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Naruto has been register into the ANBU organization but he has to take the exam to be part of the ANBU. Can he and his team pass the exam or fall in doing it.

ANBU Exams

"What do you want from me I told every thing I know?" He was grabbed by the neck by a much taller man.

"You're lying to me. I know that you have the information I need." He squeezed his neck tighter making the man gasping for air. He looked up at the ceiling and saw four black ops hiding in the ceiling. "Get out of here you fools. You have no chance against him."

The tall man decide to release him to give him a little air. That's when the ANBU strike, pulling out their swords slicing the tall man into two.


"Water Clone!?" said the leader

He appeared right behind the ANBU agents. "Foolish Leaf Ninja do you really think I can be defeated so easily. Water Style: Twin Water Dragon Jutsu." "What he can summon water!" shouted 2 ANBU

The twin dragons killed all ANBU agents only leaving him and the prisoner. "Now back to business. You will tell me everything I need to know right." He said at the shivering man.

Hokage office

"What another ANBU team were assassinated?!" said Tsunade

"Yes, their bodies were crushed by what seem water jutsu." Said Ibiki

"That's the ninth team this month. Were loosing more ANBU teams every day, we need more ANBU squads. Ibiki the ANBU exams come earlier this year; set up the ANBU exams."

"Wh-what we can't set up the ANBU exams this early, we need preparations planning, hell we don't know who are qualified to enter the exams." He shouted with a shiver in his spine.

"I know (sigh). Sai's team is that of Sakura, Ino and Choji. Neji's Team has Tenten Kiba and Shino. Now Naruto's…wait Naruto doesn't even have a team, he's too stupid to become an ANBU captain. Shikamaru, Lee, Naruto and Hinata aren't even in ANBU organization are they not?"

"No Hokage-sama."

"Well there's your first team Naruto as captain, Shikamaru as second, Lee as scout and Hinata as medic. You got all that Ibiki?"

"One more thing Hokage-sama it's about Naruto…"

"What is it; it's about the kitsune no kyubi isn't?"

"No it's not that it's just…Naruto is clumsy."

"YeahI know that he is really clumsy."


"Then it's settle then my daughter will not be part of his team" said Hiashi

"Hiashi-sama!" said Ibiki

"Remove my daughter of his team. I will not let her into his team he's to stupid." Said Hiashi

"Hinata is one day going to be leading your house Hiashi she needs to be on an ANBU team to make her strong." Said Tsunade

"Then how will you think that we should test Naruto to see if he is really ready to lead an ANBU squad."

"Maybe I can help" said Kakashi

(poofx3) Jiraya, Kurenai, Yamato and Gai appeared with him.

"What do you propose Kakashi-san?" said Hiashi

"Naruto and Hinata are dating right…"

"Yes and."

"Put Hinata in your estate far from any windows or anything near the outside. Then I'll get Naruto set him lose into your estate to look for her. If he fails your daughter will not be part of his team, but if he succeeds she will be part of his team. Deal."

"Fine, but to make things interesting I'll use Neji's ANBU team to protect Hinata."

Kakashi stared at Hiashi for a minute or two. "Plus Naruto must not know of what his real mission is."

Kakashi now has a worried face if Naruto fails Hinata won't be part of his team and he'll never trust Kakashi. But if he succeeds…"Deal tomorrow morning he'll begin his mission." Hiashi nodded with agreement and left. (Poof)

"You know Naruto won't forgive you if he fails." Said Tsunade

"Yes I do."

During the whole meeting Jiraya looked up at the ceiling, "Well at least he knows what to do now." Jiraya smiled threw a kunai at the ceiling and came down Naruto on top of the Hokage Desk. Everybody was shocked to see Naruto hiding up there except for Jiraya.

Naruto started to smile and rub the back of his head. "Did I miss something?"

"Naruto how long were you up there." Said Kakashi

"um I have no idea I think I was sleeping up there." Naruto laughed at the sentence he just said. Then he was hit on the head by Tsunade. "Brat look what you just did to my desk you little brat." "Hey it wasn't my fault it's Jiraya's fault that's who!" "Who me?" Jiraya said incessantly. "YEAH YOU PERVERT WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING YOU MIGHT HIT NARUTO!" Tsunade begin to hit Jiraya on the head. "Ouch I was trying to!!!" (Wham) right into the wall.

As for everyone else; saw in horror as they saw the Hokage beating their comrades on the ground.

Five minutes later

Naruto and Jiraya were laying down on the ground with bumps burses and what not.

"Well does anyone else have anything to say?" Said a really pissed off Hokage.

"No mama." Said everyone else

Outside of the Hokage office

"Ba-chan can really hit can she Ero-sennin." Said Naruto

"How many times do I have to say don't CALL ME THAT YOU LITTLE BRAT." Said Jiraya

"Little. LITTLE I'm almost the same size as you are PERVERT."

At the ramen shop

"So Naruto, how much of our meeting did you hear anyway."

"Meeting what meeting?!"

"Naruto I know my own apprentice very well."

"Is it because were almost the same." Jiraya started to chock by the statement. "No it's not that it's because you're really predictable that's why."

Naruto stopped eating his ramen by what Jiraya just said. He got out his bowed down and said "Jiraya you were part of the ANBU weren't you; teach me all the senjutsu that you know." Jiraya looked down at Naruto he really want Hinata on his team he thought.

"Fine I'll teach you everything that I know. But first let's go see some blues prints shall we."

"Blue prints? Why blue prints?" Naruto questioned

End chapter

Translation: senjutsu means tactics