Chapter 7

Authors note (from McAwsome, not Lord Voldemort, just in case you needed the clarification) I know it's been a long time since I've updated this story. I actually didn't plan to, but as I was reading through some old papers, I discovered this, the last chapter. Thanks to everyone who still happens to want to read this, and I hope you enjoy. As always, READ, ENJOY, REVIEW, and then go tell all of your friends to do that same. Hope you all have a fantastic day!


Mood: Dead.

Well my faithful ones, we fought bravely.

Oh who am I kidding, you're all a bunch of bloody cowards! Bella? Killed by a Weasley? What the hell?

And Lucius, YOU TRAITOR! I can't believe I trusted you!

And then that Longbottem killed my Nagini! Now who am I going to cuddle with at night? I may be dead, but I have feelings you know!


Honestly, I suppose I have only myself to blame. Why don't I ever DOUBLE AK anybody?

Oh yeah, because it's never failed before! I can't believe I fell for the Potter brat's trick! He's a horrible actor! At the time I could have sworn I saw his chest rise, but since I'd just AK'd him I thought nothing of it. STUPID, STUPID ME! GAH!

No this my evil little friends, Potter may have one this time. The score my infact be Potter 2, me 0. BUT ( and consider that word underlined many times), I. WILL. BE. BACK.

Seriously. It's what I do.

Until that time, minions,

Voldemort OUT!


GOLDnboy: and THAT'S how you defeat a Dark Lord.


To GOLDnboy: comment flagged for inappropriate language.

El fin