Wishes on a shooting star

Twenty six year old Hermione Granger had near enough everything; a good job, great friends and a prefect home… even if she has to share it with two boys. But she found she didn't have the last two things she wanted… someone to live her life with and children.

That is until a package appears outside one cloudy night that will change her life. can a wish on a star bring all Hermione's dreams true.

Chapter one

A Life missing pieces

Hermione Granger managed to lift her heavy head only to groan when she saw the pile of parchments littering her table was still too high for her to leave just yet.

Hermione enjoyed her job… had done since she got it three years ago, finding that she rose pretty quickly in the misuse of magic and magical items department of the ministry of magic, she even enjoyed the fact that her line of work kept her in contact with her best friends who worked as Auror's. Ronald Weasley the flaming red head that had gotten enough good grades to get the job, though Hermione would never admit it but she never doubted Ron for a second. His second choice was joining the Canons but after the war Ron found he had a reason to hunt the last of the death eaters.

Once Hermione and Ron broke up, they remained friends but Hermione quickly saw how they could never work. She wanted peace while Ron needed someone to keep him on his toes.

That was when Luna Lovegood came into the picture… first as a friend then as a girlfriend… it was the death of her family that pushed Ron to becoming an Auror.

Hermione smiled when her eyes found the picture of Ron and Luna that was taken a year before hand. Beside that picture was the Weasley family and the Grangers.

Hermione managed to stop the tears when she remembered the day she discovered her mother died at the hands of a death eater, her father never showed Hermione his true feelings but Hermione knew that her father was broken.

Hermione looked at the last picture of her other best friend and the most famous of the three. Harry James Potter was famous since his first year, when he survived and the greatest darkest lord Voldermort became a shadow of his former self.

Harry fitted his job well… finishing his plan to stop any thing to do with Voldermort. But it did make his personal life a mess… if his job wasn't demanding his time then a reporter would always find him on a date.

That was why Ginny Weasley thought they should remain friends when Harry defeated Voldermort… that and the fact that a blonde slythern caught her eye once he nearly died saving the youngest red head. Hermione smiled remembering the wedding of the century when Draco Malfor and Ginny Weasley married.

Rubbing her eyes Hermione chewed her lower lip before glancing at her watch and deciding that she could finish half of the reports at home where a warm bath and a good meal was waiting for her.

After a few moments deciding Hermione scooped the parchments up and stuffed them into her bag. Grabbing her coat and wand she glanced around one last time being torn between wanting to finish everything and wanting to go home at a reasonable time.

Her warm home was too inviting and so rushing from her office she locked up and hurried towards the exit and her way home.

However all thoughts of a warm and inviting bath she was hoping was cut short when upon entering 12 Grimmauld place the sound of a baby cry hit her hard. Hermione had just dropped her keys on a side table when the baby cry pierced the air and Hermione grimace when she heard a male voice trying to sooth the baby.

Closing the door, dropping her bag and removing her coat Hermione made her way down the hallway before entering the living room that was warmed by a simmering fire. Her chocolate brown eyes searched for second seeing toys, baby clothes and other items scattered around the room.

Hermione lent against the door frame when she saw the reason behind the chaos, Harry potter was sitting on a rug waving a rattle in front of a red faced screaming year and half old baby boy. Hermione chuckled at the sight, finding the dishevelled Harry rather amusing.

Harry however looked at Hermione with relief and a pathetic pleading look; Hermione rolled her eyes and walked over to the pair sitting behind the still crying baby boy. She scooped him up and bounced him on her knew smiling brightly at her godson.

"Has someone got wind" Hermione cooed before she grabbed a towel and laid it over her shoulder she then placed the baby against her shoulder and began to pat his back. Harry watched in amazement as the baby clamed down then after a few moments the baby gave a loud burp before cooing over Hermione's shoulder. Hermione lowered the baby and allowed him to try and grasp at the few strands hanging from her clip.

"I take it Ginny popped round" Hermione questioned never lifting her eyes from the baby who grinned at her.

"Ginny and Draco wanted to take Ron and Luna out… they had a few things to discuss, I think we both know what Ron and Luna have to tell them but I don't know about Ginny… she might be pregnant again or getting rid of the git Draco" Harry admitted only grinning when Hermione shot him a look. But she turned back to her godson and grinned brightly.

She had known from the first week that Ginny was in fact pregnant again, as did Luna. Ginny had sworn both girls to secrecy which both had agreed too… both had found it amusing to keep the boys in the dark for as long as they could.

"Oh AJ, you poor little thing… they left you all alone with Uncle Harry" Hermione cooed to AJ Malfor. The grey eyes shot to Hermione, red head tickling her cheeks when AJ giggled and wiggled in her arms.

Hermione brushed the poker straight red hair from the babies face before she placed him before her and watched AJ crawled towards Harry who shot Hermione a playful smirk.

"Well AJ would have had his more mature godmother is she finished work earlier… wait, your back before I went to sleep what happened… did you get kicked out" Harry questioned before Hermione gave him a playful shove then went back to smiling at AJ as he attempted to tug at a stuffed teddy bear.

"I decided a hot bath was more welcoming but I discovered that my night has been ruined by one of my favourite guys" Hermione admitted lightly before Harry beamed then plucked AJ from his spot and tickled the young child.

"I'm sure she likes you too little boy" Harry admitted receiving a slap around the head as Hermione stood.

"I was talking about him" Hermione snipped before taking AJ from Harry and bounced him on her hip. Harry pouted up at her flashing his best puppy dog eyes, Hermione rolled her eyes and walked towards the kitchen grabbing AJ's over night bag.

"Insufferable" Hermione whispered to AJ as she grinned towards Harry who was still pouting at her.

"I like you as well Harry… but I only have eyes for one baby at the moment" Hermione admitted gaining a poked tongue from Harry.

Harry looked up from his book when his bedroom opened and Hermione strolled in… Harry smirked laying his book beside him on the table and relaxed against his pillows. That was until he saw AJ squirming in her arms Hermione walked over to Harry and placed AJ in his arms with a sweet smile.

"He's washed, changed and dressed all he needs is his uncle Harry to tuck him in so I can have a nice hot bath" Hermione ordered dumping the over night bag. Harry pouted as Hermione bent over and pressed a quick kiss to AJ's head, Hermione ruffled his unruly black hair.

Harry waited for his door to close before he looked to AJ and sighed rubbing his godson's hair.

"I want to be tucked in" Harry mumbled only gaining a giggle from the baby to whom Harry rolled his eyes and settled back to pull faces at AJ.

Hermione grumbled as she shuffled down the hallway… she had managed two hours sleep before whimpering awoke her, she decided that five minutes of this sound was enough to drive any idea of sleeping from her. Without knocking Hermione walked into Harry's room which was only lighting by the half moon peaking out from behind the clouds.

Hermione smiled lightly when she saw AJ sitting up in bed while Harry was sprawled across the bed with his arms wrapped around AJ and his glasses sitting at an odd angle. Hermione removed Harry's glasses gently and placed them on the bedside table, she ran a hand through his hair. She quickly hurried around the bed and climbed in, gathering AJ in her arms.

Hermione cooed silently at AJ watching him play with her fingers then her top… Hermione watched in amazement as the young child grabbed and tried to understand what he was grabbing at. Hermione felt her smile tugging downwards as she held AJ's little hands in hers.

It wasn't the first time Hermione wondered if she could have been holding her own child late at night… if she could have done it differently, if she hadn't put so much time and effort into her job or building up her prefect life by herself.

They had been a time when she imagined that she and Ron would be the ones setting up a life and home together watching their children grow up… then their had been one or two men who had become the one… even though Hermione would never admit it, but things came up.

Glancing to Harry, Hermione had once been told by a boyfriend that there was only two loves in her life… her job and her two best friends. Hermione grew angry at this comment; no one outside the circle of friends understood how far the trio was willing to go for each other or how far they had gone.

Hermione sighed deeply and wondered if Harry's need to make sure his friends were ok held him back from finding his own family. Hermione only heard one argument between Harry and one of his girlfriends, she said that there was only one woman in Harry's life; Hermione.

As though sensing Hermione's thoughts Harry slowly woke up first alarmed at the disappearance of AJ from his arms then he softened when he saw Hermione watching him. He smiled at her and reached behind him for his glasses. He sat up putting his glasses on and yawned rubbing AJ's cheek.

"Did he wake you" Harry questioned as Hermione nodded gently before looking at AJ, but not quick enough for Harry not to notice the look on Hermione's face.

"Are you ok" Harry asked watching her with concern while Hermione nodded but said nothing. AJ moved to settle against Hermione's chest and stomach, watching Harry through heavy eyelids.

"Hermione" Harry questioned in a whisper as he soothed the babies hair down, Hermione sighed and snuggled into the bed resting a hand against AJ's back. Harry watched her for a few moments before Hermione looked to him.

"Don't you wish for this Harry… to be holding your own child with your wife" Hermione questioned as Harry frowned at her for a few moments… he thought about his answer before shrugging.

"I have everything I want Hermione… I have great friends, a beautiful Godson and… well I have a family. Mr and Mrs Weasley are like parents to me and the Weasley clad feel like my brothers and sister. I have you and Ron, you two are closer to me then brother and sister" Harry admitted truthfully watching Hermione taking in this information before she sighed.

"But it's not enough for you is it" Harry questioned as Hermione lowered her eyes then looked to AJ, trailing her fingers through his hair as he slept peacefully against her.

"It is Harry… I would never change any of you, I have a wonderful family with all of you… it just sometimes… I wish I had someone special to share all of it with, children to share all my memories with. A husband who I could talk to and never worry about upsetting" Hermione admitted as Harry smiled sadly at her, he reached out and brushed a few strands from her eyes. Hermione looked at him and returned his sad smile.

"You have me… I know I drive you into lustful fits" Harry joked with a small chuckle before Hermione rolled her eyes. But still blushed, but when she looked at AJ she sighed into his hair.

"Sometimes I just wish I could have this… a family, a baby to cradle and a husband too" "ok… no more we have a minor in the room" Harry chirped as Hermione groaned and snuggled further into the bed feeling her eyelids droop. Harry smiled brightly as he watched the sight before him, Hermione resting peacefully with AJ snuggled against her chest.

Harry had known for four years that this was the sight he wanted more then anything… he did wish for a wife and a child of his own he just didn't know how to admit to Hermione he wanted her to be that woman. His wife and mother of his children, and until he was ready to do that he simply sighed removed his glasses and snuggled down beside Hermione, wrapping his arms around them… pretending for that night at least he got his dream.

Hermione awoke sometime during the night to find AJ still sleeping on her while Harry had wrapped his arms tightly and possessively around Hermione with his face nuzzled into her neck. Hermione didn't blush instead she grinned before looking to the window and saw a bright star.

"I wish I could have a family of my own… a baby to cradle…" Hermione trailed off mid wish as her eyes drifted shut and she fell into slumber once more. Not noticing the star moving then shooting across the sky.

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