Michael pulled his Ferrari Tesstarosa into the Toys R' us parking lot and jumped out, his long legs moving him quickly into the store, the automatic doors having slid silently open as he approached.

He was hoping to find a toy he had seen advertise while giving into one of his few remaining guilty pleasures earlier that morning; watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, alone.

His heart and head was now set on one of the newest, hard to come by action figures on the market, over three feet tall and fully loaded, Ironman; the red and gold superhero/genius.

Mikey was going to love it.

Michael smiled as he thought of his son opening the gift three days from now. It was Mikey's fifth Birthday and all he could talk about these days was Ironman. Michael had even added the old Black Sabbath tune to the song list for Torn's next gig, a guest appearance at the Rainbow bar and grill. Not that Mikey would be there to hear his old man's attempts at the classic, but still…

Pulling the ski hat down a little further, lest he be recognized, Michael moved through the store, a man on a mission, not stopping until he hit the aisle where the Ironman selection rested next to Spiderman in all his web spinning glory. "But Spiderman is so last year," as Mikey would say, as he had said the last time Spidey was mentioned.

Behind his dark shades, another part of his disguise, hidden blue orbs moved like a heat seeking missile, or in this case an Ironman seeking missile as Michael scanned the shelves. There it was, and by the looks of things, there was only the one left.

As Michael searched he had pictured himself pulling an Arnie. Arnold Swarzenegger in Jingle all the way to be exact. The extremes one man would go through to procure the one thing his son wanted most for Christmas was now understandable to Michael, who would move heaven and earth for his son, or at least do his damnedest if his son were to ask him.

Sara had suggested he wait and she would run by later that day to pick up the toy, but Michael had insisted he could stop in real quick and grab it on his way to the studio.

Pulling the large box down from the shelf, Michael made his way towards the checkout. So far so good, no one had recognized him.

"Michael Scofield? Oh my God, Stacy, look, it's Michael from Torn!"

Shit, busted! Turning around, Michael smiled.

"Hey, girls," he was fighting the urge to look around.

The store was fairly crowded and the last thing he needed was to be recognized by a crowd today. He needed to be at the studio in less then an hour.

The two teens, eyes wide, were now staring at him as if he were Ironman. One of them blinked and then, "Michael, I love you sooo much! You have to sign my Torn CD!" Her friend elbowed her none to gently, "I mean would you please sign it? Please!?

"Yeah sure, yeah, listen, but can the two of you do me a favor first?" When they nodded he continued, "I need to get out of here. I just stopped in real quick to buy this for my son? It's for his Birthday…" The sound of them awwing could be heard somewhere in Ohio to be sure, and he winced. "So, I tell you what, just let me pay for this real quick and then I'll sign anything you want." Michael wanted to kick himself as the blonde grinned, "Within reason." Her smile fell, but the excitement was still in her eyes as he told them to meet him in the parking lot in ten minutes.

A few minutes later he was through the checked out, his purchase tucked safely under his arm as he made his way to the parking lot to make good on his promise.

When he saw that the two girls had somehow become at least twenty in the few minutes he had been at the checkout, Michael shook his head and reminded himself that this was what he had wanted, fame.

He smiled as he thought about Sara and how she would tease him later when he told her about his 'quick trip' to Toys R' Us.

(Chapter End Notes)

I must confess, I wrote this chapter only because of this great picture of Went I saw where he was out shopping at Toys R' Us. I thought, what better way to account for a ski hat and sunglasses in a fic then to make it a disguise for Rock me now Michael? Oh, and I saw Ironman last weekend. Great flick!