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Chapter 1-night club drama

It had been a seriously long three nights, and Serenity, the vampire slayer and also the chosen one of legend, felt she had really had enough.
Her one and only friend Cindy Barnes, had convinced her to go dancing at this really awesome night club, and she agreed for Cindy's sake, even though this sort of scene was definitely not her thing, she preferred solitude so much more, for at least in the quiet darkness, no one can hurt you.
And at least she had succeeded in killing the vampires that had decided it would be fun to start randomly killing innocent people.
Serenity sat at the bar of the nightclub sipping boredly at her drink, her friend Cindy beside her, watching all the action around them excitedly.
"You could go dance if you like, Cindy, don't let me hold you back" Serenity said to her friend with a soft smile that only Cindy ever saw "Go have fun".
Cindy smiled at Serenity, hugged her friend tightly then bounded happily to the dance floor, lost into the crushing crowd of dancers.
Serenity pushed away her now empty glass and sighed, looking once more at her watch, she decided it wouldn't hurt to stay an extra hour so Cindy could get in some dancing, maybe even come out with a date.
"Hey" A smooth masculine voice said from behind her, thick with French elegance "You alone here?".
Serenity turned to see a silvery blonde haired vampire with grey blue eyes, she inwardly groaned.
It was Lestat Di'Lioncoure, the famous vampiric rock star, the one vampire placed off limits in the killing category due to possible law suits or murder charges, or something like that, but what the hell possessed him to even approach her?
"Lestat" She said with a fake pleasant smile "How nice to see you".
"Though you are thinking otherwise" he said, seating himself beside her.
"Shouldn't you go pay attention to your adoring fans, you know, people that actually WANT your company" Serenity said, giving him an icy look.
"Mm, maybe, but I find you so much more intriguing, dear slayer" Lestat said, sporting a flirtatious smile at the beautiful raven haired slayer with the eyes like cold fire, the deadly beauty so many vampires spoke about.
"Lucky me" Serenity said, her words dripping with sarcasm.
"Care for another drink, my dear?" he asked, noticing Serenity's empty glass "My treat".
"No" Serenity said flatly "I require nothing from a vampire, rock star or not".
Lestat took one last look at the slayer's exquisite beauty and then walked with a mumbled "Ah the beautiful shrew, what a conquest she shall be".
Serenity bristled a bit at that, but left it alone, he wasn't worth it, besides she wouldn't want hate mail from Lestat's stupid fan girls for hurting his handsome face.
'Gag me with a spork' Serenity thought to herself with a roll of her ice blue eyes.
Serenity looked at her watch and decided it would now be a good time to leave, so she got up to find Cindy.
She navigated her way through the crush of dancers searching for Cindy for a good twenty minutes and still no sign of her, Serenity was beginning to get worried, so she turned back headed for the bar, intent on talking to the bartenders, they usually knew everything that happened in the club from start to close.
"Excuse me" Serenity said, hailing a hot brunette bartender over to her "Have you seen a girl around here, dishwater blonde hair and brown eyes, about my height, she's my friend and I can't find her, we came in here together about three hours ago, we were up here sitting at the hour not even one hour ago".
"Yeah, I know who your talking about" the bartender said, making Serenity sigh with relief until the bartender spoke once more making Serenity's heart sink to her stomach with panic "She left with Lestat not too long ago".
'Oh shit!" Serenity exclaimed and bolted out of the club and to her black Chevy Monte Carlo and speeding off towards Lestat's mansion, knowing for certain that's where they'd be, that's where he takes all his meals and lulls them into a false sense of security, then strikes or rather bites.
She only could only hope she got there in time.

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