Title: World Domination

Author: Marshmellow aka Rae

Prompt: Nerd

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis.

A/N: Just a little something that was inspired by my friend's prompt of nerd, and my teacher telling us that nerds would rule the world one day.


Thud. Thud. Thud.

The regulars of Rikkaidai paid no heed to e frantic steps quickly making their way towards the locker room.


The door was forcefully swung open, crashing into the re-painted walls. The door's rusty hinges groaned. At the door was Kirihara Akaya, bent over, desperately gasping for air. Everyone expertly ignored the junior. Of course, Kirihara was a bit hurt by his senpai-tachi's nonchalance but quickly got over it.

As soon as he was breathing normally once more, he jumped onto Yukimura, not daring to cling to Sanada.

"Buchou! Buchou! I've discovered Yanagi-senpai's plan!" exclaimed the youngest regular. He spoke rapidly, tugging on his captain's sleeve for the added effect.

"What are you talking about Akaya-kun?" ask Yukimura as he dropped his kouhai.

"Yeah. Explain Aka-chan." Kirihara picked himself up, ignoring the self proclaimed tensai's comment as he dusted himself off. Marui glared, popping a bubble in response to being brushed off.

"Well, in class today, Ueki-san was making fun of Kouno-kun for being a nerd. So sensei goes 'Remember Ueki-san, a nerd will be your boss in the future.' And so, that got me thinking about Yanagi-senpai. He's a nerd, right?

"Then, I remembered his secret meetings with that freaky Seigaku guy, Inui-something or other. I only know about those secret meetings 'cause I followed Yanagi-senpai one time, but he caught me and wouldn't let me go with him. But, I followed him anyways, and I saw him with that glasses guy and they were whispering secretly. Well, anyways, I started thinkin' that maybe Yanagi-senpai and Inui-something or other might be planning something. And that's when it hit me! World Domination."

The occupants of the locker room tried their absolute best to follow all that was said. But, what truly amazed them the most was how Kirihara was able to say all that in one breath.

"EH?" uttered Marui, breaking the confused silence.

"Yanagi-senpai. Is. Trying. To. Take. Over. The. World." Kirihara enunciated slowly. Really. Where his senpai-tachi retarded or something?

They all immediately became silent as the door opened once more to reveal Yanagi Renji. Kirihara squeaked and dived behind Jackal. The defense specialist wouldn't let Yanagi-senpai's diabolical ways harm him… Right?

"Yanagi, kindly tell Akaya that you and Inui-kun of Seigaku are not trying to take over the world," sighed an exasperated Sanada. A whimper was heard from behind Jackal. Sanada-fukubuchou didn't need to say it was he who suspected Yanagi-senpai!

Almost instantaneously, the door was shut. Yanagi had left without contradicting any of the accusations.

"Oh crap." muttered Niou.

"We're screwed," stated Marui.

Later that day ---

"Sadaharu, it seems we have been found out."

"By who, may I ask?"


"Did you deny all claims?"