The I'll be thinking of you, always: The Survey

Okay those of you ppl who read I'll be thinking of you, always this is the survey for the sequal!!

Answer the following questions in a review, and BE HONEST!!!

1) Do you want a sequal? Or are you happy with what's been written????

2) If there was a sequal Should Yuki and Kyo be the stars or some one else?

3) Should Yuki and Kyo adopt children?

4) If I were to introduce a new character what should she/he be like and name?

5) Should the new character be a treat to Yuki and Kyo's relationship??? Or help it??

6) If you said yes to number 3 what should the kid/kids name be?

7) LEMON??????????

8)How did you like I'll be thinking of you, always? On a scale of 0-10???

Okay that's the survey! I'll make a sequal if too many people want me too!

(At least 10 people)

Bye-Bye!! (for now?)