Invention Is The Mother Of Neccessity
A Fanfiction By SailorLight22
Chapter 1 - This Can't Be Happening

Komui grinned, and his assistant shuddered. 'Not another one of his crackpot inventions,' River groaned silently. Finally, he sighed. "So... What is it this time?" he asked.

Komui took a deep breath, air whistling shrilly through his still-clenched teeth. "This," he posed dramatically, one arm raised, his gloved hand partially obscuring his face. "This is the best invention yet, The Love-Maker Mach Two!"

River sweat dropped, left eye twitching as he backed slowly towards the door. 'No way is he using that thing with me here,' he thought, his mind raging with images, each more horrible and disturbing than the last.

Noticing his subordinate's retreat, Komui leaped forward, neatly blocking his escape. "Wait! You haven't even heard what it does yet, River-chan!" he pleaded, clasping his hands and turning teary eyed.

River smiled tremulously, eyes scanning the room for another way out as he stalled for time. Komui advanced, eyes glinting maniacally behind his angular glasses. "The Love-Maker Mach Two focuses on the subconscious mind," he began, rubbing his hands together gleefully, "It instantly finds the love center of the brain, and makes you fall completely in love with the next person you see! Genius, pure genius!" He exalted, his hands grasping River's shoulders in a death grip as he cackled madly.

River cleared his throat nervously. "Then, why do you need me here?" he asked, still smiling stiffly as his mind strained to find a way out of there. 'Oh God, please don't tell me..' He thought pleadingly.

Komui's smile widened even more, his grip on the other tightening. "I need to test it." he whispered.

River's eyes widened.

Komui continued his dialog, seeming not to notice the growing alarm in his subordinate's eyes. "For this wonderful event, I've even invited a friend to witness.." Miraculously, there was a knock at the door. It opened to reveal a wary Allen Walker.

"Ah, Allen-kun, come in, come in!" Komui cried, changing targets so quickly that River was left staring stupidly at the spot where he had been until his sense of self-preservation kicked in. It was a bad idea to let Komui out of his sight, he knew from experience that the results could be disastrous.

Seeing his chance as Komui began his explanation again for the young exorcist's benefit, River inched towards the door again. As he grasped the doorknob, there was a shout and a burst of light. A bolt of energy struck the wall next to his head, and he whipped around to see Allen desperately trying to talk Komui away from the controls.

River beat a hasty retreat, grateful for Allen's timely intervention. 'I'll have to say a prayer for his suffering', he thought, suppressing a quick flash of guilt. The boy would be fine, he reassured himself. Ducking quickly into his office, he paused to lock the door before surveying the room.

"So much paperwork.." He muttered, seating himself once again and reaching for the nearest stack.

Meanwhile, Komui advanced on Allen, the only remaining victim for his test. Allen gulped nervously, for the first time thinking of the consequences of helping Komui's 'subject' to escape.

Komui grinned slyly, his hands caressing the machine's controls. "Allen-kun," he purred, "If you wanted to be the first to try my invention, all you had to do was ask." He aimed the behemoth at the youth, who chuckled numbly.

"Now, wait, I didn't- " he began, raising his hands in his defense.

Komui waved him off . "Oh, don't be shy." He said, pressing the activation lever. Allen yelled and dove headfirst behind the nearest desk...

Kanda stumbled as a small explosion rocked the corridor, pitching him off balance. Rising to his feet, he gripped Mugen's hilt tightly as he made his way to the 'madman's lair'. Nearing the door, he cursed quietly as he noticed slim tendrils of smoke wafting from beneath the jamb.

Sighing, he also heard a rush of feet and a frustrated cry. He should have known it was some insane THING of Komui's. 'God, why is it always me?' he wondered, smiling as he heard the tightly reasonable tones of Allen Walker, obviously trying to talk Komui out of whatever it was that he wanted to do.

"Allen-kun! Don't be so timid!" Komui exclaimed, swinging the barrel of his.. invention about madly. "It won't hurt for long, trust me." Allen's eyes widened as he realized that there was nowhere left to hide, all the desks and stationary object lay in smoking piles around the room. Hearing a muffled curse, he turned toward the door, just as it opened to reveal a frowning Kanda, Mugen at his side as he peered through the swirling smoke.

"Ah! My chance!" Komui smirked, pointing his machine at the young exorcist's unprotected back..

Kanda's eyes glinted as he took in the situation at a glance. Drawing his sword, he sprinted forward. Allen flinched back, confused by the samurai's seeming attack.

Seeing Kanda's rapid approach, Komui fired the beam one last time, smiling at the flash of white-hot light that was only partially due to the hilt of Kanda's sword striking him square between the eyes.

Kanda stepped back from the smoking remains of the machine, nodding in satisfaction. Turning, he spoke. "Moyashi, what the hell are you still doing down there?" he asked, striding over to stand above the boy's still-prone form. Receiving no reply, he nudged the boy none-too-gently with his foot.

Allen lay still, face down. Kanda nudged him again, more roughly. Allen rolled bonelessly to his back, his grey eyes open and staring. With a muffled shout of alarm, Kanda dropped quickly to his knees, pressing the palm of his hand to the fallen boy's chest.

With relief, he felt a strong, pounding heartbeat. Turning once again to survey the damaged room, he sighed. "Of course he's out, look at this chaos." He muttered, eyes roaming over the scorched desks and the still-smoking papers floating randomly about. A low groan made him whip around. Allen groaned again, blinking his dry eyes as tears swam over them.

Seeing Allen try to rise, Kanda grunted in annoyance. Gripping the smaller boy's arm, he pulled him to his feet.

Allen gasped as everything whirled drunkenly, hands grasping for a steadying object. Feeling a body, he leaned heavily into it. "Sorry, little unsteady." He whispered, raising his still smarting eyes to his 'supporter'.


It was as if lightening had struck him. He made an abrupt sound of confusion, tried to look away in embarrassment, but the taller boy's night-blue eyes held him, and he staggered again, arching almost to his tiptoes as he felt Kanda's hands press him closer..

The samurai raised an elegant eyebrow, growing confused at the boy's response.Something about the kid was, he thought as he smirked, odd. When he'd made that.. sound, his eyes had gone strangely wide and blank for a moment, then he'd almost fallen again, needing a quick jerk to bring him out of it. Almost normal, except the boy kept lifting, sliding to almost eye level after the first pull had crushed him flush with the swordsman's chest.

For the first time in recent memory, Kanda was becoming alarmed. He felt his face dropping with shock as Allen stared at him closely, almost in awe. He flushed heavily as he shoved the boy sharply away, only catching his wrist at the last moment to avoid spilling him to the floor again.

Allen snapped upright, shaking his head as he forced his mind awake. 'What was that?' he wondered, blushing. For just a moment, he'd felt... something, something about the older boy..

Smiling shakily, he pulled away from him, steadying himself against the wall to put some distance between them. Seeing Kanda's wide eyes and alarmed expression, he floundered for an explanation, something, anything to say. 'How embarrassing,' he thought ruefully. Brushing himself off, he spoke. "Thank you, I'm quite all right now." He edged towards the door.

Feeling the knob under his hand, he relaxed minutely. "Sorry about that, it was the.. the machine." He blurted, twisting the knob and opening the door. Still smiling stiffly, he backed out the door.

Kanda quickly regained his composure, forcing his face to regain it's normal impassiveness. "Just watch yourself next time, Moyashi," he stated, glaring at the still motionless Komui, "I may not always be here to... rescue you."

Allen blushed angrily, turning away and closing the door. He rushed to his quarters, his face feeling almost painfully hot. What the hell was wrong with him? He sank into a chair, face cooling slowly as he tried to rationalize what had happened.

The logical answer was that he'd just been hit with Komui's crazy invention. But what did it do, exactly? River-san had made his escape before the man had finished explaining the machine's purpose.

All he knew was that he'd seen a brief flash, then felt a hard wrenching sensation.. Then, nothing. The next thing he remembered was a hand pressing on his chest. As he'd opened his eyes, everything had been so out of focus that he'd almost been sick. As he blinked, his eyes had burned so badly.. And then, he'd seen just who his 'supporter' was..

He'd tried to pull his eyes away, humiliated that he'd needed saving again. He hated to appear so gawky and clingy in front of the other boy, but when he'd tried to turn away, it was as if he were seeing the boy through a haze of silvery light, and the swordsman's dark eyes had widened. Allen had suddenly been seized with the most confusing urge to stay close to him.

As soon as he'd realized what he was doing, he had tried to shake it off, stumbling back from Kanda's grip, but the dark youth had jerked him back. The sensation of his long-fingered hands encircling his waist had been almost electric, so startling, but also heavenly.

A rush of heat flared anew as he remembered the overwhelming rush of desire that those hands had produced, so strong that he'd felt almost faint, his muscles straining to bring him closer to those blue, blue eyes.. Those soft looking lips..

Allen leapt to his feet, hands pressed to his burning cheeks. What was he doing? These thoughts, those feelings.. They were wrong, sinful. But there must be a logical reason for them, he thought. 'Komui's machine,' he mused.

'God, Kanda must think I'm..' He blinked, cutting off the thought. Since when did he care what the dark swordsman thought of him? Something was clearly wrong with him. First, he'd practically swooned like a woman, then he'd tried to climb the taller boy like some strange new breed of hairless ape!

"But thinking about it isn't going to fix whatever's causing this." He muttered, sitting on the floor. He knew how to find the answers he needed, but dreaded venturing back into the 'lion's den', so to speak.

Was this temporary, could it be fixed? He wondered. There had to be something that could reverse this. Sighing, he rose to his feet, opening the door only to find..

"Kanda!" He squeaked, his cheeks instantly hot. The older boy raised an inquiring eyebrow at the smaller boy's reaction. Was the kid afraid of him now? The thought made him smirk. No, he answered himself, Allen Walker wasn't afraid of him, never had been. He was a mystery to Kanda, one that intrigued him to no end.

All the other members of the Order tended to go to great lengths to avoid the stern-faced exorcist, giving him a wide berth at all times. Some out of fear, others out of common dislike, but they avoided him just the same. There were some who tried to be more.. cordial, friendly even, but the youth had never allowed these few to become anything more than acquaintances. He had no time nor need of such things, no need for companionship.

But then, Allen Walker had come. The white haired child had taken his temper and mercurial moods in stride, almost always smiling and polite. He'd never been more than a child, a nuisance, but as time had passed, he'd seemed to grow up almost overnight, becoming a young man, yet retaining that damn smile..

Kanda looked down at the boy.. no, young man. His hair was still as white and neat as ever, and the cursemark still burned scarlet on his face, but the face was no longer that of the child he'd attacked on that cold night so long ago.

The years in the service of the Black Order had hardened him somewhat, and he no longer seemed so soft and weak. He had long ago lost the passive, obedient nature that had characterized him before, often commenting on the mission's progress, and how he thought the standard methods could be altered to achieve better results without the ever-present danger of death for the Finders.

Secretly, Kanda had already admitted to himself that the boy was becoming competent enough, but he still refused to acknowledge that Allen was anything more than a child, an annoying little boy who needed constant scrutiny and protection.

With a start, he realized that he was still standing in the doorway, staring at the youth. Mentally cursing, he plastered a scowl onto his face and spoke gruffly to hide his unease. "May I enter, or am I to stand in the hallway all evening?" He demanded sarcastically.

Smiling nervously, Allen stepped back, allowing the taller youth to enter the room. His mind was racing. Why was he here, he wondered, could he.. Did he somehow know about the odd desires that Allen had felt? Was he here to kill him for thinking such things?

Kanda surveyed the room, taking in the almost bare walls and the plain desk with its single chair. The bed was rumpled, showing signs of recent use. Scowling anew, he turned to face the other boy. "Is there something wrong, Moyashi?" he asked sharply.

Allen flinched at his bluntness. So, it really was impossible to hide anything from Kanda, he mused. But what to say? 'Well, see, it's just that for a moment, I thought about kissing you?' Oh, that would go ever so dreadfully well, he snorted to himself, drawing a glare from the impatient samurai.

Steeling himself, he looked up at the older boy, faking his usual wide smile. "No, I'm quite fine now, thank you for asking." he stated, earning a snort of disbelief from Kanda. Ignoring it, he continued. "That thing did a number on me, haha, but I think I'm going to be fine. Now, if you'll excuse me.." He shrugged past the taller boy, stepping into the hallway, intending to leave the swordsman behind to close the door.

Kanda's hand on his elbow halted him, his eyes widening as the familiar sensations began anew, causing him to gasp. The silent teen beside him narrowed his eyes in thought. Was it possible that the boy was injured? But he hadn't really grabbed him that roughly. "Do not lie to me, Moyashi," he said, voice low as he pulled the boy around to face him. "I can see that something is wrong with you."

Allen continued to avoid his eyes, staring resolutely at the tiled floor as he struggled to keep his expression calm. When he received no response, Kanda released his arm, grasping him by the shoulders instead. Why would he not look at him?

Beginning to panic, Allen struggled fiercly against the Swordsman's grip, wrenching himself free. Turning quickly, he muttered a short apology as he swifty took advantage of Kanda's astonishment to make good his escape.

The older youth stood still in the hallway, his eyes boring into the rapidly moving back of the small excorcist. Frowning, he closed the boy's still open door and began the long trek to his own chambers, his eyes narrowed in thought.

As he entered, closing the door firmly behind him, he wondered at Allen's unusual behavior. In all the time he'd known him, this was the first time he'd ever seen the youth so flustered.

Could it really be the effect of Komui's blasted machine, he pondered, or was it something more? Numerous times before, the boy had been forced to endure the ridiculous ministrations of the fool who called himself a scientist, and never had it produced so strong a reaction.

Could it be embarassment, Kanda mused, crossing his legs as he sat in the room's only chair. The thought stuck with him as he began his relaxation excersizes, drawing in slow, deep breaths.

Closing his eyes, he attempted to clear his mind of such things, but as he drifted into a meditative state, the startled eyes and strange heated gaze of the boy once again filled his thoughts, causing a strange shiver to spill over him. Something about that look alarmed him, set his nerves tingling...