A/N Okay something within me was just begging me to write a Doctor Who and Doctor House crossover story. I am not sure how great this will turn out but I thought that these two doctors really should meet each other. If for nothing else, then just for all the witty combacks these two could have.

I do not own Doctor House M.D. or Doctor Who


Chapter 1

Lisa Cuddy smiled at the new doctor that she had hired for the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. "I am sure you'll do well here, Doctor John Smith. Oh but don't mind…."

The Doctor raised his eye for a moment when in walked a man who limped in with a cane.

"Cuddy are you going behind my back again?"

Cuddy looked annoyed for a moment, "House, I hire doctors for our hospital. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you can come in and complain before they even start there first day. Anyway it's good you're here, House I want you to meet Doctor John Smith."

The Doctor smiled and put forth his hand, "Hello…."

House snorted, "John Smith…oh you have got to be kidding me. Did your parents decide that after they had you they couldn't think of anything better but the name John?"

The Doctor smiled,"I wouldn't know actually. I never had what you would consider parents."

"An orphan. Then I feel sorry for the adopted parents that must of out of sheer bordem decided that was what they should name you."

The Doctor frowned a bit and House walked out.

The Doctor looked at Cuddy and Cuddy sighed, "Don't mind House, he's just jealous that you're stepping on his turf."

The Doctor chuckled, "Actually I have met much worse. Anyway...what do you want me to do right now?"

"Well you have met House. I suppose I should introduce you to the rest of the staff. It's lunch time they should be in the cafeteria, except House, he prefers to be in his office by himself."

The Doctor smiled as Cuddy led him into the Cafetria. The Doctor grabbed a tray and smiled as he saw Rose dish out a plate of food. She gave him a look that had daggers to it. "How come you get to 'play' Doctor and I get stuck once again serving lunch?"

The Doctor grinned,"Hey don't blame me, Capatain Jack said that there was some unusual activity going on around New Jersey. He couldn't bother sending a Torchwood agent here. Soooo here we are sweetheart."

Rose rolled her eyes and the Doctor moved on.

He took a seat around a group of other doctors and Cuddy introduced him to each one.

"Doctor John Smith this is Doctor James Wilson, he's in Oncology."

The Doctor smiled and said,"Hello..."

"So I have heard you have been assigned to work with House. House is allright but just to warn you, he's very unconventional."

The Doctor smiled,"Really? Then we should get along really well."

"You might think you're unconventional but House really takes the cake for unusual and unconventional."

The Doctor grinned, "Oh I don't know….I have been known to be really unconventional myself."

Wilson shook his head a bit he wondered a bit about this new doctor,"Don't say I didn't warn you."

The Doctor ate a few chips and Cuddy introduced him to Doctor Forman. "Doctor Eric Foreman, this is Doctor John Smith."

Forman gave the Doctor a good firm handshake,"So where did you work at John?"

"Well I have worked in San Fransico under Doctor Grace Holloway."

Foreman nodded,"I have heard of her, she's in Cardiology, right?"

The Doctor nodded.

Foreman then said,"Well it will be good to have a decent cardiologist under us."

Cuddy then introduced the Doctor to Doctor Allison Cameron and Doctor Robert Chase as they came into the room and sat down with lunch, "Doctor Alison Cameron and Doctor Robert Chase, this is Doctor John Smith, I have hired him to work with you and Doctor House."

Chase spoke first, "You're pretty young looking for a doctor."

The Doctor grinned, "Oh I have had lots and lots of practice being a doctor. But you look pretty young yourself."

Chase chuckled, "Fair enough."

Cameron looked at the Doctor,"Word of advice, House is…."

The Doctor finished her sentence,"Unconventional."

"More than that, he's irrational and borderline psycotic."

"Great, then we should get along just fine."

Cameron looked at the Doctor as if he was nuts, "You say that now but, just wait till you have to work with him."