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Chapter 1 Plan's

It was yesterday she told him that he had restored his own honor by fighting side by side with her. His father would be proud of him. She also had a special task for him… one he was not happy with. But to gain his fathers love back, he would do almost everything.

Zuko walked trough the hall that lead him to the prison cell of his uncle, his thoughts had wandered of to the day before.

"Zuzu," the nickname aggravated him to no end. "Zuzu, since you have proven yourself worthy I have a special task for you." His sister Azula rose up from her thrown and walked to her brother who was leaning against a pillar, arms crossed in front of his chest. Zuko lifted his head. "What may that be?" he asked with irritation in his voice. He did not like his sisters tasks, they where humiliation most of the time.

"Now. Now Zuzu. Why are you so irritated? Do you not like the fact that you will have fathers love soon?" His stomach twisted at the nickname and the mentioning of their father.

Zuko let out a humph. "No Azula, that's not it. I guess I am tiered of fighting the water tribe wench." He lied.

"Listen and listen good Zuko," His sister said, standing in front of him arms on her hips. "I want the avatar. And you will help catching him. Here is my plan. You will free uncle and pretend you two are running away from me. You will join the 'Avatars gang' and earn their trust. You have one month and then, when they trust you enough you will double cross them. You'll hand over the Avatar and we'll bring him to father who will kill him."

"What, no! I will not join them!" Zuko yelled. "Yes you will. If you don't… I'll kill uncle" Azula laughed. Ow how she loved being in charge. "Fine." Zuko sighed. Azula was one cold hearted bitch, unlike her Zuko would never betray his own family.

"Tomorrow morning you'll free uncle and run and find the Avatar. I will send you a letter every 3 day's with new plans and strategy's." Azula said as she walked back to her thrown. "You can go now and pack your belongings," she made a waving sing with her hands and Zuko turned to leave the palace. "Oh and Zuko," his sister said sitting her self down, "Make sure uncle doesn't get any wind from our plan." At this Zuko turned around and starred at his sister. "What? You mean, I have to lie to uncle?" A wicked grin appeared on Azula's face. She crossed her arms in front of her and leaned back in her thrown. "What, as if it is the first time you betrayed uncle."

With a sigh Zuko left the palace and walked back to his uncle teahouse. Rubbing his temples he let the conversation go on and on in his head.

It was almost one whole day that he had been in here. One whole day without tea. Iroh had lasted longer than whole day without tea. Actually the lack of tea did not bother him that much, it was the way his nephew had let him down. Iroh had really hoped that Zuko had changed. That he had become good and realized that catching the Avatar was useless. Iroh had played the images of the last day over and over in his head. He knew Zuko had good in him. If it wasn't or that Azula they wouldn't be in this situation. They could have a good life in the teahouse. Serving customers and make them happy. They could have stayed out of the war that was currently going on.

Iroh let out a sigh and sat him self up. 'What have you become Zuko?' He wondered himself. 'Is your fathers love so much worth?' Knowing his brother Iroh knew that fire lord Ozai would never love his own son. To him he was weak, a disgrace to the fire nation. "If only Zuko would see that." Iroh mumbled to himself.

"If I only see what?" A familiar voice was heard. Iroh turned his head towards where the voice was heard. "Prince Zuko?" Iroh's face lightened up but when he remembered how he ended up in this cell his face turned serious again.

"Yes uncle, it is me." Zuko answered. "What brings you here?" His uncle asked.

"Keep your voice down." Zuko whispered as he unlocked the prison cell door. "Zuko what are you doing?" Iroh asked as Zuko entered his cell. Zuko walked to wards his uncle and threw some clean cloths towards him. "Put this on. We are going to escape from Azula." Iroh looked at Zuko puzzled. "What…" "No more questions, uncle. I'll explain it all to you later. Now we just need to start running." Zuko said as was checking the hall for guards. Zuko knew there weren't any because Azula had told the guards of their plan. But he had to put on a show for his uncle. Zuko turned to wars his uncle who was now in his new clothing. "Follow me," Zuko said as he started to walk down the hall. Without asking further questions Iroh followed his nephew. Once they left the Earth kingdom's palace they started to run to the wall's of Ba Sing Se. It was still dark outside and there was no one on the streets that saw them escaping the palace. No one except for one person who was standing on the roof of the palace.

"Good Zuzu. The first stage is successfully completed. Keep running, about a month from now the Avatar, uncle and you will be dead."

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