A Ghost From The Past

Summary: Jesse has had enough; he thinks he is holding Suze from a better future. So he goes to Paul for to off him. Paul refuses to exorcize Jesse, but offers to send Jesse back to his time, the night he was killed, Jesse questions Paul's generous offer. Paul tells Jesse that Suze won't remember Jesse after he's gone. Jesse agrees leaving a happy Paul whose thinking now that Jesse is gone Suze is his. He has no idea how wrong he is, like they say love concurs all, Suze remember and plans for a trip back in time. Its Déjà vu once again when the 1850 gets a makeover.

Chapter 1

The story is based before Twilight but after Haunted

Jesse's P.O.V

I was sitting at the window sit again, before life was so boring, I would sit there and think about life before I died, but every time I thought about it, my thoughts would lead to the day I died, or should I say the day I was murdered. You see what happened was my padre arranged a future bride for me with my uncle, I was not that surprised really because when you got to my age, it was only reasonable that you got a bride and produce a family and hopefully a son to takeover the ranch after I died.

I was not looking forward to meeting this mysterious bride, I guess in my head I have always had this crazy Idea that I would fall in love before I got married, but by the look of things my plans were just crushed. So I went to see my wife to be, but was really surprised to see my cousin Maria, her padre uncle Leonato who was eying my padre really weird.

I said my welcome's to them and sat besides my padre. They started talking about what a wonderful, beautiful, well mannered wife they had found me.

Maria and I looked at them, waiting for them to tell the name of such a wonderful person, well in my case anyway in Maria's case it was probably so that she laughs at who ever it was, well because in her sad big head, she believes no one is better than her. Which probably the reason why when they told me that my bride to be was MARIA.

It was a bigger shocker, considering Maria's face it was obvious she knew nothing off the marriage. It was like all my air supply was cancelled, I suddenly found it hard to breathe, I was going to reject such an awful match when my padre gave me a glare that said "don't you dare". Knowing my padre, I thanked my uncle and looked forward to my marriage with hell.

Later on I leant that the marriage would be taking place in a month's time, something to do with the fact that my padre knew I would try and find a way out of the wedding. Days turned to weeks and before I knew it, time had come for my appointment with hell (Maria). During the past weeks I had been hearing rumours about Maria courting Felix Diego. Felix was not a very nice man; he was a slave runner and believed in making other people's lives a nightmare. Uncle Leonato hated Felix, they were mortal enemies and uncle would hate if Maria and Felix were to be married, I think that's probably why he arranged this marriage. I ignored these rumours and set off to get married.

I had to stay at the boarding house before I set off to Maria's ranch, I knew the boarding house was a place of drunken idiots and violence, but I wasn't really that scared because you see, most of these people knew who I was and you would have to pretty stupid to cross my path. I know hot to handle myself, I am good with knives, I had used them once or twice in the past (all those times was not my fault, it was only in self defence).

So I was pretty safe, or so I thought. I checked my horse and went off to bed. I was dreaming or so I should say having nightmares about my soon to be wife Maria, when suddenly I felt something tight on my neck, it felt like a rope, I tried t o pull it away, but couldn't really do much because I soon felt weak coz of lack of air, soon everything went dark.

When I woke up, nothing felt different at all, that was until I tried to open the door, but walked through it. I soon realised that I was dead, later on I found out that Maria and Felix had organised my murder and buried me in the back garden. When I didn't show up at my wedding everyone thought I had run off coz of cold feet.

My padre was disappointed, because of my death the De Silva clan ended when my padre died, my sisters got married, some died of different diseases, Maria and Felix got married after a year of Maria's pretend mourning of my departure, and they never had kids.

I stayed a ghost for what seemed like ages, if you were counting it would be a century and a half to be exact. I watched medicine improve, new inventions even the way people talked started to change. Since ghosts can't sleep I watched day and night for what seemed to be like forever.

The boarding house closed after a while, after a century and a half reconstruction started, the boarding was being redeveloped, and it was soon transformed into a marvellous looking Victorian house, the husband Andy was getting remarried to a woman who had a daughter so they needed a bigger place to live. The all seemed happy for the new arrival, but not me coz it made no difference to me.

That was until I met her she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, not to mention the most stubborn. Forget the whole beautiful thing, the most surprising thing about Susannah (the girl's name) is that she could see, talk and touch me. At first she wanted me to live, but I wasn't going to leave the only person who could see me, so I stayed. Soon we became friends after I saved her from many near death situations; she is such an accident prone. After a while our friendship turned into a relationship, well on my side anyway, I soon became aware that I loved her, I knew it wouldn't work out, so I kept it to myself besides would she ever love a ghost.

I thought she only saw me as a big brother that was until last night when I kissed her at the graveyard and to surprise she responded with much force and love. I haven't seen her since last night so I came today, to wait for her, maybe I cam get another one of her mind blowing kisses. I can't help but wonder if she wants to go further. Nombre De Dios I can not believe I am actually thinking about this. It's not like I want to sleep with her.

"You know you want to" said a voice in my head.

I can not believe this, ok so I have thought about my dark skin against her light skin together, hoping to hear her mourning my name, as I go further into her, to kiss her until she goes mad, hopefully tease her before I go into her. OH MY DIOS I SHOULD NOT BE HAVING SUCH UN GENTLE MAN THOUGHTS.

My parents would have been really angry with me, if they ever found out. But it's kind off hard not to think about her in that way considering she dresses, her clothes are always short not to mention tight, so it's really hard not to think of her in that way. I just can't help but wonder if she wants me the way I want her, maybe one day she will have me for the night

I was so caught up with what I was thinking that I didn't hear Susannah come in, I was suddenly aware when I heard her soft voice call my name. I wonder what she wants.

"Jesse…….Jesse" she called again, I wonder what she wants considering she is taking a shower. I stood up and went to the bathroom door and knocked softly, I wouldn't want to scare her.

Suze's P.O.V

Today we had just had PE; I hate PE because it involves running which means sweating. I had to take a shower before I saw Jesse, he's lucky he's s ghost he doesn't sweat or get body odour after running, not that he ever does any, all he does is read and pet that ugly cat.

I was busy thinking about Jesse when I heard a soft nock on the door, I knew who it was, only Jesse knocks that soft, so simply said "come in" I was gonna tease him so bad today that in the end he's gonna wanna take a cold shower.

He came in and I popped my head out of the shower curtain and said "oh Jesse hi, how was you day" I knew the shower curtain was see through and Jesse suddenly realised that too, considering how red he was turning.

"What's wrong, you don't look too good" I said teasingly, like I said I was gonna bring excitement into his life today.

"Y…….y…….y……yes querida" he said finally, his eyes were popping out as I put my one of my legs out.

"Jesse be a sweetie and pass me the towel" I said but he just stood there looking dead, well maybe dead is not the word considering his dead.

So I got out of the shower and stood in front of him in nude, waved my hand across his face and said "hey you in there" now his mouth was hanging open but he still wasn't moving, so I went over next to him, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard, he still didn't respond so I did the only thing that I knew would get him out of his dream world. I took his hand and placed it on my left breast, let's just say he responded quickly then.

He started messaging my breasts and kisses me at the same time; I had to respond so I put my hands under his rock hard chest and made little circles on his muscles, messaging with my other hand moving down to his pants.

He was still distracted with my breasts, than he didn't see what I was doing until I started messaging down below, that's when he suddenly became aware of what we were doing, he started backing away and threw me his shirt before he went out.

I kicked myself mentally; I mean I nearly got him to second base, next time I will have to distract him more. I put his shirt on and went out of the bathroom. I found him sitting by the window sit, the same way when I first saw him except now he was shirtless meaning he was a lot sexy and irresistible.

He was pretending not to see, by ignoring me and reading his stupid book, only I knew he wasn't really reading because I don't know many people who read their books upside down, so he was definitely looking at me, so I decided to give him a show he was barging for.

Jesse's P.O.V

I can not believe what just happened, Susannah called me to pass her a towel, and things led to another. I remember exactly what happened, she got out of the shower naked and I froze, she came and kissed me yet I still couldn't move that was until I found my hand stroking her breasts, since I had forgotten her towel I gave her my shirt, and she just came out of the bathroom wearing my shirt, let's just say it looked better on her than it ever did on me.

The ties on it was open just enough to expose her cleavage, you could see the outline of her breasts outside my shirt, I knew she wasn't wearing any undergarments not that I minded, I quickly turned to my book.

I wasn't really reading it so when she wasn't looking I took a few glances at her, she then started to pull my shirt off and I couldn't stop staring, soon her chest was now exposed again, she opened her drawers and found her new undergarments, they were black with lace, I tore my eyes away from her, I knew this couldn't go on, I was stopping her from living her life, marriage, kids and no matter how much I loved her I couldn't do this to her, so I went to the only person I knew could help me.


I thought of Slater and materialized in his bathroom, I wondered why I was in his bathroom until I saw him looking in the mirror. How vain can one guy get?

"Slater" I said my voice was cold, he turned round and I saw the enormous black eye he had, I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Dios what happened to you" I hid my chuckle and pretended I actually cared, he simply turned to me and said "let me guess's he told you I tried to make a move on her, she gave me a black eye and now she wants you to finish me right" now I was laughing, I mean Susannah doesn't mind me touching her, but when Slater does it he gets the bating of a lifetime.

"Actually that's not why I am here" I said after I settled down on the laughing.

"Oh really, so what have I done to receive such a pleasant visit Rico" he said, I glared at him he quickly said "what I meant was what can I do for you, exorcism or send you back to your time"

Wait a minute did he just say send me back to my time, I questioned him and he said "well well well Rico you finally came to your senses and gave Suze up" he saw how serious I was and said "I can send you back to the night Diego killed you and you can save yourself and live you life" I asked what the catch was and he said "Suze won't remember you after you are gone" I figured it was for the best and agreed.

After a few minutes he was doing so chanting in Latin, soon everything went black, the next thing I knew I was back in my bed, and then I knew I was back.

Suze's P.O.V

Jesse didn't come back, I tried calling him but he never answered, I went to father D to ask he just looked at me as if I was mad, he said he knew of no one with such a name that's when I knew. PAUL.

I found him at his locker; I got to the point straight away.

"Where is he" I asked I was nearly in tears and that's something you don't see everyday so everyone was now looking at us and I didn't care.

"Who are you talking about" he asked so dumbly, I couldn't take it anymore so I punched him thinking about Jesse all the time, every punch I gave him was the cold shoulder Jesse gave me, I threw one last punch that broke his nose and said " this is for taking the guy I loved away from me"

I pulled his collar and strangled him the pulled him closer so he could hear me as I hissed "now where is he". He looked at e straight in the eye and said "Rico came to me for help, he wanted to be exorcized so you could have a life without him, but I guess you love was too strong that's why you remember him and no one else. So instead I offered to send him back to his time".

Jesse went back thinking it was the best for me, what he doesn't get it is, I have no life without him, so I said to Paul "then do me a favour and send me back to his time then"

That's how I found myself in a circle with Paul saying some Latin, which I had no freaking clue what he was saying.

Everything soon went black and later on found myself outside my door, well it wasn't really my door coz it looked kinda new, the wood I mean that's when I knew I had made it.

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