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Chapter 10- So this is loves miracle

Serenity lay there on the bed, a dopey happy smile plastered to her rose pink lips, her hands absent-mindedly stroking Lestat's golden hair as he laced loving kisses across her chest.

"I love you, Serenity" Lestat murmured, coming up and gently pressing his satin soft lips to hers, her tongue delicately sweeping in to stroke his bride's new set of fangs.

Serenity kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his waist "I love you too"

"You know, my love, we don't have to stay here, we can go to France, my birthplace, this council you speak of will never look for you there" Lestat said, brushing some whisps of jet black hair away from Serenity's beautiful face "We can start our life together, adopt a child"

"Adopt?" Serenity asked with a warm smile.

Lestat nodded "We would be good parents, our child would never want for anything"

"I like that plan very much" Serenity said, a touched smile curving her lips "I'd like to have a girl, though, I want a daughter that I can raise with all the freedoms I was denied"

"Whatever you wish" He said, Smiling softly and stroking her face lovingly, then rubbed his chin thoughtfully "But I'm locking her in her room until she's thirty"

Serenity laughed merrily.

Three days later

Cindy stood before the Slayers council, smiling innocently "I say with complete innocence that I have not seen Serenity at all in the past 48 hours"
"Then why are you smiling?" the Head Council Member sneered.

"Because I know she's alright, she always is and she's always had her own strange way of going about things, I would think this is her resignation" Cindy said, that innocent smile filled with secret mirth.
"She cannot resign!" the H.C.M yelled "Destiny has chained her to this fate for all her days!"

Cindy stood there, silent and beginning to wonder if she should begin panicking now "Then perhaps Serenity is dead, and if so, I wish her peace, she hated all of this, every bit of it"

Silence filled the room, all the council members whispering to each other heatedly, as if in a heavy debate, the tension was thick as honey, Cindy could only wait in silence, hoping the council would think Serenity dead leave her to be happy with her new husband.

Yes, Serenity had called her two nights ago and asked her to be the maid of honor in her wedding, it was small and private, but sweet all the same, Cindy could see in Lestat's eyes how much he loved Serenity, and that made Cindy feel good, made her feel that she needn't worry anymore for Serenity's welfare, that Lestat had it covered and always would.

Cindy had also been geeked when Serenity told her that she and Lestat planned to adopt a child and they wanted her to be the child's god mother, though Lestat had scoffed at the term, Serenity merely shot him a look that shut him right up.

The memory made Cindy want to giggle, but she knew she couldn't do that right now, it wouldn't look good at all if she were to start giggling in front of the council.

After forcing Cindy to hold her breath for a good ten minutes, the council ceased their bickering and pronounced Serenity dead, in their arrogance they figured if they couldn't find her, then she HAD to be dead.

Cindy ran from the room like their was no tomorrow and immediately let out all the laughter that had been building up, cackling like an over excited hyena.

"Ok, ok" she told herself aloud 'Thats enough, time to get home now, I'm supposed to be on the plane to France in an hour and a half, best hurry and get there"

Imagine Cindy's surprise upon plopping into her assigned seat that there was a smexy vampire sitting in the seat beside her, chestnut brown hair and slashing silver eyes that made a girl melt into a puddle of gooey desire.

Oh yes, this was going to be a VERY nice flight, yes indeed.

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