Invention Is The Mother Of Necessity
A Fanfiction By SailorLight22
Epilogue - Clean Break


Well, here's the possibly-anticipated epilogue to this fic, I hope everyone's enjoyed it! As I said in the notes for Chapter 10, there is a sequel in the works, but it will be mostly L/K for a while. Fear not, there will also be some K/A for anyone who wants to read it


Kanda peered cautiously around the open door of his lover's rooms, wary of flying objects. Seeing nothing, he stepped inside, firmly closing and locking the door behind him. He dropped the clothing in his arms onto the other boy's bedside chair, frowning at his seeming absence. 'It's Allen, no way did he leave the room with no clothes,' He thought, heading for the bathroom. 'Surely he's not still sitting in the tub..'

He opened the door, noticing the chill immediately. Shaking off his unease, he entered, seeing the boy's undershorts crumpled by the sink. He glanced at the tub, hearing the faint rippling of water. At first he thought his eyes were playing tricks on his guilty mind, and then a rush of fear-driven adrenaline filled him with disbelief.

His lover, his Allen was lying fully submerged in the tub, the water cooled until not even a hint of warmth wafted into the air above it. His eyes were closed, his white hair floating lazily around his too-pale face. Frozen with shock, Kanda noticed idly that the water only enhanced the disturbing beauty of his cursemark, the still liquid making the delicate lines of red stand out against his still-youthful face.

Breaking his trance, he stumbled forward, the boy's name coming out in a pleading voice that he barely recognized as his own. Dropping to his knees beside the bath, he plunged his arms in, dragging the other up to his chest. Ignoring the clammy wetness soaking into his shirt, Kanda hauled the smaller body onto the floor, clutching him tightly. In his panic, he failed to notice the boy's eyes open in astonishment, his mouth opening to ask his lover what in the world he was doing.

Feeling the older boy's pounding heart through his thin shirt, he stilled, listening as the swordsman rambled brokenly in his native tongue. The words were unfamiliar, but their meaning was clear, his name interspaced with vehement sounds of denial. Concentrating, he picked out random bits that were repeated clearly enough to be heard.

"...Gomen nasai...Me wo akete...Aishiteru, moyashi..."

Blinking in surprise, he tugged gently at the boy's arm, confused as to why he would be so upset. "Kanda..? What's wrong?" The samurai jerked back, staring down at him in disbelief.

Allen's eyes widened at his appearance, taking in the pale cast of his face and his dilated pupils. "What happened, why are you...Are you crying?" He struggled, raising cold hands to the boy's face. "Yuu, what's going on? You're scaring me, say something!"

Kanda made a sound that may have been his name, crushing the younger boy to his chest. Allen yelped at the almost painful strength of his embrace, pushing firmly against the oblivious samurai's grip. "Kanda, stop! You're hurting me!"

He jerked away, forcing the boy to meet his eyes. "What is it? Calm down and tell me what happened!" The samurai shook his head, closing his eyes.

"I thought.. You were just lying there, in the water..."

Allen stared at him, confused. "I was only under for a minute, I just wanted to wet my hair! You must have come in right after I laid down, Kanda." Seeing the swordsman's discomfort, he leaned close. "I'm all right, so stop acting like I.." He paused, shaking his head. "You.. thought I was..?"

Kanda sighed, avoiding his eyes. "It surprised me, just forget it." He tried to blink away the remaining tears, embarrassed at his mistake. "I'm sorry that I left you like that," He muttered, still facing away. "I'll get your things back in the morning."

Allen shook his head insistently. "I'm sorry that I scared you, but after a while, I didn't expect you to come back. I'm not mad anymore, so just leave it." He pulled away, rising to his feet. "Come on, let me dry off and we can talk if you like." He reached past the older boy, grabbing a towel to sling around his waist. Offering the other his hand, he smiled reassuringly. "Let's go, Kanda."

After a moment, the swordsman took his outstretched hand, letting himself be pulled to his feet and led from the room. Once outside, the shorter boy dropped his hand, scrubbing himself briskly with the towel. "I don't know how you did it, but did you have to take the sheets? I hate sleeping on a bare mattress.." Kanda blinked.

"Sheets..? Oh, forget about that. You can stay with me tonight, I brought some clothes for you until tomorrow." He picked up the shirt, thrusting it towards the smaller male. "It won't be perfect, but it should fit." Gingerly, Allen took the proffered garment. Slipping it on, he quickly fastened the buttons, laughing quietly as the sleeves covered his fingers, hampering his movements.

Kanda handed him the pants, smiling as the boy hopped around awkwardly while attempting to make up for the extra length. "Careful, Moyashi." He snickered to himself, "You'll have to roll them up, I forget to bring a belt." Allen mock-glared at him, leaning down to gather up the material.

"I should make you carry me, so I don't trip." He teased, finishing his task. Standing, he grabbed the waistband, which slid almost dangerously low on his hips. "I look ridiculous," He laughed, shaking his head. "But lead the way, I'll try to die quietly if I plummet to my doom on the stairs."

The samurai huffed. "Like I'd let you fall. Let's go, it's getting late." He opened the door, standing outside expectantly. Allen sighed, following him out. He closed and locked the door behind them, following his lover down the hall.

"Thank you for coming back." He said, seriously. "When you ran out earlier, I should have come after you. I didn't think you'd actually.." He trailed off, frowning. "You went straight to your room, didn't you?" Kanda fidgeted slightly.

"I did. Everything was fine, eventually." Allen blinked at the hint of red that crossed the other boy's face for a moment, smiling brightly up at him.

"Good, I was worried that you'd have to hide from people. I'm glad that you made it back there."

Kanda cleared his throat, pointedly changing the subject. "Why were you sitting in cold water, Moyashi? Surely you got out when you realized that I was gone?" Allen nodded.

"I did, but then I figured I shouldn't waste the water. I suppose I just lost track of time." Spotting the older boy's door ahead, he slowed. "Thanks for letting me stay."

Kanda frowned, unlocking his door. "Well, I wasn't going to leave you like that, without sheets or blankets. I didn't mean for it to be.." He sighed, flipping on a small lamp. "Close the door, if you would." He kicked off his shoes, wincing at the cold stone floor. Glancing guiltily at his lover, he shivered at the sight of the boy's bare feet. "Come on, Moyashi," He moved to the bed, pulling back the blankets. "Get under here, your feet must be freezing."

Allen smiled, walking over to stand beside him. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were in a hurry to get me in the bed." The swordsman raised an eyebrow.

"If I said I was, would it make you get in any faster?" He snorted at the other's amusement. "Just get in, Moyashi." Allen nodded, releasing his grip on his borrowed attire.

"Patience, Kanda." He muttered, tugging the pants down and kicking them off. "Are these all right to sleep in?" He gestured to his loose shorts. Kanda smiled, shaking his head.

"They're fine with me." He sat on the edge of the bed, pulling off his socks. "That's how I usually sleep, so go ahead." Unbuttoning his shirt, he dropped it onto the room's chair, his pants following close behind it. Urging the younger boy into the bed, he switched off the light and joined him, hissing as Allen wiggled his cold feet against his calf. "Come here."

He gathered the boy in his arms, pulling him closer. "Let's get you warm, Moyashi." He mumbled, settling against him.

Allen hummed in agreement, returning his embrace. "Good idea," He replied, nestling his face into the older boy's shoulder. "I'll help you." Tilting his head, he nibbled gently at the side of his throat, smiling at his muffled gasp. "You owe me a bath, you know." He whispered, moving his lips to the other's jaw.

"And it was horrible of you to leave me like that, after all the things that you did.." He pulled back, still smiling. "You're an awful tease."

Kanda groaned softly, shaking his head. "If it makes you feel better, I didn't want to leave.. I really thought about stopping the whole thing when I saw that it was getting out of hand, but it was too late to do anything about it.." He stroked his hands down the boy's back. "When you were looking at me like that, playing jokes was the last thing on my mind."

He angled his face, catching the younger boy's lips hungrily. "I wasn't even thinking about the bath," He continued, his touches growing bolder. Gripping the other's waist, he nudged against him. "All I could think about was how good it felt to have you like that."

Allen gasped, nodding. "I..I forgot about the bath too," He said, laughing. "You did a good job of distracting me." He pulled the older boy's head down for a kiss, pressing back against him. Breaking away, he bit his lip. "I can't believe how awful it was when I realized that you'd left. I was so.." He flushed, shaking his head. "I wanted you so much.."

Kanda frowned, pushing him onto his back. Planting a knee on the bed, he rose over the younger Exorcist, his expression serious. "I promise not to do that again, Moyashi." He said, leaning down to cover him. "I'm sorry."

He stroked his lover's side, smiling at his quiet moan. "Are you warm, koi?" Allen nodded slowly, tightening his arms. "Are you tired?" He continued, pressing his mouth to the boy's shoulder. Allen shook his head firmly.

"Sleep is the last thing on my mind." He said, tugging the other boy's hairtie loose. Burying his hands into the surprisingly soft weight, he urged the swordsman up for a kiss, pulling back with a cry as Kanda sank completely against him.

The older boy shifted slowly, following the line of his lover's hipbone with gentle fingers. Taking advantage of the boy's weak gasp, he pressed their mouths together again, swallowing the other's whimper as he slipped his hand under the waistband of his shorts. Pulling gently, he urged the boy to raise his hips, sliding the garments down and off. Dropping them in the general direction of the floor, he ran his lips over the other's collarbone, moving lower over his chest as Allen arched into his touches with quiet desperation.

Keeping a tight hold on the boy's waist, he lifted his mouth to murmur in his ear. "You know what this reminds me of?" He said, smiling at the boy's dazed hum. "It reminds me of that first time, when you tried to hide from me." He moved his hands down to Allen's thighs, fingers tickling the bend of his hip. "I don't know why, maybe it's just because of the misunderstanding. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but once I started, I couldn't stop."

Allen nodded, closing his eyes. "I know what you mean. When you grabbed me, I didn't know what to do.. I couldn't think at all, I just wanted more.." He laughed breathlessly, embarrassed. "You felt so good.. I wouldn't have let you stop." He leaned up, resting his head on the older boy's shoulder.

"I remember that I bit you," He whispered, pressing his lips to the long-faded mark. "And I think you liked it." He sighed, shifting against his lover's body. Hearing his quiet growl, he moved again, wrapping his arms around the swordsman's shoulders. "You wouldn't believe how it felt.." He shivered, recalling the sensation.

Kanda nodded, taking hold of his hips. "I know," He pulled him forward, hissing at the boy's soft whine of approval. "You told me all about it.." He dropped his hands to his lover's knees, draping them comfortably around his waist. "I could feel you shaking, because you were holding on so tight.."

Allen gasped at the feeling of his partner's arousal, bucking upward into his touch. "Please, I want you to.." The older boy cut him off with a quiet smile.

"What's wrong, Moyashi? Does thinking about that bother you?"

Allen shook his head, pulling him down for a desperate kiss. He gripped the taller boy's back, using his hold on the other's waist for leverage. Tugging impatiently at the band of his shorts, he worked them down to mid-thigh before allowing the samurai to remove them, pulling him back down as soon as the material left his hands.

"Mm, that's so much better," He said, wrapping his legs firmly around his lover's hips. "And thinking about that does bother me." He sucked at the junction of Kanda's shoulder, pressing careful teeth against his exposed throat. "I makes me impatient.."

Kanda moaned, biting his lip. "Then I suppose I should get on with it, hm?" He reached blindly for his nightstand, leaning up awkwardly to open the top drawer. Feeling a familiar bottle, he straightened, moving back carefully. Opening the lid, he poured the oil slowly into his hand, replacing the stopper as he let it spread over his fingers.

Setting the closed bottle aside, he lowered his hand to the boy's entrance, fingers searching quickly for their target. Allen whimpered, lifting his hips encouragingly as Kanda pressed forward.

"Please hurry," He panted, gripping the sheets tightly. "I've been waiting for this all night.."

The swordsman nodded, his movements gentle but rushed. Withdrawing his hands, he reopened the bottle, pouring more of the rapidly-warming liquid into his palm. He reclosed the top, setting the container safely on the floor before turning his attention back to the shivering Exorcist beneath him.

He slicked himself carefully, working the remaining oil onto the boy's skin. Bracing himself, he pushed, gasping quietly as his lover's body accepted him eagerly. After a moment's pause, he began to move, holding tightly to the younger boy's waist.

Allen clung to him, arching his back to urge his lover on. Kanda moaned as the boy's legs shook against his sides, his breathless pants making the samurai relax his cautious motions.

Lifting himself to his knees, he hauled Allen into his lap, supporting his lower back with one hand as he slipped the other up to press between his shoulder blades. Using his grip, he tugged the boy forward, nipping at his neck. Allen moaned as the older boy's teeth scored his throat, rocking his hips restlessly.

Kanda smirked quietly, matching his movements as he whispered against his skin. "Just like before," He said, quickening his pace. "Hold on tight, Koi.." He shifted his hands, taking a firm grip on the boy's hips. Feeling his lover's arms lock around his shoulders, he pulled him closer, hearing the other's shrill cry as he found the place he sought.

He smiled against the boy's neck, feeling the vibration of his wordless pleas beneath his lips. His hands tightened on Allen's skin, the press of his short nails drawing a gasping moan from the younger Exorcist. Kanda hummed in agreement, slowing his movements. "Good, Moyashi?" He whispered, his breath tickling the boy's ear. Allen nodded haltingly in reply, his knees shaking even as they tightened against the samurai's waist.

Kanda nipped at his ear, jerking back in surprise as he felt the boy's teeth close on his shoulder. Allen laughed breathlessly, moving eagerly against his stunned lover. "Mine.." He said, his lips and teeth following the line of the older boy's throat. "Stop teasing, I told you I've been waiting.."

He pushed against the swordsman's chest, settling on his knees as Kanda let himself be moved back. Adjusting to the new angle, Allen moaned appreciatively when the older boy arched beneath him. "Kanda!" He gasped, his responses urgent. "Please, I need..!"

The samurai nodded, gripping his waist tightly. "Yes." He hissed, pulling the smaller boy down. Pressing his shoulders against the mattress for leverage, he matched his lover's increasingly desperate movements, his hands still firm against the boy's hips as his rhythm faltered.

Kanda rocked into him, groaning hoarsely when Allen leaned back, his hands resting on the older boy's thighs for support.

"Oh God, Yuu..! Please! I.. I love..!"

The rest of what he meant to convey was lost, his voice choked with pleasure as he arched almost convulsively backward. Kanda held him tightly, riding out his own climax with a low cry of surprise at the near-painful clutch of his lover's body around him.

Panting rapidly, Allen straightened his back with an audible pop that made his partner snicker quietly. "All right, Moyashi? As incredible as that was, I think you should try to keep the contortions to a minimum, at least until we've had more..practice." The younger boy scowled at him in half-amused indignation.

"Hmph. We would have had a lot more 'practice' if you hadn't left me sitting in a bathtub for an hour.. I'm all stiff and sore from the cold!" Kanda snorted at his pout, urging him to move.

"Come here, then. I'll get something to clean off with and we'll see about getting you warm, hm?" The shorter boy nodded sleepily, settling onto his back with a quiet hiss as the samurai stood and walked to the bathroom for a washcloth. He returned quickly, wiping himself clean with efficient swipes before taking his time with the white-haired boy's skin. Seeing the gooseflesh rise on the dampened areas, he tossed the cloth into a nearby hamper, joining the shivering boy beneath the thick blankets with a contented sound.

For a while, both were silent. Then, the swordsman nudged his dozing lover gently. "Moyashi?" Hearing the boy's questioning hum, he gathered his confidence as he spoke on. "Would you.. Well, it wouldn't be easy, but would you like to stay here..? With me?"

Allen turned his head sharply, now fully awake. "Here? What do you mean, stay here? Where else would I be, Kanda?" The dark-haired boy shifted uncomfortably, leaning on his elbow.

"I mean, stay. As in.. be here like this every night. I want you to.." He shrugged, looking away despite the concealing darkness. "Don't worry about it, Moyashi. We can talk about that when the time's right."

Allen shook his head, reaching for his shoulders and tugging him down. "We'll talk about it right now, thank you. Do you really want me to?" The older boy nodded stiffly, holding his breath when the other laughed.

"I'd like that," He said, scooting closer to his tense lover. "If you think you could stand having me here, then yes. Sleep, now?"

The samurai leaned into his embrace, nodding. "Sleep, Allen. And I could more than just 'stand' having you here, believe me."

The younger boy muttered something unintelligible against his throat, snuggling closer with a sigh. Kanda smiled, draping his arm around the boy's narrow waist. "Oyasumi, Moyashi."


He could tell that he was dreaming, colors and shapes distorted in a way that only came from sleeping recollection.

Turning his head, he took in the unfamiliar landscape. There were trees, tall and warped with age, their nearly-bare branches jabbing at the heavens like accusing fingers. The sky itself seemed wrong, with misshapen clouds that appeared ready to loose a torrent of what he sense would be unclean water at any time.

The shadow of a person knelt silently beneath one of the largest trees, an oak that bore the jagged marks of a lightening strike through it's exposed heartwood. He opened his mouth, faintly alarmed when no words came forth despite his sudden urge to call the unknown person away from such a place.

He strode forward, his voice still refusing to cooperate as he neared the blasted tree. As if sensing his approach, the other rose to his feet, swaying for a moment is if they would fall. He quickened his steps, suddenly afraid that if they fell, they would never regain their feet.

When only a few paces remained between himself and the still-unidentified person, he caught a flash of copper-red in the half-light, and a familiar voice carried in the heavy air.

'You shouldn't have come..'

He frowned, confused that the one person who always seemed so eager for his presence would now send him away. Reaching forward, he jumped in surprise when his seeking hands met only wet air, passing easily through the solid-appearing body of his companion.

'It isn't time, not yet.. Knowing now won't make it different, these things must come to be.'

His throat worked desperately, his words broken into nonsense sounds and empty breath as he strove to ask how, and why he could feel Death at the left hand of his lover. "Please," He managed, his heart constricting with effort. "Don't let it, I need..!"

The smaller form laughed, backing away from the man's pleading fingers. 'No, you don't. Not yet.' The figure thinned somehow, suddenly less there than before. 'When you do, you'll be here again. I'll wait for you, until it falls.'

He shouted then, terror and sadness bringing his words past whatever bade him keep still. "Wait! I don't..What's falling? Where is this?"

The other smiled, the expression only slightly marred by the lack of eyes in that familiar face. 'I am. And so will that, if you wait too long.'

He shook his head, refusing to accept so vague an answer. "Where is this?" He demanded, reaching uselessly toward the almost-transparent boy. "You can't leave, you promised to wait! Damn you if you lied!"

The other nodded, still smiling as the rain began to fall in rancid streams. 'Yes, and you too, if you let me stay fallen, 'Mui.'

He vanished, leaving the sleeping man frozen with uncertain horror. Closing his eyes, he forced himself to wake, clutching at his pounding heart as he shivered with nerves.

For a long time, he sat in the darkness, the faint patter of rain bringing the dream around to it's beginning again and again. When sleep came a second time, he murmured a silent plea that this time, there would be no dreams.


Well, that's the end of THAT! I hope to see everyone for the upcoming sequal, which will sadly (HA!) be a Lamui (c)Niamh, 2008 centric fic. There WILL be K/A in it, but the first several bits will focus on my new 'baby'. Check it out, it may surprise you! Thanks for reading, and please review if you've enjoyed this! Ja ne!