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ANBU Exams

Chapter 8

Jiraya stood in front of the meeting room speechless, in the meeting room he saw four members sitting on a high platform sitting on pillows. Three where holograms but one wasn't in a hologram so he can see him clearly. He wore white kimono along with a hakama and a seal on his right side of his hakama that indicated what he is, while the other three he couldn't tell but he could tell they're all wearing the same thing. "The Black Scorpions are being run by…Samurai…" Then someone pulled him out of the meeting room. "What the fuck are you doing? Your not suppose to be in there!"

"What?" He looked at his symbol and at the others, he had a red scorpion and they had a black scorpion. "Maybe that's why…"

"You're an assassin moron not an officer!"

"Sorry about that. I probably forgot about it from that fight I just had."

"Don't do it again or we'll cut off your hands." Jiraya gulped but then he focused on the matter in hand, he has to know what this organization are planning on. When Jiraya was looked for any information, Ryong crept into base undetected and found himself in the security room. He was surprised to see no one in the room, he took control of the main computer of the room and placed all the information into a disk. He searched the room and found a skeleton key in a small cabinet, he then made a copy of it by using an unknown metal jutsu.

For hours of wondering around the Black Scorpion base Jiraya got sick and tired of walking around and finding nothing. "Damn this place! What the hell is with these people?!"

"Jiraya…" Jiraya turned to see Ryong hiding in the shadow. "Ryong…" He moved next to the shadow. "Did you find anything Ryong?"

"Well, I have a confession to make Jiraya."

"You're a Black Scorpion are you?"

"No not that, I was to look out for this girl that was kidnapped by the Black Scorpion."

"Girl?" Then he remembers someone being kidnapped by the Black Scorpion. "Who is she?"

"Shujin, a ninja from the Whirlpool Village."

"A Whirlpool Ninja?"

"A year ago, the economy of the Land of Whirlpools has decreased by 30 each month, soon the country was in bankrupt and talk of rebellion had become common in the country. There were few who tried to fix the economic problem in the country but then there was the decrease of ninja missions so I pitch to help by giving them free of service."

"Well that's kind of you, for a mercenary of the Ryutsume that is."

"The Ryutsume and I are not like most mercenaries, you know that. Back to the story, two months ago that talk of rebellion has came true and an army of rebels of ninja and soldiers has been made. Now the Land of Whirlpool is in Civil War and the Black Scorpions are helping out the rebels, this is why I need to find this girl. She's the daughter of the Uzukage and she was sent to the Leaf Village to get some help and you know the rest of the story."

"I don't get it, why hasn't any of this leaked out of the country?"

"Someone doesn't want this war or their economic problem leaked out. Right now the separatist are wining and we're running out of time. So we need to find this girl first, then we can find out what the Black Scorpion are up to." Jiraya sighed but agreed his plan. "Alright find the girl then find out what the Black Scorpion is up to."

In Sound Village Sasuke lay in his bed having difficultly sleeping. Ever since he left the village to obtain greater power, in the back of his mind there would be a small, faint and annoying voice saying, was it all worth it. He had friends, a new family, people who cared about him and a girl who loved him. For day and night he would roll around his bed just because of this annoying voice.

"Damn it get out of my head." He slammed a pillow on his head but it didn't work, next he slammed his head to the wall and floor but still it didn't work finally he took some sleeping pills but it only made it worse.

"Fuck them all, they only slowed me down, but why do I have this strange feeling in my heart. Damn you Itachi why…why did you have to kill our family?!"

"Do you really want to know why?"

A voice came out of nowhere made Sasuke jolted his head up. "Who's there?"

"Do you really want to know why your brother did such a horrible thing to your family and to you?"

"…Yes, yes I want to know why he did it."

"Leave this land and everything behind and go on a quest to search for this answer."

"No, I need to get stronger to defeat Itachi."

"Stronger? STRONGER! You are already strong! Stronger than your own brother ever since the day you were born! You had something that he would never have and you left it all behind, now you are no better than he is! You're pathetic!"

Sasuke got really pissed off by the last comment. "Do you know who you are tal-"

"I know whom I'm talking too, a spoiled pathetic brat."

"Damn you, I'm Sasuke Uchiha!"

"What's your point?"

"My point, you have no right to talk to me like that. I'm a Uchiha."

"…………bwahahahaahaha what does a title or name got to do anything. What is the different of a rich boy and a poor boy, nothing, even though they have different lives they are more equal than they think."

"Damn you!"

"Do you want to know why your brother killed your family or not?"

"Yeah I want to know."

"Then follow this map." Out of nowhere a map appeared in front of Sasuke and took it in mid air. "Follow this map and all of your questions will be revealed."

He looked at the map; it's ancient as heck and seems that he's going to walk for a long time.

"Wait you haven't even answer my question? Who are you?"

"Me, be patient you'll see me soon." Sasuke cursed and he looked back at the map, he asked himself, what does he has to loose.

After several hours Fox team couldn't find anything or anyone suspicious. It's now morning and the entire team is just tired as heck, but they still had to move on and search for whoever tried to make them kill the Feudal Lord. It was no use they couldn't find anything they're first ANBU mission failed and not only that they're near into Land of Earth territory. "Man this is such a drag all we've done is nothing but running in circles, how about we rest for a little while." said Fox 2

Fox 1 looked at his team they all looked tired, then Fox 4 colapse luckily Fox 3 cought her. Fox 1 surprised rushed over to her seeing if she's okay. "Fox4…Fox 4…" He whipser to her as Fox 3 laid her on the ground. "What's wrong with her?" said Fox 2

"She's probably had been using the Byakugan during the whole search." said Fox 1

He removed her mask quickly, seeing that she has been using the Byakugan, and quickly place it back. "Fox 2, Fox 3 go look for a place for her to rest." He was about to leave but Fox 3 stopped him. "What will you do?"

"Search for the ones who sabbatoge our mission." He left but Fox 3 followed him. "Wait. Fox1!"

Fox 1 looked behind and saw Fox 3 following him. "Fox 3, I told you to stay with the others."

"Wait let me take point."

"Fox 3, I'm the captain and I make the rules."

"Wait listen to me, I know that," he looked around "well you know…" H shook his head, he knew he was talking about Hinata, that they haven't been together for sometime. "Plus I think it would be a better idea to send someone that isn't the captain of the team to send out alone." Fox 1 thought about it, he cut himself place some blood on his hand then made some hand signs and slammed it on the ground. "Summoning Jutsu: Ichibi, Gobi!" Two foxes appeared, the one tail fox and the five tail fox. "What do those two do Fox 1?"

"Ichibi can use fire jutsu and turn into a sword or any type of weapon and Gobi can use foresight like the Hyuga clan and has greater senses than even Kyuubi. But he can't speak for some strang reason."

"Great they'll make good help, how youthful."

"…Right…" Fox 3 left and the two foxes followed, Fox 1 found the others in a hidden cave not far from the location they were just at. "Fox 2 how is she?"

"How should I know, I'm no doctor how toublesome." He walked outside leaving Fox 1 and 4 behind. He sat next to her while she laid on the floor sleeping. He took off his and hers mask and sighed, they haven't had any sleep for over four days. Naruto looked at Hinata, somehow he knew that this might happen because he herd stories from Kiba, Shino and Neji that this ussually happens. Though she hardly shows her true potential but she always think of others before her. Most in the Hyuga Clan see this as a weakness but some Jonin, like Kakashi, thinks this as a strength. As Naruto looked at his preciouse Hinata, he started to think what she's dreaming about.


Two months ago the so call "rouge cloud nins" had been trying to kidnap the members of the mainhouse especialy Hinata. Naruto was given a mission to protect one of the members of the Hyuga clan, even though he really didn't want to because it was a waste time missing training but when he was given to protect Hinata he accpeted because she's a friend. During the time she would often faint or just loose her tounge and even poke her fingers together more often than usual, which drove Naruto kind of insane. One night Naruto and Hinata were walking in the park, it was nearly dark and it was his job to bring her back home. "Hey Hinata-chan you haven't fainted all day. What an achievement."

"T-Th-thank you Naruto-kun…" She finally got used of being around him, so the fainting thing has been nothing more but emberacing memories. "So Hinata, what do you want to do tomorrow?"

"Well…I-I let you decide" When they were just half a mile away from the Hyuga mansion cloud ninja started to huddle around them but not making their presence seen. When they finally arrived at the gate of the mansion Naruto notice something different about her. "Hey Hinata, there's something different about you."

"…Oh…what will t-t-that b-be…" She said so nervus she had to hide her face from her blushing. "Well it's…" But after he could finish a kunai with a red talacement exploded making a huge smoke screen. Naruto covered closed his eyes so the smoke wouldn't go to his eyes but al tried to find Hinata but she was gone, the explotion was too close to her that it nocked her out. After the smoke clear Naruto notice she was gone. "Hinata…oh shit!" He then ran searching for her but couldn't any trace of her. "Damn it! Where is she?!"

"Kit use this." A big red scroll appeared in front of Naruto. "What? What's that?"

"My contract, sign you name in it and you'll be able to summon me and my foxes."

"Really, cooll!" He signed his name in the contract and then it disappeared. "Now summon Gobi Kitsune."

"Gobi Kitsune, right…" He made a couple of hand signs and slammed them to the ground. "Summoning Jutsu: Gobi Kitsune!" A Five tailed fox appeared in front of him. "Whoa…" Gobi wasn't much of a talker but knew what Naruto wanted, so he used his foresight finding Hinata only a four mile ratius to the east. Then Godi took off leaving a dumbfound Nartuo behind. "Hey Kyuubi what gives, he just took off! What a jerk!"


"Oh right…"

Hinata laid on the ground while four cloud nin surrounded her. "Finally we have one."

"Hey lets have some fun with this one before deliverying her to the Kage." They all laugh as Hinata started to wake up, she looked at them scared of what they might do to her. "Don't scream or we'll kill you." They grabbed her but she struggled from their grasp. One of them held a kunai to her neck but she wasn't going to stop, she'll keep her honor and only loose it to the man she loves. "Fiesty bitch, luckily we need you alive." They laughed but then she bit the man, holding the kunai, hand. "Bitch!" He then pulled out a katana stabbing her all the way through. She gasped for air but fainted due to blood loss. "What the fuck where you thinking!"

"Don't worry I know a little things about these Hyuga's, they put seals on their kids, if that nin dies then the byakugan is ussles. But for this one it's different its still active." They all laughed but heard a rusttle in the bushes, it was Naruto and at first sight he saw Hinata laying on the ground bleeding then something snapped in his head. Images of her during and after the Chunin exams appeared in his head. "Yo-You kill Hinata-chan…" Tears started to sell in eyes. "What's it to ya kid?"

He then started to shake as red chakra leaked out of his body. "Hi-Hina-HINATA! HINATA!!!" His chakra became flames and the rouge nins were scared as hell at the sight. After the imense chakra upgrade Naruto started to calm down. He looked at them with his red demon eyes. "You are all dead. No one hurts Hinata-chan. I swear I'll kill you ALL!" He then vanished and reapreaed behind one of them grabbed his neck pulling it out until his entire spinal cord was out. He was so fast that time seemed to slow down, the man hasn't even fall down yet. Then used the spine as a whip to the men next to him slicing him in half, blood then gushed everywhere spilling on the last two nins. Finally they notice Naruto behind them and notice that their two comrades died in the most demented way ever. They scream and ran for their lives into the forest. "No one, runs from me." He disappeared and all that could be herd from the forest were screams of terror. Naruto ran back to where Hinata lay, he only hopping that he didn't waste any time on saving her. He finally arrived and notice that she was still breathing but he also notice the tears flowing from her eyes.

"Hinata…" More tears flowed from her eyes. He couldn't understand why she's crying but then a thought came, he looked at his blood stain hands and he started to shake. "What-What have I done…" He fell to his knees only thing supporting him were his hands as tears swelled in his eyes. But then he was embrace by Hinata, her warm embrace that made him calm but she started to feel cold. "I'm sorry Naruto…I-I wasn't strong enough." She was about to faint and soon die but Naruto wasn't going to loose, he then embraced her tightly as he used his powers to heal her. The red flaming chakra engulfed her, but instead of hurting her it warmed her and soon her wound was finally heal.

Hinata never felt so alive and her hug only became tighter. "Naruto-kun…"

"Yes Hinata-chan…"

"I-always-wanted to tell you this…I-I love…y-I love you…"

He pulled away from the embrace and looked at her, at first he was astonished that she would like, even though he just killed four men in the most horrific manor, but she still loves him for who he is not for what he is. He then moved to her lips and made contact to them. How she dreamed of this moment, how she wanted to kiss him, hold him, taste him and now it was no dream it's real, every little second is realy. Naruto pulled back from the kiss and looked at himself, he couldn't do this because he's cover in blood. He helped Hinata up and went, while holding her hand and looking down saddly of what he just done, to a near by lake. He took off his jacket but then Hinata helped him taking it off. He looked at her confused and wonder what she's up to. "I'll help you get clean Naruto-kun." He smiled, he then dipped his hands in the water but no matter how many times he washed his hand it still felt that there is still blood on his hands. Hinata grabbed his left hand and started to suck on his fingers and kiss his hand. She grabbed the other and did the same but this time she kissed his entire arm until she started kissed his neck. Naruto moan silently as he could feel Hinata's warm hand caressing his chest. She soon stop and started kissing his face, his entire face, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss. After she was finished he opens his eyes and they were back to normal. "How was that Naruto-kun?"

"Awsome, my angel." He caressed her smiling face and kissed her lips. "Hinata, do you want to?"

She shook her head, it's to early for that and he respected her boundries and kissed her lips. It was almost dawn and all night they have been doing has been nothing but kissing and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Sakura and Kakashi where at the bridge talking about how things were going on the ANBU team. Out of nowhere Neji barged in their conversation yelling at them. "Where the hell is Naruto!" They looked at him as though he was crazy. "Uh, I don't know?" said Kakashi

"What do you mean you don't know where-"

"What's up guys." Neji turned to see Naruto and Hinata. "Naruto why didn't you bring Hinata in last night?" Kakashi and Sakura were surprised to hear what Neji just said. "Well you see, Hinata was kidnap by a bunch of rouge cloud nin and I had to go and rescue her, so I did." He smlied but then he notice Neji checking Hinata if she didn't have any wounds or anything.

"Neji, she's fine, nothing happent to her." he lied

"Fair enough! Lucky for you Naruto, Hiashi-sama isn't here. So I'll let this go, but if this happens again I'll kill you!"

"Okay…well I have to go." He kissed Hinata on the lips which took everyone by surprised. "I love you."

"I love you too Naruto-kun." And he took off.

Hinata woke up seeing Naruto was fast asleep laying next to her. She was about to get up so she can go back to the mission but then Naruto pulled her in his embrace. She couldn't let go of his hold, because she didn't even want to. She kissed him and went back to sleep.

End Chapter