Title: Love and Electricity
Author: The Spinning Yarn Alchemist
Summary: Ed thinks back to the moments where he lost and found his brother. Ed/Al. Elricest!
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Part Three: Love & Electricity

"I want you to...love me."

Those words would be burned into Ed's mind for all eternity. And now, as he looked down at the one who spoke those words, there was no other place he would be and no other person he would want to be with.

How they had rid themselves of the annoying layers of fabric between them so quickly, he had no idea, but all that was on his mind was the feel of Al's skin against his own and the lips that brushed across the pulse at his neck.

Alphonse was pale, slender and lithe. His skin was unblemished from their years of traveling and fighting. Edward on the other hand was broader, more muscular than his brother, flesh tanned from the sun and scarred from past wounds.

Light and dark…gold and silver…rough and smooth…they were like yin and yang, two parts of the same whole.

Capturing the brunette's lips in his own, Ed ran his fingers down Al's body, across the planes of the toned chest, down the slim stomach, into the dip of a narrow hip and finally…

"Edward!" A smile pulled at the blonde's lips when his brother's whispered cry pierced the silence of the room. Trailing his flesh hand along the younger man's heated skin, he focused his attention on the brunette's lips, capturing them in his own and swallowing the small noises.

Pale fingers grasped at his broad shoulders as he withdrew his hand and grasped the slender hips underneath him, sliding sensitive flesh together to create friction that left them both panting. Ed gazed at his younger brother's face, taking in the blush that stained his cheeks and the hooded heated look in those silver eyes…

Lowering his head, he brushed away the chocolate strands that lay on the pale flesh and laid his mouth there, kissing and sucking at the tender flesh before moving downwards.

"Ed?" The strained moan finally formed into words as Al watched his brother's blonde head moving across his hip and down his thigh, every touch of those full lips sending tiny shocks around his body.


"Make love to me." The lips left his flesh and Ed leant his chin on the inside of his brother's thigh, studying the emotions he found in the quicksilver depths of the younger man's eyes.

"You sure Al?"

"I've never been more certain about anything…"

"God, I love you so much."

"I love you too." Burying his fingers in his brother's golden locks, Al brought himself up slightly to press his lips to Ed's, shyly initiating the dance their tongues followed.

It lasted seconds but felt like a lifetime as emotions flitted through both their minds; fear, desire, nervousness, love…

As the kiss was broken, Ed smiled at a small whimper that escaped Al's throat. Sitting back on his shins, he took in the image of his baby brother laid out before him…

Alphonse truly was beautiful, the perfect picture of innocent desire…his pale skin flushed, lips kiss-swollen, silver eyes dark with need. The blonde leant over to press a quick kiss to the bent leg in front of him before reaching into the bedside drawers.


"What?" Ed moved his flesh hand around in the drawer before leaning over to look inside.

"I knew there was some somewhere…"


"Aha!" Al watched as Ed withdrew his hand and saw a small bottle in his palm.

"Is that my hand lotion?"

"Uh-huh…it's all I could think of that would be suitable." The elder Elric replied with a sheepish grin. "…I read about it in a book." The other giggled at the look but it soon died in his throat as his brother leant across him and kissed him again.

"You've read about this?"


"I must admit…I have too…" A blonde eyebrow rose slightly at this confession before returning his attention to undoing the bottle. The thought of his baby brother reading up about the subject as well sent a wave of heat to Ed's groin.

Unscrewing the top of the bottle, the older boy took in the familiar spicy scent of neroli. Leaning forward, he parted the pale legs in front of him before he poured some onto his hand. Al watched the flesh and metal digits entwine and slick together

"I'm going to have to stretch you Al…it'll be uncomfortable but I'll try and be as gentle as I can…" Ed turned his eyes to lock on his brother's. "And I will stop if you ask me to."

"I trust you Ed."

The young brunette willed himself to relax as Ed shifted closer, his hips involuntarily jerking upwards when he felt the warm slippery digit press against his entrance. Metal fingers slid across his hip, wet coolness bringing up goosebumps on his skin as the flesh fingers gently massaged tense muscle. Al slowly let out the breath he didn't even realise he'd been holding as he felt himself relax under his brother's touch.

Ed watched the younger man's face as he slowly pushed his finger inside. Al scrunched his eyes shut for a moment, the weird sensation of something new and different inside him causing him to tense again for a moment.

"Relax Al, I'll go slowly…" The blonde leant over and kissed Al's forehead, cool metal stroking away the chocolate strands from slightly damp skin.

"O…okay…" Letting out a deep breath, the brunette relaxed his body, the finger slowly starting to move inside him, losing its invasive nature and starting to send ripples of pleasure up his spine. He was so wrapped up in the feeling that when Ed tentatively pushed a second finger inside him, he only noticed the increase in that strange, pleasurable feeling until…

"OH!" The Fullmetal Alchemist's eyes lit up at his brother's response to his finger brushing a certain spot. "Oh my god, do that again!" The alluring way that Alphonse threw his head back as the finger brushed the spot again, his hair spilt upon the pillow in an earthy halo, melted chocolate eyes shut tight and full lip clenched between his teeth caused Edward's groin to tighten. "Please brother…Ed…please…" The younger brother mewled, wriggling his hips on the flesh digits inside him.

"Okay Al…" Withdrawing his fingers slowly from his brother's body, Ed applied more hand cream around Al's opening before slowly coating himself in the cool balm, hissing as it made contact with heated flesh. When he deemed himself ready, gold eyes met silver as he moved closer to the trembling boy. Leaning forward, he touched his brother's flushed cheek and brushed his lips against the warm flesh. "It's okay…I'll be gentle…if you want me to stop, I will Al…I love you."

"I love you too."

Al took a deep breath and felt Ed's hand hold his hip as he slowly pushed himself in. There was a small sliver of pain as he felt himself widen to accommodate his brother's arousal which gave way to the sensation of being filled…emotionally as well as physically.

For the first time in their lives, both Edward and Alphonse felt whole. An electric shock of pleasure bolted up through their joined bodies as Ed moved further inside, his muscles trembling at holding back for Al's sake.

As the sensation of being joined with Ed turned from invasive to pleasurable, Al lifted his legs to wrap around his brother's narrow hips, pulling him deeper inside and causing them both to groan.

"Fuuck…" Ed gritted his teeth together, summoning all his strength not to go too fast and hurt the beautiful creature writhing underneath him.

"Please…Ed…" Holding his brother's slender frame to him, Ed set a steady pace, Al's fingers digging into his shoulders with each slow and deliberate thrust.

Al couldn't think, all he could sense was Ed, the rest of the world having melted away. He could feel the hard muscles under the golden flesh moving like steel under silk as the older boy moved. Ed's strained breaths sounded in his ear, the salty taste of his flesh against Al's lips as he rested his head on the pillow beside him.

"Ed…" The hushed whisper made the elder Elric look up. Al was watching him, his dark locks damp against his forehead, skin flushed with arousal as his body moved with each thrust. Ed watched as Al raised his hands to his face, pulling his face closer to his own. "Faster…" Ed felt the breath from that one word against his own lips before his brother kissed him.

Al trembled as he felt flesh and metal run down his legs before hooking behind his knees, drawing his body up as Ed quickened his pace, the heat between his legs now almost unbearable. Ed knew neither of them was going to last much longer, the sensations had all been too much…it was all too much not to be consumed by.

The blonde took one arm from around Al's legs and reached between them, taking the brunette's arousal in a gentle yet firm grip, causing the younger man to gasp as he matched the rhythm of his hips. Ed's lips curved into a smile as more alluring noises escaped from Al's lips, the slender fingers gripping him tightly as he overwhelmed the younger Elric's senses.

"Ed…I'm close…so close…" Al clenched his eyes shut as he felt his body start to tense as his brother continued to move inside him and pump his arousal.

"I know Al…me…too…" Ed bit out as he concentrated on the feelings that were bombarding his senses as he felt them reach the edge.

"Oh my god…ohmygod…ED!" Al's hips jerked involuntarily as he felt his release, the spasms of his body causing Ed to explode inside him seconds afterwards.


There was silence, save for their shuddering breaths as the two lovers held each other close. Both shivered as they recovered from their orgasms, sweat cooling on their skin as neither wanted to move from their embrace.

"Wow…" Al breathed, his arms still around Ed as the blonde looked up from his shoulder. Reaching up, the brunette tenderly stroked his face with a smile.

"Jesus…" Ed grinned as he leaned into his brother's touch. "The things you do to me Al…" Pulling out of the younger man's body, Ed lay on his back with a groan. A small sigh escaped the brunette's lips as he rested his head against Ed's chest, the elder Elric's flesh arm drawing him in and holding him close.

"…I love you…" Al said against his brother's skin, tracing his fingers along the planes of the toned chest beneath him. An automail hand closed around his own, causing the younger man to look up into the golden eyes above.

"I love you too…"

As their lips met, both felt a jolt of electricity pass through them at the contact, touching their very souls as they realised that although their lives would never the same…things were finally perfect.

The End.

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