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Frankie turned the key and the engine roared. She and Danny gave one final wave to the Foster Friends as she drove off to the end of Wilson Street.

"I sure will miss them." Danny sighed.

"So, what do you plan on doing when you get back to Amity? I mean…how will you explain this to your family and friends?" Frankie asked, as she took out a map from the glove compartment, studied it, and then turned to the right.

"I don't know. I guess I'll just tell them. My friends, that is."

"And your family?"

"Are you kidding? My parents are ghost hunters…I don't think I'll be telling either of them that I'm a ghost anytime soon," he scoffed.

Frankie looked perplexed.

"Wait…how can your parents not know you're a ghost? I mean, isn't it a bit obvious?" she asked, evidently trying not to insult Danny about his parents.

"Huh? Oh," Danny said, realizing what Frankie was saying. He wondered if he should tell her…

"Um, Frankie, I'd like to show you something. But maybe you should pull over first."

Frankie did so, and turned around to face Danny.

"Um…Frankie…I'm sorta, only half-ghost."


Danny shut his eyes tightly, and suddenly, two translucent blue rings appeared around his middle, separated from each other at his torso, and made their way across either the top or bottom part of his body.

When he opened his eyes, he found Frankie staring at him, in disbelief.

He was no longer Danny Phantom, but now Danny Fenton. He wore a white T-shirt with a red logo on the chest, one red stripe at the end of each sleeve and at the end of the shirt itself. He also wore a pair of blue jeans, and some red and white sneakers. His hair was now raven black, and his eyes baby blue.

"I'm half-human…" he tried to explain, wondering if he really should've showed Frankie or not.

"Whoa, you can turn human, or ghost?" she asked, amazed.

"Um…yeah?" he said tentatively.

"And let me guess, around your friends, you can be either human or ghost, but around your family, your just your human side?" she asked.

"Well…um, yeah…"

"That. Is. So. COOL!"

Danny almost fell out of his bench at this unexpected outburst. He smiled slightly.

"You really think that's cool?" he asked shyly.

"Well, yeah! What else can you do? I mean, besides shooting laser beams, transforming, flying, and creating force fields?" she asked exitedly.

So over the next 15 minutes, Danny showed Frankie what it was like to be a ghost (after transforming, of course). He turned intangible, invisible, showed her his ghost wail, flew through solid objects, and showed her his duplication powers.

"I'm still not very good at making doubles of myself…" he said timidly, after messing up and giving himself six arms and three legs.

"Whatever, that's still wicked awesome," she repeated, starting up the bus again.

"Thanks," he blushed lightly, pleased.

"You know, I've always wished I could fly. See the world from a bird's eye view. Feel the wind on my face and just be free," she said distractedly.

"Really?" Danny asked. Those were the same reasons he enjoyed flying. Though he'd never tell anyone.

"Yeah. I always wished my prince charming would come and sweep me off my feet; take me flying off into the sunset," she said dreamily.

She blushed.

"Sorry, that must sound stupid."

"Umm, no…It's not," Danny said, smiling at the girl's words.

There was a moment of silence.

"So tell me a bit more about yourself Danny," Frankie said casually, changing the subject completely.

"Tell you what? I'm not all too interesting…"

"Yeah, you're a kid who's half-ghost and has the superhero powers little kids can only dream about; you're a real snooze fest," she said sarcastically, "C'mon, tell me. Then I'll tell you about me," she insisted.

So over the next few hours, Frankie and Danny talked endlessly about…well, everything. First they shared some background about their lives. Then they began talking about their likes and dislikes. No sooner had one discussion ended, than had a new one started. Conversations about music and art seeped into travel and movie oriented talks. Soon they were sharing their saddest, funniest, even most embarrassing stories. Before they even realized, three and a half hours had passed.

"Hey you wanna stop somewhere for some food or something?" Frankie asked casually. She and Danny had become very comfortable with each other over the past three hours.

"Sure, anywhere's good with me," Danny said, putting his feet up on the bench in front of him.

"Ok, Starbucks it is then!" Frankie decided for the both of them as Danny laughed.

Frankie parked the bus outside. She and Danny entered the large mall, found the Starbucks and made their way to the counter to order. Danny, suddenly realized he'd forgotten to transform back to human.


"One iced mocha please," Frankie said, taking out her wallet.

"Sure thing. And for this cutie?" the young teen at the counter asked, eyeing Danny and smiling. She was about his and Frankie's age. She had pale blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue. She was chewing gum.

"You know," she said seductively, moving closer to Danny, "I've always loved white hair on guys. And that suit is very stylish," she almost growled the word 'very'. Danny, could feel her hot breath, strawberry flavoured, against his face. She grabbed a lock of his snowy hair, and twisted it around her finger, letting go of it slowly, so it would bounce slightly. Danny, none too comfortable with the situation, looked over at Frankie. She was eyeing her angrily. She silently, but briskly, gestured for Danny to hurry it up already and order.

Danny asked for an iced-capp and a nanaimo bar.

"Oh wait, I don't have any money on me," Danny said hastily, searching his pocket frantically.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll pay for it. In exchange for your name and number," the cashier said with a mysterious half-smile.

Danny was about to speak, but Frankie put a hand over his mouth.

Mmmm, her hand smells good… Danny thought to himself, momentarily losing himself.

"No," she said harshly, "I'll pay for it. Babe." She flipped out her wallet and put out a ten.

"Oh you two are, uh," the girl said, with a very fake smile.

"Yes, we are. We're together," Frankie growled, taking Danny's hand in hers protectively.

The girl laughed apologetically, though it wasn't sincere. She went in the back to make the drinks.

Danny and Frankie finally collected their order, and then went to sit down. The girl kept staring at them as walked off.

They chose a table, as Frankie looked back to make sure to give the girl the evil eye.

"Since when are we together?" Danny asked shyly.

Frankie blushed heavily. "Well…you were obviously uncomfortable, and she was being rude…and you know, I figured I'd get rid of her for you…" Frankie trailed off, embarassed.

There was a moment of silence, as Frankie suddenly became very interested in mixing her drink with her straw.

"Thanks, I needed it," Danny smiled thankfully, "Oh, and thanks for paying too."

Frankie smiled. "No problem. Now let's get out of here. That girl is looking at us."

Though mostly you. Frankie thought to herself.

Danny agreed, and they both got up and left. The cashier's gaze followed Danny till he left the building completely.

"Hey, I'm gonna drive this road here, then this one, and then turn at this intersection," Frankie said, showing Danny the map once they were the car, "But then we'll have to stop at a gas station to get the rest of the directions. Though I think we should be close too your town by then."

Danny nodded. "Cool. Oh, hey, you're drink…" he trailed off, pointing at the bottom of Frankie's cup. It was dripping; Danny took his napkin and wiped the bottom, as Frankie moved her drink, and her head forward, to avoid the drink dripping on her skirt. They both smiled.

The next few hours were somewhat eventless. They talked, and Danny slept for awhile. He was really thankful now that he hadn't chosen to fly. It was a longer trip than he'd imagined.

Suddenly, the bus halted, abruptly. The tires screeched against the ground. Danny lifted his head, surprised. He rubbed his eyes tiredly as he stretched his arms and stifled a yawn.

"Umm…" Frankie said, her eyes wide. She stared straight ahead of her.

"Frankie what's wron-" Danny stopped, as he realized what Frankie was staring at.

A large, broad-chested and muscled ghost was floating just in front of the bus. It was facing away from them, however. After a few moments of just hovering in the air, it flew off, straight ahead.

"Skulker," Danny muttered, "Somehow, I don't think we're going to be needing to stop at the gas station anymore. Frankie, follow that ghost!" Danny commanded.

Frankie was confused, but she didn't dare contradict Danny. Besides, he sounded like he knew what he was doing.

She drove off after the ghost. At a certain point, Danny told her to stop.

"Look," he said, pointing straight ahead of them, "If you follow this road up until the stop sign, and then turn to the right and continue, you should find a street called Invisible Avenue. Turn left from there and keep driving until you find a big house with a sign that says FentonWorks. Park there, and I'll be right there, ok?"

Frankie was about to argue, but Danny covered her mouth, similar to the way she had done so at the coffee place. "Just trust me on this, ok?"

She nodded. Danny turned invisible and flew off, through the roof of the bus.

"Now to find that Skulker," he muttered to himself.

"Not if I find you first, whelp," said a deep and all-too familiar voice from behind him.

"Skulker," Danny growled, spinning around.

"I've been looking for you, whelp."

"Yeah, well you've found me!" Danny said, shooting an ecto-blast at Skulker, causing him to fall.

Skulker snarled, and got up from the ground. He shot his gun at Danny, but Danny dodged it.

"Haha! You can't catch me!" Danny taunted the buff hunter of a ghost.

"Why you little!!!" Skulker yelled, "Where've you been anyways? Hiding? I've been looking for a punching bag for awhile now," he finished with a smirk.

"Then I guess you better find one!" Danny shouted back.

He flew around for awhile, being chased by Skulker, when he reached a building, and he decided to do a little swerve and surprise his attacker. Taking the advantage of surprise, he quickly switched directions and flew around the building from the opposite side. He took out his Fenton Thermos, and sucked Skulker in from the back.

"You little brat! I'll get you!" his voice echoed as he was being sucked in. Danny secured the cap on the thermos and then flew off back to his house.

He sighed happily, "Now, I'm home."

"Danny! There you are! I've been waiting! What happened? Are you okay?"

"Umm, yeah…sorry about that. I was battling that ghost."

"You were battling it?"

"Oh, um yeah. I told you that's what I did when I was a ghost, didn't I?:

"Well, yeah, but I didn't know you would battle something like that!!"

Danny blushed.

"Don't worry. I won, see?" he said, holding up the Fenton Thermos."

Frankie smiled.

"So this is your house?" she asked.

"Um…yeah…it is."

"Cool, I guess you'd better get in now, huh? It's almost midnight." Frankie looked sad.

Danny suddenly got an idea.

"Umm, you know, my folks will be asleep now…"

Frankie looked up excitedly. "You wanna go for a ride?" she asked, smiling, and holding up the car keys.

"Well, that's not exactly what I was planning on…" Danny said mysteriously.

He unexpectedly took Frankie by the waist, and lifted her up off the ground.

"Whoa!" she yelped, "You gotta warn me when you do that!"

Danny laughed. "Hey, you took me on a ride, now it's my turn to take you on one. Besides, you said you've always wanted to fly, soo…"

I'm just sorry there's no sunset…Danny thought regretfully.

Danny flew over the Nasty Burger, his school, and so many other buildings. Frankie sipped in all of the sights around her. It was dark out, but it was still beautiful. The stars twinkled brilliantly, and the moon looked especially gorgeous that night.

"Are you comfortable?" Danny asked.

"Yeah…I am," Frankie responded with a smile and a nod.

About ten minutes later, they had returned to Danny's house. Danny gently set Frankie down on the ground.

"How was that?" he asked.

"Beautiful," she said with a romantic sigh. She smiled and looked up at the sky, her hands held closely together near her chest. "It was absolutely beautiful,"

"Well," she said with a sigh, a few moments later, "I guess you should go in now."

She looked regretful. She also looked like she was bursting to say something but couldn't.

"Um, yeah…I guess…" Danny agreed, rubbing the back of his neck while tilting his head and looking at the ground. He looked nervous and shy. A little like Frankie did.

"Wait!" she said quickly, as if he were going to fly off at any time, "Umm, I'd like you to have this." She pulled out a picture of herself from her wallet, and pressed it into his hand.

Danny couldn't say anything. He was feeling too many emotions. Happiness, relief, sadness, regret…and one more. Love.

"Thanks," was all he could say. He wanted to say more, but he just couldn't. He just smiled sadly and turned to make his way to his room.

But he heard Frankie call out for him one more time.

"Danny?" she said.

He turned. "Yeah?" He hoped she would say that she wanted to run away with him, and live together forever. But she didn't.

"Um..nothing," she sighed, relinquishing her thought. It looked as though she had just changed her mind about saying what she was going to. "Just promise me you'll remember me?" she choked.

"I promise," Danny said, trying not to choke, himself. "Remember me too?" he asked hopefully.

She nodded with a teary smile.

Danny didn't want to leave. He never wanted to leave her side. But he knew he had to. He turned and flew off into his bedroom. He turned on the light and transformed. He opened the drawer next to his night table and gently placed the picture of Frankie on top of one of his Dumpty Humpty cds. He looked at it one last time before closing the drawer.

Danny heard the engine revv up outside. He wanted to run to the window and watch her leave. But he didn't. The noise grew louder and louder, but then gradually faded away, as the bus drove off.

It was amazing that being with someone you liked for even a short time could make it so painful to part with them. Danny and Frankie hadn't had the most meaningful experiences ever witnessed in a friendship, but they both felt a soulful connection with each other.

Danny snuggled into bed, with a yawn.

He wondered why it had to be so difficult, as he remembered how he had first left his town a few days ago, and how that had lead to meeting Frankie.

But that was another question for another day. And another story.

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