Part 1

Kyo's POV

What is this feeling I have?

What can I call it?

No, what should I call it?

It's been there forever, but I don't know it's name.

What to call it…Admiration? Envy? Love? Love. Oddly, that seems to fit.

But, why him? Why my eternal enemy? Was it really eternal? Is there more we need to consider? To notice, to see, to feel?

Maybe this is just me, but "I don't get it!"

Argh! All these questions without answers. "It's so confusing."

Yuki's POV

What doesn't he get? What's so confusing?

I find it rather simple. I know what my feelings towards him are! So, why does it confuse him? What can't he grasp? Why am I even thinking about him?

Hah! That's easy, I care. Simple as that. Why do I care though? What makes him so important that he can take up hours of my thoughts?

Hmph. How do we know when to call something love? What is love? Is it just a feeling, or is it more? Why is life so difficult to figure out anyways?

Sigh. May as well face it. I love him. I guess it all depends on how he feels.

How do we call it something we don't understand?

Kyo's POV

God. I can't stand bottling my feelings anymore! What should I do?

Should I do something for him? No, too weird.

Should I say something about my feelings? NO! Way too embarrassing.

What the hell can I do then? What else is left?

Maybe…a…letter? A…note in class? Or am I just insensitive? Could be. Maybe? Maybe.

I just wish that it was so much easier to be together…

Both POV

Someday. Yes, someday in the future no matter how distant, and no matter how near, someday I'll tell him the feelings I've hidden for such a long time.

The End

Part 2 coming soon!

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