I sighed and kicked a rock across the path.

How long does it take to go hunting? I thought bitterly. I had been bored out of my mind for the last three days with all of the Cullens gone hunting. Jacob still wasn't answering my phone calls, and Charlie wouldn't let me out of the house except for school and work, and he wouldn't let Edward in either. Not like Edward listened to those rules…

I sighed again, starting to regret sneaking outside. I couldn't sleep, and it was a nice night to go for a walk, if you didn't include the slight rain.

It took me a moment to realize that it was eerily silent in the forest. I froze, noticing to late the red eyes that were hidden among the trees.

"My my. This is going to be so much easier than I imagined." Victoria sneered as she stepped out from behind the trees. I searched for some way to escape, but there was none. "You can't escape this time human. And no one will come to save you." She said, crouching down as her lips curled over her teeth. "Now time for my revenge." And she pounced, and I felt a sharp pain in my neck, and I screamed out in pain, smelling the blood that was rushing out of me.

I don't know how long I lay there, screaming as she tore at my limbs. But she stopped, and I recalled her saying something that it would hurt Edward more if she left me here…

Another timeless eternity passed, and I felt my heart stop, but I was still in pain. I couldn't move or breathe, and I pretty much looked dead. I could still hear everything, but I usually blocked it out because the pain was slowly taking over. This wasn't right; I was supposed to be a vampire when my heart stopped. I knew that it hadn't been three days yet, even though I had no sense of time. My stream of thoughts stopped when another wave of pain racked through my body.


I raced through the forest, already knowing that I would be too late. I needed to try anyways, I needed to save her. I skidded to a halt when I saw her, mangled, broken and covered in blood on the forest floor. She was dead, paler then I had ever seen her. I fell to my knees and felt the grief take me over, and I would have been sobbing if I could. Then another emotion hit me; anger. Victoria had done this. And she would pay. I got up and set out to get revenge. Revenge for what she had torn away from me right as it was in my grasp again.


Finally the pain stopped. Finally I could move again. I opened my eyes and was surprised how clear everything was. I stood up and didn't trip or fall over. Another miracle. I saw a mouse skittering through the brush several meters away, and could literally see every stand of fur. Then it hit me. I was a vampire. I collapsed back onto the ground. This was not how I had imagined it. Where was Edward?

I remembered then. When my heart stopped, and I was somehow not…alive, or dead, he had come. He thought Victoria had killed me. And now he had set off to find her. To destroy her. I shook my head. I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. No one in their right mind would go after Victoria, not unless they wanted to die. Or they wanted revenge for something that she had torn away from them. As she had. She had torn Edward away from me, right as I had gotten him back. I whimpered a little, then decided that it was useless sitting here. I needed to find someone, anyone, who could help me find him.

But would anyone help me? Probably not. I was a vampire now, so I couldn't go to Jacob. Charlie wouldn't understand. I couldn't go back home, not anymore. I was a monster now, a threat to everyone and everything that got close to me. So I did the only thing that seemed logical, I ran. I ran far away, deeper and deeper into the woods, so that no one would ever find me again.

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