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All wishes have happy endings… and headaches

Three years later

Harry mutter against the chilling April evening as he closed the door to his home, the house of black now having been renamed The Potter House.

Harry quickly rid himself of his coat and bag and hurried to the living room he smiled at the warmth. As he stepped in there was a squeal and Harry's legs were both engulfed by two small children, beaming down Harry grinned as he bent down in front of a five year old AJ and a four year old Sirius, both sporting rosy cheeks and large grins.

AJ's red hair hanged straight into his eyes and he was continuously blowing it from his grey eyes. Sirius shaggy dark brown hair stood up at different angles and his hazel eyes shone brightly at his father. He was a small version of Harry and Harry couldn't be happier.

"And how are my two favourite boys" Harry declared as both boys grinned then pointed to parchments littering the rug before the fire.

"We've been drawing pictures of Uncle Ron and Draco and you on broomsticks" Sirius declared proudly as Harry chuckled and stood scooping both boys under each arm making them squeal as he strode over to the rug.

Lying sprawled out on the sofa was Roger fast asleep, a sight Harry had come to find for nearly a month now.

"You two worn granddad Roger out" Harry commented causing both boys to look at him innocently and shake their heads. Harry placed them down and shook his head before he woke Roger up and held back the laughter as Roger jumped up and looked around him.

He gave Harry a sheepish grin before standing and groaning at the kinks that had worked themselves into his bones.

"Those boys have too much energy… I swear their like their fathers" Roger grumbled ruffling both boys hairs. AJ grumbled and ducked out from beneath his hand when his hair moved back into his eyes while Sirius grinned up at his grandfather his hair even messier.

"You staying for dinner Roger" Harry questioned as he bent down beside his son and looked at the pictures they had drawn. Roger shook his head yawning "no, the boys have been fed but Molly ordered that I must come to the burrow… Ginny and Draco should be arriving" roger was cut off when Draco, Ginny and small strawberry blonde two year old girl appeared in the fire place.

Draco had his head hung as Ginny moaned at him "you wouldn't think it such a great idea if you had to do it this time" Ginny snapped before grinning to the men. AJ raced forward and hugged his mother tightly gaining a giggle from his sister.

"What you do this time Draco" Harry asked with a smirk as the blonde shot him a look and grumbled when his wife elbowed him.

"Draco thinks we should have another baby… just because Ron is being more attentive to his wife during her pregnancy… I suggest that Draco carry the baby this time" Ginny snipped before Draco hurried and collected his son stuff and ruffled Sirius's hair.

"You ready Roger… I'll speak to you later Harry and Sirius" Draco muttered before ushering his son towards the fireplace as his wife looked ready to hex him. Ginny instead kissed Harry and Sirius on the cheek while Harry kissed his goddaughter.

"Bye little Mione… look after your dad" Harry ordered as Mione Violet Malfoy giggled up at her uncle then Ginny trooped behind her husband throwing glares at him. Roger chuckled under his breath and followed the family smiling at Harry.

"Speak to you soon son… say bye to her for me" Roger ordered as Harry nodded and watched with his son as their family flooed to the burrow.

Harry watched Sirius go back to his pictures grinning to himself before Harry went to the stairs and mounted them in record time.

He entered Sirius's old room to find a soft light had been lit, a pale pink cot sat by the large window and a mobile of shooting stars hummed a gentle lullaby above it.

In one corner Hermione sat in a rocking chair with a small bundle in her arms, she was humming along with the lullaby beaming down at the bundle.

She looked up and smiled brightly at Harry who walked over to her and pressed a passionate kiss to her lips.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him but her eyes glinted at him "what are you up to Mr Potter" Hermione whispered as the ten month old baby squirmed in her arms.

Harry shook his head and withdrew his wand and muttering a charm enlarged the rock chair for him to sit beside his wife and wrap an arm around her and watch his daughter.

"Nothing Mrs Potter… I was just thinking Draco had a good idea" Harry admitted kissing the side of Hermione's head then buried his face into the side of her neck. Hermione rolled her eyes with an amused smirk knowing where her husband was heading but she wasn't just humming to sooth her daughter.

"Let me guess he wants another baby" Hermione questioned as Harry nodded but didn't move his head. Hermione grinned and held their daughter up who had now awoken dazzling her mother with her bright green eyes.

"And what would you think about that little Lilly, having a little sister or brother" Hermione questioned as the little girl giggled and managed to kick out from beneath her blanket to catch Harry in the chin. He grumbled and pulled back from Hermione and smiled at his daughter before scooping her up and making her giggle.

Hermione snuggled into her husband side and watched the pair.

Lilly Maggie Potter was the spitting image of her mother but had her fathers eyes, Harry beamed at his daughter kissing her cheeks and pulling her back before she could grab his glasses.

"So what does your mummy think… we could have another little baby just like uncle Ron and auntie Luna will be having" Harry cooed before Hermione smirked and stood, Harry flashed her a grin before Hermione tilted her head and smiled at her family… and on cue Sirius crept in, he looked to Hermione who nodded and the boy bounded over to his mother thrusting the picture to her before climbing up next to his father and baby sister.

"Sirius this is wonderful… I think we might be able to squeeze it in next to the other wonderful pictures we have in our room. But I think we might have to buy a bigger house if you carry on" Hermione said happily causing the boy to beam then bounce next to his father pulling faces for his baby sister.

Sirius sat down and let Lilly hold his finger and gabble to him with a large smile.

"Well mummy would like to say it's a great idea daddy had… and if this baby is a boy I was going to call him Troy" Hermione chirped causing Harry to frown up at her then raise his eyebrows with a grin. Hermione went to leave but Harry chirped up "what baby" Harry questioned gaining a roll of the eyes from his children… they were defiantly Hermione's children.

"I swear Potter… you can be thick sometimes" Hermione chimed with a grin as she walked over to him and pressed a kiss to his lips. She winked when she pulled back ruffling his hair "good thing your so damn hot" Hermione whispered in a purr before she kissed the heads of her children and strolled out with a hand pressed her stomach.

Harry couldn't wipe the smile from his lips as he shifted Lilly in his arms and hugged Sirius to him.

"You mummy is silly if she thinks I'm going to call any of my children Troy" Harry whispered to Sirius who frowned and looked up at him.

"But uncle Troy is funny… Janna and Anna are funny, they always throw things at uncle Troy and he doesn't know" Sirius declared remembering the last time Troy and Jessica brought their twin daughters around.

"I'll tell you about it when your older Sirius…um I'll tell you a lot of things when your older" Harry assured holding his children closer to him.

"Like why auntie Ginny calls Uncle Draco a git… or why when Auntie Luna talks about magical creature's uncle Ron shakes his head" Sirius asked causing his father to laugh out loud and nodded. Harry rubbed his cheek against Sirius's head while the boy yawned.

The three sat for a few moments before the mobile played a new song and Harry grinned at the prospect of a new baby.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is to extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfilment of their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wished upon a star
Your dreams come true

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is to extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

When you wish upon a star
Your dream comes true

Hermione watched from behind the door as Harry sang to his children then all three falling asleep. She moved back into the babies' room and summoned a blanket to lie around all three. Pressing a kiss to each of her family's head she walked over to the crib and tapped the mobile with her wand softening the tune drifting out before she looked out the window and saw a twinkling star making her grin before looking back to her family.

"I don't need any more wishes" she whispered into the night and moved to the door, looking over her shoulder and placing a hand against the new life growing in her stomach she smiled brightly.

"All my dreams have come true" she added before walking out of the room with a smile of love.

The star grew brighter before it shot across the sky leaving the words 'Sweet wishes to all' in its trail.

The Quibbler


May 15th

Ron and Luna Weasley welcomed Daniela Minerva Weasley to the ever growing family of Weasley, Malfoy and Potter.

July 29th

Harry, Hermione, Sirius and Lilly Potter welcomed Faith Ginny Potter to their ever growing families.

March 10th and 12th

The wizarding world's most famous pranksters George and Fred Weasley's have become fathers for the first time.

George Weasley and his wife welcomed twins Marisol and Kat to their family while Fred Weasley and his wife welcomed triplets Christina, Brianne and Conniee Weasley to their family.

September 11th

Draco Malfoy, George and Fred Weasley and Harry potter open a new Weasley Wonders shop as demand rockets for their products.

September 20th

Draco, Ginny, AJ and Mione Malfoy/Weasley welcome to the family the newest addition Fiona May Weasley.

Ten year old AJ (Albus Junior) comments on his newest sister

"She cries a lot when my uncles hold her but me and Sirius know how to protect her so she doesn't cry for us. And she smells a lot too"

December 12th

Remus Lupin and Tonks (retract after her full name was written and howlers was sent to our offices) were married on the newly built Potter Estate after years of dating. The pair is expecting their first child in May.

January 3rd

Wishes on a shooting star company has opened in Diagon ally with the tag

If your wishes are true then we will grant your hearts desire

The chairman of the company refuses to tell us who the four founders are behind their company.

From all the writers at The Quibbler we wish the wizarding worlds most happiness (and largest families) all the best for their future and hope that the happiness they received will bring a brighter future for us all.

May all your wishes come true.

The end