It seems like a long time for SSBB news to come out, and I haven't been doing any stories besides planning out Rise of the Negativities. I might as well write a couple of short stories, and here's one of them.

WARNING: This story contains several fourth wall breaking and other insane humor. If you are offended by those stuffs, please kindly get out of here. Thank you.



It was nighttime at Smash Mansion when the story started. It's about 11 at night, and some of the Smashers are asleep. Not all, as some of the adults are out there doing adults' night business and whatever you can think of.

Pichu is with the other young ones in bed, but he can't sleep. "I shouldn't have overdosed on high caffeine…" he thought to himself.

This is when Peach walks into the room to check if everything is all right, and she notices the little Pokemon with his eyes wide open. "What's the matter, Pichu?" she asks in a polite voice. "Can't sleep?"

"Will any bounty hunters come and get me tonight?" asks the mouse.

"Calm down, dear," Peach tells him. "There's nothing to be afraid of; we have reliable friends who can protect you."

"I feel better. Thanks!"

"Want me to read you a bedtime story to help you sleep?"

"Your stories are so boring that I can't sleep!"

"But bedtime stories are supposed to be boring so that you can drift off to sleep while listening to it."

"I prefer Parry reading me the stories in his own cracked up version."

"If you insist…" says Peach, and she sighs and walks out the room. Shortly afterwards, the Smashers' pet parrot flies into the room with a book in his talon.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," says Parry. "What do you want me to read today?"

"Anything you can think of!" says Pichu.

Parry places the book onto the blanket in front of Pichu and flips through the pages using his talons. "How about 3 Little Pigs?"

"You're going to make it your version, right?" asks Pichu.

"Of course! Just listen and enjoy! In the next chapter, that is…"


This is just a prologue; the real story begins next chapter. Get ready for a wild adventure through Parry's version of the classic fairy tales!