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Snape squeezed his eyes shut as his heart leapt up into his throat; the entire front section of the plane had seemingly snapped off, and with it had gone Lupin, Lucius, Percy and presumably the Muggle pilots. Snape wanted to scowl at Sirius, call him a fool, but he didn't have the chance as the plane spun through the air. Both Wizards at the front of the plane found various hand and foot holds to hang on to, Snape keeping a secure one-arm hold on Tonks' waist, "We're going to be alright." He muttered when Tonks hid her face against his neck.

Near the back of the plane Hermione ignored the fear clamping down on her heart and leaned forward to touch Viktor's shoulder. He reached up and squeezed her hand; his knuckles were white and Hermione could feel the potentially dangerous muscles under his skin shift and tense. Two aisles ahead on the opposite side of the plane Draco was still struggling with his seatbelt; Hermione undid her own without even thinking and rushed to his aid. "Miss Granger get back to your-!" Snape started, unable to complete his sentence as the tail end of the plane broke off and the two students were gone with a violent rush of air.

Seconds later the sound of shredding metal and the force of impact overloaded the passenger's senses, leaving them in nothing but darkness.


Snape sat up as soon as he woke; Tonks was still clung to him, and she stirred and sat up when he pushed her off gently, "Are you alright?"

"Yes." She said quietly, grabbing his hand when he started to stand, "Don't leave."

Snape knelt before her and took her hands, "You are going to be alright; I'll be back." He assured, leaning forward and giving her the first kiss he had willingly given up.

Tonks nodded as Snape rushed to the shoreline where Goyle and Viktor were struggling to remove their shoes and shirts; Viktor was panting as his one working lung struggled to support his current state. Snape put a hand on the Bulgarian's shoulder, "I'll go and get her."

Viktor shook his head and pulled his shirt over his head, exposing the ugly scar the Muggles had left when they'd removed the damaged lung tissue from the boy, "I will bring her back."

"You'll both die if you do."

Viktor nodded, eager to save Hermione, "She is far."

Snape looked out to where Draco and Hermione were floundering in the violent waves; Draco appeared to be losing his fight against the water, but Hermione was still treading water and shouting for help, "Sirius stay with the children!" Snape called back to the animangus, waiting for a response before he removed his shirt, kicking his shoes aside and running into the water only a yard behind Goyle as the large boy rushed to save his blonde lover.

The muscular boy was struggling against the waves but doing exceptionally well for someone Snape expected didn't really know how to swim. It had made sense before all of this, not to teach any children that would possess magic to swim, but now it was an idiotic mistake to let children grow up so uneducated. Snape reached Hermione and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding herself up for a moment before letting go, "Are you alright?"

She nodded, "I can float but Draco-"

Snape looked over to see Goyle break the surface holding Draco, whom was unconscious, back against him, "He's not breathing!"

"Go with Gregory." Snape said, swimming over and taking Draco, "I'll get him back."

"I think I can help." Hermione said, swimming with Goyle's assistance towards shore faster than Snape could while dragging Draco's limp form through the increasingly turbulent waters.


Ginny gasped loudly as she sat up suddenly, a dull throbbing in her forehead caused her to shake her head before opening her eyes; she could smell saltwater, but this was no dream. Ginny noticed the blood before anything else, staining the almost white sand where she had lay; she took a breath and shrieked as though she were being murdered. Neville was at her side instantly, having been rushing to her ever since he himself had awaken on the beach, "What is it, Gin?!"

"The baby!" her voice so hoarse from her previous screams that it drove a screech to a choked whisper, "Oh God Neville, my baby!"


"What am I going to do?! What are we-"

"GINNY!" Neville shouted, interrupting her hysteria.

Ginny jerked back as if Neville had slapped her, "What?"

"Don't move, alright?" he said, resting a hand in her left knee.

"What is it?" Ginny asked, crying out in pain when Neville quickly dislodged a shattered piece of glass from her inner thigh. Blood dripped down to his elbow as he stared at the jagged four-inch projectile that had been buried in Ginny's thigh seconds before, "...Oh." Ginny whispered, seeing two other small shards of glass in her leg through her ripped jeans, "Neville..."

"Don't worry it's... it's going to be... to be fine." Neville said, his face paling as he stared at the glass.


"It's alright... it's going to be al...right." he muttered.

"Neville if you faint I'm going to bleed to death!" Ginny snapped.

"I'm sorry I'm just do not do well with this much blood." Neville said.

"Think about our baby." Ginny said quietly.

Neville's expression cleared almost instantly and he nodded, removing his shirt and tearing it into strips, "Take off your pants."

"I'm sorry?"

"Hurry, Ginny!" he barked, waiting patiently for her to comply.

Once Ginny's pants had been carefully removed Neville removed the remaining glass, trying to ignore Ginny's wails of pain and stop anymore blood from escaping.


Harry rushed to Ron's side as Sirius moved past him, "Where are you going?!" he cried.

"I have to find Remus!" Sirius called back, disappearing into the dense forest.

Harry sighed heavily and tore his shirt off, pulling off a strip and wrapping it around the wound on Ron's forehead; it had seemed like an hour since Snape and Goyle had dove into the ocean and he could hear Ginny shrieking behind him but Neville was handling it and Ron was the bespectacled boy's main concern. He struggled to focus as he checked the redhead over for any other wounds; Fred and George were nearby with Angelina, none of them injured beyond a few scratches and bruises. Viktor and Tonks were standing at the shore watching the happenings in the ocean and Harry strained to see the swimmers, but could see nothing but black ocean. The sun had begun to rise slowly, and Harry hoped that it would help Snape and Goyle find the others. Ron began to stir and opened his eyes slowly, "Harry? What happened?"

"The plane crashed... you hit your head. Are you alright?"

Ron winced, "I think so; where's Ginny?"

Harry pointed along the dusky beach to where Neville wrapped pieces of his torn up shirt around Ginny's thigh, speaking to her and keeping her gaze off of her own injuries. When he had finished she kissed him, and Ron's face burned with anger, "She's hurt... I should-"

"She was screaming earlier but Neville seems to have a handle on things..." Harry would have said something to defuse his friend's anger, but the others returned from the ocean and both boys rushed to the scene. When they reached the shore, Snape and Goyle were both exhausted, but Snape took care to drag Draco away from the water and move when Hermione knelt beside him, "Everyone stay back and give him room." She said, tilting his head back.

After listening to his heartbeat for a moment she pinched his nose shut and blew air into his mouth, "What are you doing?"

"My parents taught me, Goyle." Hermione said when she sat up, "He'll die if I don't!"

"You're doing something a Muggle taught you?!" Goyle demanded.

"What else do we have?" Tonks muttered, silencing the boy.

"Where is Sirius?" Snape asked.

"He ran off." Harry said, turning back to watch Hermione intently.

After only one more breath Draco jerked and Hermione pulled back, spitting out a mouthful of saltwater that Draco had coughed into her mouth and helped him roll onto his side as he coughed up more water. Draco struggled to breathe for a moment before rolling onto his knees and sitting up; when his breathing was normal Goyle was at his side, doting on the embarrassed blonde. Viktor was the same way with Hermione and Snape ignored both couples, turning back to Harry, "You said Sirius ran off?"

"Almost as soon as you got into the water." Harry replied, "He said he was going to find Remus; there was a fire in the woods earlier but... it looks like it's mostly gone now. I don't know but that may be where he went."

Snape scowled and glanced at Tonks as he headed towards the trees, "Stay with the children, and I mean it!" he snapped, hurrying off as the sun came over the horizon, signaling the end of night.


Sirius was panting now as he neared the smoldering flames that the nose of the plane had left in the jungle; he picked his way carefully across pieces of scorched steel and melting plastic, "Remus? Remus!" he called desperately as he identified the bodies, growing more and more fearful that the next he would find would be Lupin.

A strangled cough followed by a moan of agony pulled Sirius away from the crash site, and he found an unrecognizable figure lying in a shallow stream, facedown in the water. Sirius walked to the figure and laid a hand on the man's shoulder; the figure screamed and rolled away as smoldering skin separated from the flesh below, "Don't." a choked voice growled, "I… I'm not fully… myself."

Lupin lay in the shallow water panting for what seemed like an eternity before the last of his wolfish features had left him, and his injuries had lessened somewhat, "I knew I would find you." Sirius whispered.

"Did I… cause this?" Lupin asked, his voice possessing a whining quality that made Sirius uncomfortable.
"No." the man quickly denied, "It was my fault; that's why I hoped… hoped that you were alive."

"Where are the others? The children… where are they?" Lupin muttered, grunting in pain as he sat up.

"On the beach, they're all fine; are you?"

"I'll live." Lupin said, "I don't suppose you brought clothes with you."

Sirius cast a sidelong glance back towards the wreckage and winced, "Wait here." He said, rushing off.

When Sirius returned with pants and handed them to Lupin the man pulled them on quickly, "I won't ask where these came from." He muttered, reaching for Sirius' hand but quickly dropping his arm when Snape stormed into the clearing, "Severus."

"You left the children alone on the beach!" Snape growled, taking no time to show his relief that Remus was alive, "I had to leave them with Tonks. She is only a child herself! Your stupidity could have killed someone; we should be thinking about-"

"I apologize for what I did." Sirius said, "But Lupin has burns and… maybe you could postpone your lecture long enough to find something to help?"

Snape was silent for a moment before raising an eyebrow, "I'm glad to see you're alive, Remus; I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you." Lupin said timidly, sitting on the bank of the stream.


"You should just be careful." Neville said warily.

"We're just going for a walk down the beach."

"It's about to rain." Neville countered, "If your cuts get wet and infected then there's nothing we can-"

"Back off Neville; I'm not your responsibility. You are certainly not mine, and I don't know why you keep telling me what to do all the time!"

"BECAUSE I CAN!" Neville shouted.

"Why are you so upset?" Ginny whispered, embarrassed by all of the stares.

"That thing growing inside of you is mine Ginny. Mine," he whispered angrily, "And I want it back!"

"Well what do you want me to do about it?!" she demanded softly.

"All I'm saying... is that while I'm trapped here with you, you could try to make it at least bearable."

"Oh I'm unbearable now?!" Ginny said, stepping forward and poking her finger accusingly at his chest, "Well whenever it gets really bad, just remember who did this to me!" she snapped, storming off to join Hermione and Angelina who had already started combing the beach for interesting pieces of wreckage or seashells.

Neville's face turned red with anger as she left; Goyle joined him with a smirk, "I think I might understand a bit of what you're going through, mate."

Neville glanced back at where Draco was sitting at the water's edge, the tide lapping at his bare feet, "I doubt that."

"So tell me how'd a git like you get such a beautiful vision of a girl anyway?"

Neville scowled at Goyle, "Don't you think you're eyeing the wrong vision?"

Goyle chuckled and shook his head, "Draco's my friend; he doesn't need me like that or anything... so honestly is she yours? Because if she isn't-"

"Yeah she is." Neville snapped, his face going from simple annoyance to dangerous anger, "I'd appreciate if you remembered that."

Goyle shrugged and turned, returning to Draco's side, "What was that about?" the blonde asked, "He looked angry."

"Nothing, Longbottom is nothing but talk." Goyle answered.

Draco rose an eyebrow, but he didn't have time to ask; Lupin, Sirius and Snape returned from the forest, looking a bit worse for the wear.


"This isn't right; keeping them on the beach? Is that really the safest place?" Tonks said, "It's going to start raining and what about animals?"

"I doubt there's anything scarier than Remus and I here, Tonks; don't worry." Sirius laughed.

"Animals probably won't come out onto the beach." Lupin said seriously, "The rain could pose a problem but... as long as it stays warm I don't see it being dangerous."

Tonks looked to Snape, hoping he would agree; Snape avoided her gaze, "They're right; we'll stay on the beach."

Tonks' eyes narrowed and she frowned, "Well when someone gets swept out at high tide I suppose you can swim out to save them too!" she snapped, standing and walking away.

"What was that about?" Lupin asked.

Snape shrugged and Sirius crossed his arms, "Well I say we don't invite her back to anymore of our meetings." He said with a smirk, "If she's going to run off like a child every time she doesn't get her way."

"Everyone is tired." Snape said, standing as well, "Once we've all rested we'll be able to sort things out without these... interruptions."

"Are you going after her?" Lupin asked.

"No!" Snape replied quickly, as if accused, "I'm... going to tell the children to stay put and get some rest, unless you two have something to add."

"Nothing." Lupin said with a slight smile, "Thank you again, Severus."

Snape turned quickly and left the men in the forest to return to the beach, there he planned to announce their decision and console Tonks, if she would let him.


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