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Chapter 21

The Doctor sighed as he looked at Cuddy. "I…I…" He stuttered a bit. He stuck out his hand, "I don't know how to say this, but I am moving on."

Cuddy looked at him but took his hand and shook it with quite a bit of warmth," House got to you didn't he?" She had leveled the storm through this, not quite understanding any of it at all. Although she had a feeling that Doctor Smith had something to do with it, she really didn't want to ask, she had enough problems with House as it was. Doctor Smith was a bit eccentric as much as House or so House had told her as soon as the crisis had been abated.

"Nah….I just have to move on, that's all. It's a big ole world out there and I am not one to stay put in one place."

Cuddy raised an eyebrow, "You're from England right? Are you going back home?"

"England is sort of my home away from home, Doctor Cuddy. But it's not really my home. I guess you could say I am sort of a transplant there."

Doctor Cuddy sighed, "I really don't know what to make of what happened here these past few days. I want to ask you what happened but part of me really doesn't want to know."

The Doctor chuckled, "A whole lot of scary with a good dose of terrifying in-between, Doctor Cuddy."

Cuddy nodded, "Thank God, I was able to get the CDC off my back. Not only that, but there was a group named Torchwood trying to squeeze their way into this affair as well. I really don't know anything about that but…they were trying to get in and suddenly they backed off, said that Torchwood Three had priority over it. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

"What makes you think I have any dealings with them?"

Cuddy shrugged, "Just a hunch, I suppose."

The Doctor breathed an internal sigh of relief. All he needed was a bunch of idiots from the other Torchwood's stepping onto his turf. Captain Jack probably had a hand in stopping the other groups of Torchwood from getting involved. Thank Captain Jack for keeping Torchwood out of it just this once.

Cuddy sighed, "I suppose I can't offer you anything to stay, can I? Money? More benefits? I like you Doctor Smith. You know how to keep Doctor House in his place. I need more doctors like that."

The Doctor chuckled, "Goodness you remind me of a very stodgy Brigadier General I had the fortune of knowing. He tried to offer me money as well once."

"And what did you say to him?"

"What would I do with money?"

Cuddy sighed,"You're a strange man, Doctor Smith. But I suppose I really can't keep you tied down. So what are your next plans?"

"Traveling. I am very fond of traveling."

"And what do you do while you're traveling?"

"I help others."

"You mean kind of like a Doctors without Borders, sort of thing."

The Doctor grinned,"Very much so…." He liked Doctors without Borders. They defiantly were a fine organization, but that title suited him to a tee. He had no boundaries or borders. It was a shame that humans put boundaries between themselves. He knew one day they would eventually overcome that whole idea of countries and areas belonging to one government or another. They would eventually realize that there was one planet; one people and that in the broad view they were all the same. It would eventually happen the day that humans started to travel across the stars realize that they were not alone and realize that they were one unique people. Like he had told Sarah Jane a long time ago, travel broadens the horizons and opens the mind to all sorts of possibilities.

"I better get going Doctor Cuddy. I might drop by again someday. You might not even recognize me."

Cuddy chuckled,"I doubt it; you have your own unique style Doctor Smith. Who could not recognize you?"

"True, but don't put your hopes on it, Doctor Cuddy. I am a very changeable man. Goodbye and good luck."

The Doctor walked out of Cuddy's office and he smiled as he saw Cameron and Chase. He waved. Chase came over and said, "Is it true, you're leaving?"


Cameron stated, "You scared the shit out of House. He hasn't left his office all day. He's just sitting there playing video games."

The Doctor grinned, "I take it that's abnormal for him."

Chase said, "Playing video games no. But in his office all day….."

The Doctor sighed, "I suppose I better stop by and say goodbye. Before I forget to say it, goodbye…"

Cameron gave the Doctor a warm handshake, "Goodbye Doctor."

The Doctor looked at Chase and smiled, "My offer still stands, Chase."

Chase shook his head, "No thanks Doctor, my feet are firmly planted on the ground."

The Doctor smiled softly, "That's a pity. Well I suppose this has all been a bit much…."

Chase chuckled, "I'll say…"

"Goodbye Chase, don't let House tell you there is no such thing as aliens…."

The Doctor walked down to House's office and heard Foreman talking with him. "You can't spend all day in your office."

"Can't I? I am busy, can't you see that am I playing Grand Theft Auto right now. That's much more exciting than dealing with you or Cuddy right now."

The Doctor walked in, "Hello Foreman, fancy meeting you in here. I just come to say goodbye."

House frowned,"Leaving. I thought Cuddy didn't want you to go."

"Nah, we talked a bit. I am better at traveling. I don't tie myself to any place any time."

House nodded, "Fine with me. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

The Doctor grinned and took out his sonic screwdriver and moved it over the game console. The words, WASTED came across the screen of House's television.

House looked up at the Doctor. "Now what?"

"I just want to say, House don't let yourself be discouraged. We can't all be right, right off."

House lifted his cane at the Doctor,"GET OUT…"

The Doctor grinned, "Good bye, House. I can't wait till we meet again sometime." He then walked out.

The Doctor walked to his TARDIS and he opened it, "Rose….are you in there?"

"Doctor, I am glad you're here, mum's upset, and she demands you put her back in her flat. I kept telling her that as soon as we were done here we'll get her back home."

The Doctor sighed, "One of the main reasons why I don't do mothers. Now for something fun Rose…."

Rose groaned, "Now what, your idea of fun is so completely different than mine."

The Doctor grinned, "Well we get to fly around in the clouds a bit. Dump this oxygen with the cure in the atmosphere, just to make sure that everything is fine."

Rose sighed, "That's it."

"Yep. That's it. Provided I don't burn out the TARDIS in the process. The TARDIS doesn't do flying very well.


The Doctor groaned as he turned his attention towards Jackie, "I demand you take me back to the Powell Estates right now."

The Doctor gave Jackie a firm look, "Not now Jackie Tyler. I have to do one more thing and then I will get you back home. Believe me, this wasn't exactly my idea to take you along, but at the time I had very little choice. Now grab hold of something….I am going to hover the TARDIS over this city."

Jackie's eyes went wide, "You're going to do what?"

"You heard me. Now hold tight."

The Doctor went around and worked his control console and the TARDIS dematerialized out of the hospital, a moment later the TARDIS reappeared outside and the Doctor took her into the atmosphere. The Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS and he grinned as he took one of the containers of oxygen and began to empty it outside.

After the Doctor did that he took the second one and did in like manner. After he finished, he closed the TARDIS doors and he grinned, "Come on Rose, let's get Jackie back home."

The Doctor went over to his console dematerialized the TARDIS away from the city.

Rose smiled, "Sounds good to me Doctor. Maybe we can grab some chips as well."

"Sounds good, Rose and then we can go to Barcelona, not the city, I mean the planet."

Rose smiled and hugged onto the Doctor. She loved every minute with him; it was never a dull moment from one place to the next.