Growing up

oh my god this took so long. and it took so long because i was battling with myself on whether to continue this or not. besides, i feel really embarrassed about writing it! i skipped the snipping off part since my brother won't tell me.

Chapter four

Mokuba lay in his bed, legs spread wide apart, playing his PSP. He was wearing a skirt. A skirt. A fucking skirt. Seto stood in the doorway, leaning on the door.

"Go away, niisama. I hate you right now." He said, not bothering to look at the figure standing by the door.

"Come on, you don't mean that," said Seto as he closed the door, and leaned on the door once again.

Mokuba put the PSP down and started cry. "Yes, yes, I do." He sobbed. "And it hurts! I don't know why you wanted that doctor to snip it off!" he hastily wiped his tears away with the sleeve of his shirt.

Seto walked over to the bed and sat beside him. "It's what's best, Mokie," Seto put his arms around Mokuba's shoulders and pulled him into his chest.

"How can it be the best?!" he cried. "It stings and hurts! And you always have to put that white thing on it and bandage it up! And it hurts when you take it off!"

Seto held Mokuba by his shoulders and forced him to look at him. "Mokuba, be thankful that you're a boy, and that this is only once in your lifetime. Girls, however, bleed every freaking month. Now, what you do you want, experience this once in a lifetime, or bleed every freaking month for a week for half of your life?"

Mokuba stared at him with teary eyes. "This."

"Good. Now, play your PSP to get your mind off the stinging in your dick." He patted Mokuba on the head. "You'll get better in a week, I promise, and when it's healed, I'm taking you to the beach, ok?" he said, trying to get Mokuba to calm down.

"Won't saltwater make it itch?"

"It won't, I've done it."

"I want Yuu-chan and Yami-niichan to go with us,"

"That can be arranged," Seto nodded. "Now, I think it's time to change your bandages," he reached for the cotton, gauze bandages, tape and for the penicillin.


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