Author notes: (What if Michael was just a hot guy with an average I.Q.? What if he were a tattooed singer in a rock band and not a tattooed genius with a plan? What if a virgin Sara met him at a club she was dragged to by her best friend? This is a completely Alternate universe story. So be prepared for MiSa to be different, especially Mike. It is however a MiSa story.)

Sara shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat of her friend Heather's old beater car. She looked down at her neglected nails that were long over due for a manicure and concentrated on tuning out her friend's upset voice.

"I did not!" This was yelled loudly and Sara winced, as Heather continued to incessantly argue with her boyfriend whose loud voice could be heard as he audibly yelled out his response on the other end of the cell phone.

It seemed Heather and Jason were always arguing about something. And if any of their other fights were any indication, it would end with the two of them all over each other.

Sara leaned her head back and tried to fight the need to be elsewhere. She knew she should probably be at the library doing research for the paper she had to write, but instead she had let herself be talked into this.

They were on their way to a club Heather's brother Michael was playing at, well his band "Fluid Pain" was playing at anyways. Sara had never even met Heather's brother; he was only recently back from California, but her friend had insisted she had to support her brother in his endeavors and who better to keep her company than her very best friend?

Sara sighed softly as the lights from the club now came into view. She figured this was probably a mistake, or at the very least a huge waste of time. She just wasn't the clubbing type.

Sure she enjoyed rock music, but usually through her head phones while working out. But being serious about someday getting into medical school meant Sara sometimes had to remind herself she was 21 and not 61.

Well tonight's one of those times, she told herself with resolve as Heather pulled the car into the club parking lot. She just needed to relax. She was after all entitled to blow off her studies and have a good time every once in a while, right? Right. Sara pushed open the car door and still talking loudly into the phone, her friend Heather joined her on the broken concrete of the parking lot of Club Kid.

A short while later

Sara looked around for Heather, but she hadn't seen her friend since the first band left for a break, and at least 20 minutes had passed since then.

Taking the last sip of her cola, she pushed back from the table. She thought she remembered Heather saying something about going backstage to look for her brother before his set, so she headed towards the rear of the bar figuring that would be the best place to look. It sure beat sitting there alone with guys she wouldn't spit on gawking at her.

Sara knew eventually one of those guys would consume enough alcohol and get up the nerve to approach her. And she wanted to avoid that awkward situation if she could.

She smiled slightly as she made her way passed a couple kissing with reckless abandon, and shook her head. Some people had no problem with public displays of affection. Sara, being a virgin had only been in a few semi-serious relationships.

If you were to ask her why she was still a virgin at age 21 she wouldn't give you the answer most would expect. She had no religious reasons whatsoever for her chastity, in fact the only reason she was a virgin was because the right guy just didn't seem to exist for her.

Sure she had come close to taking that all important step; with three different guys in fact, but something always seemed to come along and nip it in the bud before it had a chance to blossom.

She sighed now as she thought again of the passion she had witnessed in passing. The couple was most likely in love and couldn't stand to keep their hands off of each other..

Sara was distracted by her thoughts, and when the knob in her hand opening the door in front of her turned with little resistance she entered the room to a sight she could have gone another 21 years without having witnessed.

The man in the chair's eyes instantly locked on hers and a small smile played across his devilishly handsome features. Sara took a moment to note the arousal reflected in his intense blue/gray orbs before averting her own startled eyes from the spectacle in front of her. She was about to slam the door and run back to the preferable stares of the unsavory men out in the club when he spoke.

Sara froze at the sound of his voice. She could hear the raw sexuality in his tone and found her eyes moving up from the floor to meet his gaze.

"Are you looking for someone in particular"? He had his hands resting on the arm rests, but reached out to stroke the girl's hair as she moved up and down servicing him.
"Um, I was.. Um looking for my friend, um Heather...Heather Scofield", she stuttered, finding it to be the most difficult sentence of her life.

He smiled, his eyes glazed with pleasure, and his breath hitching slightly in his throat. Sara told herself to look away, but found her eyes riveted to his.

"You sure you don't wanna join us...ah…Sorry, I didn't get your name"?

Sara was stricken speechless for a moment at the invitation, but then found her voice.

"Um, I didn't give it, but it's Sara, actually, and no, I need to find my friend."

She was turning to leave when he spoke again.


Sara turned back to him. She found her eyes landing on his long fingers intertwined with the rich brown locks of the girl in his lap.

Sara brought her eyes back up to his face quickly, feeling her cheeks redden. He grinned at her, his eyes daring.

"You should try the door on the left. Heather might be in there".

Sara mumbled her thanks, and was turning to leave again when he said.

"Oh… and Sara"?

She met his intense stare again.

"Knock okay"?

Sara felt her cheeks blaze even more as she hastily pulled the door closed behind her.

How in God's name had she just let that happen?

(Chapter End Notes:)

This is something I have been working on when my mind couldn't wrap itself around Dr. Feelgood and/or Forbidden love. Since Dr. Feelgood is about to end soon I decided to post this.