alice said.