Chapter Eleven

What Serenity didn't know was that Joey had contacted both Tea and Mai and told them about Serenity and Bakura's Wedding, and they both said that they would be back to Domino to attend.

Seto asked "Marik to let Ishizu know about the Wedding and ask if she and Shadi and Odeon could attend."

The Morning was just beautiful. The birds were singing and so was Serenity. Last night they told Ryou about the baby and that they were getting married. Ryou turned his head this way and that and then he asked "me marry to?"

Both Serenity and Bakura had tears in their eyes because he was so innocent and they loved him to death. She then said "yes you marry too."

Serenity was trying to do something with her hair when someone knocked on her door. "Come in" she said. There in the door way was Tea, Mai and Ishizu and Serenity started to cry. She went over and they all held each other.

"So I hear that you're getting married and you're also having a baby, is that right?" Mai asked her.

Serenity put her hand over her stomach and she said "that I am."

"Alright what do you say that we help her get ready?" Tea said to Mai and Ishizu.

By the time they were through she was a vision of loveliness. Serenity smiled at them and then she said "thanks for everything."

In the room where Bakura was trying to tie his tie and not doing very well, someone knocked on the door and he said "better be someone who can do up this damn tie."

The door opened and there stood Shadi and Odeon and Bakura's eyes filled with tears. "God, its good to see both of you." he said. Then Odeon stood behind Bakura and said "lets get this thing done so that you can go marry that beautiful lady of yours."

Everyone was seated when the music began and Bakura was up at standing with Yami, Marik and Seto and as he looked out among the people he nearly started to cry. Then the people gasps and when he looked and he saw her he nearly fainted.

Joey couldn't believe how beautiful his baby sister was and when he told her she nearly started to cry. The music started and he offered her his arm and they walked towards where Bakura was waiting.

Joey placed her hand in Bakura's and the Minister asked "who gives this woman to this man?"

Proudly Joey said "I do."

The Minister then began the Ceremony and before they knew it they were man and wife. "You may kiss your bride?" The Minister told him.

The Reception was as beautiful as the Wedding and they danced and talked and laughed with their friends. They weren't going to go on a honeymoon until after their baby was born, which would be in two months.

Time flew by and soon she was ready to deliver her baby. One evening while they were sitting on the couch watching the News, Serenity said "my water just broke."

Bakura called Joey and asked "if they could come and stay with Ryou, Serenity was in labor."

"We'll be right there" Joey said.

Seto told his driver to get them to the Hospital."

Joey called her doctor and told "him that they were coming in, that it was time."

Serenity was in labor for three hours and then she delivered a beautiful baby girl. She weighed in at seven pounds, fifteen ounces and was twenty-one inched long. She had her father's eyes and her mother's hair. Bakura cried as the Nurse placed his daughter into his arms. He looked down into her eyes and he said "welcome my baby."

They named their daughter Alyssa Marie Bakura. They went on to have three other children all boys. Their names were Jacob James, David Joseph and Jeffery Ryou.

Ryou is in seventh heaven because he now the oldest and he can tell his younger Nephews and Niece what to do.


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