SBS Time

1. Ness is Zelda's son?
2. You know Krusty the Clown, right?
3. Wouldn't it be funny if Buggy, Krusty, and Ganondorf are all related?
1. In fan fictions, anything can happen.
2. Yeah, I know him.
3. Let's ask Ganondorf and see what he thinks.
Ganondorf: I'm not a clown! I can kill people if I want too! You call that a clown? Wait, I remember one movie about maniac killer clowns… But I'm no clown!

Sorry to say that this is the last chapter. No, it's not an April Fools joke. I'm ending this story for real. I'm out of ideas already, and don't feel like continuing anymore, so I hope you have no complains, okay?

Final Chapter: And They Live Happily After…

"And so, Young Link cut down the beanstalk and the giant Wario fell down on top of his house. But luckily, his mother Crazy Mom survived. After that, they lived happily on the gold they stole from the giant and spend it on everything they want, and once again they become poor, and so they live happily ever after. The end!" says Parry, finishing up the story. He turns to look at Pichu and sees that he is asleep. "Well, this kid sure sleeps well! Yawn… I should be sleeping myself too…"

Parry flies to the door to leave, but then notices that it's close. "Hey! How am I supposed to open the door and leave?"


The next morning…

Most of the Smashers are up and eating breakfast. While cooking up some more breakfast, Peach asks them, "Everyone had a good sleep last night?"

"Of course I do!" replies Kirby. "I dreamed I beat Yoshi in a food eating contest!"

"I had a bad dream…" grumbles Yoshi. "I dreamed that Kirby beat me in a food eating contest…"

"Nice to hear those from you," says Peach.

"I had a nightmare that I married Mr. 2…" grumbles Captain Falcon. The others threw up at the thought of it. "Speaking of which… I think I hear someone out there."

"You're right," says Marth, looking out the window, where he sees Mr. 2 dancing pass their fence while singing some silly song about third genders.

Mario comes into the house with the morning newspaper in his hand, and takes a seat and begins to read it. "Bad stuffs going on around-a these days. Bank robbery, suicide, Barney scaring little kids, and a lot more. By da way, da news eez still talking about what-a we did-a at Alias Lobby."

"The government really wants our head, don't they?" asks Marth.

"Well, government people are like that," says Snake. "That's why I never liked them."

"Speaking of this, Pikachu is still in a depression state ever since he saw his bounty paper," says Yoshi.

"Hasn't he gotten over it yet?" asks CF.


"He'll have to get over it sooner or later."

"Hey, listen to theez news!" says Mario all of a sudden. "Bob Iamanidiot, da leader of da PURIST, have escaped from prison!"

"What?!" gasps everyone in shock.

"Whether he escaped with da help of outside or by himself eez not known. Heez whereabouts are not-a known too. Da police are still searching for him."

"Bob escaped…? He's going to come get revenge on us! YAAAAAAA!!!!!" screams Luigi.

"Tell him to come!" says CF bravely. "I'll beat him up a second time again!"

"Does he plan reviving PURIST again?" asks Link.

"Do not forget what he mentioned about the Negativities," Mewtwo reminded them. "This Negativities is the real mastermind behind the PURIST."

"I haven't forgotten about what he said yet," says CF.

"It bothers me though… I have a feeling that some great evil is coming soon…"


Somewhere, in a place that looks very grand and well decorated, but at the same time very dark…

A man clad from head to toe in bulky, dark blue armor, is kneeled down before a person whose identity is hidden in the shadows. "Don't get too happy just because you were rescued from prison, Bob," says the mysterious person.

"I am thankful for being rescued," says Bob in a polite voice. "I will repay you however I can."

"Enough of this… I will give you another chance. You are restored to your position again, the Extremo Negativo."

"I am most thankful, King N."

Behind Bob, several shadows can be seen. Six of the shadows can be seen sitting on well decorated thrones while a seventh throne is empty, but is later occupied when Bob sat on it. Behind these seven seated shadows, there stood even more people hidden the shadows.

The mysterious leader, King N, spoke to them, "My loyal followers, the time for our plans to be unleashed is about time! Our ultimate project, Gamfax, will soon be complete and the world shall become ours! As promised, you will all have a portion of your land to rule! It will be a land where nobody can stop us!"

Suddenly, a loud and terrifying voice echoed throughout the whole room. "Do not forget about me, Earthling. Though I am now your follower, I will not hesitate to kill you if you turn down your promises!"

"Relax," says King N with a wicked smile. "I am a man of words; I never break promises." The smile becomes larger and it eventually turns into maniac laughing, like how bad guys would. "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"

THE END… for now

Well, this story wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but I hope you still like it. As you can see, the last part is without doubt the most important part; foreshadowing the events which is to come.

Here's a little more plot analysis for Rise of the Negativities. You should know by now that the Smashers are to go to each world and defeat the main villain there. However, that is not the primary goal. Their MAIN goal is to find and eliminate the source of Gamfax hidden in each world.

Here's something I would like to ask, or challenge you. Surely some of you might have received my previews of Rise of the Negativites, right? I would like to ask you… Can you name all the villains in the Negativities basing on the previews you received and ones you saw in my previous SSB stories? Almost every SSB story after Armageddon has a preview either at the end of the chapter or the story. I would like to check to see if you are up-to-date with news on this upcoming story. And you even want more challenge; try to figure out which of the other six is part of the Extremo Negativo.

Hope to see if you can answer it in your reviews!