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Chapter One

This is a how Seto, Yami, Marik and Bakura were turned into females and had to stay that way for an entire month. What caused it? Why did it happen? Read on to find out……………………..

At the Kaiba Estate:

Monday morning like every school day, Mokuba went to wake Seto, who had stayed up late again to take care of business dealings. As he opened his brother's door, he knew something wasn't right. "Seto" Mokuba said as he shook his brother's shoulder.

Seto rolled over and there was long hair and Mokuba yelled and jumped back.

Seto sat up and for a second he didn't realize that anything was wrong, and then there was an extremely loud scream. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Getting up he ran to the mirror and there where a male stood last night, now is a female.

"What in the hell is going on" he yelled.

Mokuba was rolling with laughter.

"Mokie it isn't funny" Seto roared.

"It is from here" Mokie laughed.

"Get help he whined," call Joey. Mokuba ran to call Joey.

At the Game Shop:

Just like with Seto, when Yugi woke up Yami, there was a female where a male was last night... And just like with Seto Yami screamed "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

Yugi was laughing so hard he nearly pissed his pants.

"Yugi it isn't funny" Yami said, as he started to cry.

Solomon came into the room and asked, "what is the matter?" Solomon too started laughing.

"Get me some help" Yami cried. Yugi called Joey.

At the Home of Bakura and Ryou:

Again just like with Seto and Yami, when Ryou called Bakura there laid a female and just like with Mokuba and Yugi, "Ryou was laughing so hard he had to sit down."

"Get me some help" Bakura roared. Ryou called Joey.

At the Istar Residence:

Yet again, at Malik's home when he woke up Marik there laid a female in his bed.

Just like the other three males, Marik started screaming, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

"Get me some help" he roared.

Malik was also laughing at what had happened to Marik.

Normal POV:

Now Joey and the others had the job of figuring out what has caused Seto, Yami, Marik and Bakura to turn into females.

When he got the first call he didn't know that it would change his life so much and it almost made him want to run away and let them deal with it if their attitudes didn't change and change fast.

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