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Danny's run away. He's run away from it all, for good. He left it all behind: Amity Park, his friends, his family, the ghost fighting… He simply couldn't take the stress, the responsibility, the secrets and hiding. He left it all behind, or so he thought…until he realized the one thing he was essentially trying to escape, followed him.

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"Goodbye," the young black-haired teen sighed as he turned his head to look at his house for only one more time, "forever…"

It's for the best really. It'll be easier for everyone this way. And I know I can trust Mom and Dad to take care of the ghosts. Danny tried to convince himself. He didn't want to leave this place behind, the place where he had grown up, had met the best friends he could ever wish for and had experienced so many good, and even bad memories. But he couldn't handle all the ghosts anymore. He couldn't handle keeping his secret anymore. He was sick of feeling as though he was carrying the weight of the world, or at least that of Amity Park, on his shoulders.

No one knew Danny was leaving, but they'd find out in the morning. They all thought he was sleeping peacefully in his room, as he usually did at this time of night. Danny had left a note on his pillow explaining that he was gone, telling everyone not to worry and that he loved them.

The dejected young teen groaned softly to himself, as he lifted his soft blue eyes and examined the bright stars that illuminated the somber skies of the night.

Where to go now? I guess I could take the next bus to this place. Danny decided as he looked at the destinations on the bus schedule in his hands. It's the soonest bus leaving for somewhere far away from here.

Danny stuffed the pamphlet in his backpack and started for the bus stop, which was about five blocks away from his currentlocation.

When he was close to the bus stop, he began re-considering and pondering his decision.

I wonder if I'm really making the right choice? It's not too late to turn back. I mean, maybe I should just go ba-

"AARGHH!" Danny suddenly shriekedloudly.He stopped unexpectedly, and clutched his head tightly, doubling over with pain.

Don't go back Danny…

A voice inside his head whispered softly.

Danny lost his balance, staggered and was nowon his knees, grasping his head even tighter.

"AARGH! MY HEAD!" His voice rang out in the deadly silence of the night.

The calm voice inside his head spoke again, no longer whispering. It sounded oddly delighted at the boy's suffering; almost as if it was smiling as it spoke.

Don't fool yourself Daniel. You know you have to leave. You said it yourself.

Agonizing pain flowed through Danny's veins and caused his body to shake uncontrollably. He felt as though his head was about to burst.

Daniel, Daniel…

Danny didn't know what was going on, but what he did know was that every time that voice spoke, a surge of unbearable pain blasted through his entire body.

"STOP! STOP IT! YOU'RE KILLING ME!" Danny screeched loudly, "STOP IT!"

Stop what Daniel? The voice spoke again, with the same content and mocking tone.


Still shaking, Danny began to feel as though someone else was controlling his body, automatically transforming him to his other ghostly half and back very quickly. He felt one last shock penetrate through every limb of his body, as the energy was drained from him, before passing out.

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