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Ryoma's Journal


Hello Journal,

Sempai-tachi were annoying me today. Baka Oyaji stuffed his porn magizines in my tennis bag. Now everyone thinks I'm a pervert. I'm so going to get him. Wait for it Journal, I bet he is going to scream when he figures out what I did to his books. Karupin had fun...

Anyways, that Horio guy was more annoying than usual today with his "two years of tennis experience". Yeah right. If he was good, why wasn't he in the regulars? Pth. Show off...Well, that annoying girl was annoying me today too. Seriously, why did Ryuzaki's grandaughter make whatever-her-name is her friend? Now, Tomo...ko...was it? Yeah, she was crying all over me saying things like, don't worry, and I don't mind that you are a pervert. Weirdo.

Karupin was sticking around me more than usual...Maybe, oyaji did something...if he did...he is going down...I would have done an evil laugh, but I wouldn't do that.

-See you later, Ryoma



I think someone is stalking me. I hear clicks, like camera clicks. Fuji-sempai is being more sadistic lately...Maybe it is a Fuji thing...but his brother isn't like that...maybe it is a Fuji Syuusuke thing.

Today, oyaji stuck porn posters all over my room. When Nanako came in she accused me as a pervert. Again. I asked what was wrong with oyaji today, he told me that I should date some girls now. When you are liked my an annoying girl, you'll understand why I don't date anyone.

That Ryuzaki girl went up to me today, and all she did was splutter a few words and ran off with a red face. What is with her?


I found out who was the stalker. Guess what? It was Fuji-sempai. Why is he stalking me anyways? Why doesn't he go resuce his brother or something? It's creepy when a guy stalks you. I mean, I think that Tomo girl is stalking me ever since I started school. People stoped calling me pervert now. Tennis practice was weird, I get the feeling someone was staring at me the whole time...maybe I was tried that's all.


Fuji was following me today. Oyaji mistaken him as a girl and thought I was dating him. He is STILL annoying me about it.



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