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Digimon: The Next Generation


Tai and the others have grown up and now families of their own. After their last adventures, when peace was finally restored to the digital world, in order for that peace to remain, they were no longer allowed to go back to the digital world and were required to keep it a secret. They thought it was the last of their adventures and sadly said good-bye to their digimon partners. Lately, unbeknownst to anyone, a new threat was emerging, deep within the cores of the digital world. For some of their children, a group of new children, their adventures were about to begin...


The Motomiyas-Davis and Catherine (french digidestined) and their child: Daiki.

Davis finally got his noodle-cart established. Catherine is a housewife/mother.

Daiki (male) is eleven years old. He has reddish-brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. He was given his father's goggles which came from Tai. He usually wears khaki pants, a green shirt, brown gloves, and green sneakers. Daiki's crest is courage. Daiki is outgoing and assertive. Daiki has a crush on Aiko and will fight the other boys over her but is too nervous to let her know how he feels. He loves to be with his friends, and is a bit like the former leaders, often doing things on his own and not working as a team. He will need to learn to work together with his friends as a team.

The Kamiyas-Tai and Sora, and their children: Isamu and Aiko.

Tai (who finally cut his hair) has a job as a Physical Education Elementary teacher. Sora took over her parent's flower shop and is now in charge of it.

Isamu (male) is thirteen years old. He is the spitting image of Tai, but with much shorter hair, handsome, muscular and well-built. He often wears a white muscle shirt, a black wristband over his left wrist, blue jeans, and black sneakers. Isamu is a leader and focuses more on the task at hand than his fan club of girls. He protects everyone but needs to learn to let people help themselves.

Aiko (female) is eleven years old. She inherited her mothers wavy red hair that hangs loosely to her shoulders and has brownish-ruby red eyes (darker red eyes than her mother). She usually wears a blue bandanna, knee-length blue shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and maroon sneakers. Aiko's crest is love. Aiko is usually sweet, helpful and easygoing. Although the other boys fight over her from having secret crushes on her, Aiko won't let anyone know how she feels about them and maybe she doesn't fully know who she wants, acting more like a friend with them than as boys she's interested in. Even though she has a big heart, she has a lot of angst centered around a few issues, particularly sports (unlike her parents and brother). She will need to learn to let go of a lot and pay more attention to the needs of her family and friends.

The Ishida's-Matt and Mimi, and their children: Hanako (Hannah) and Takahiro (Taka).

Matt is still a rock band musician/lead singer. Mimi is a fashion designer.

Hannah (female) is thirteen years old. She has her mother's long, brown hair, wearing half of it up in a ponytail and the rest of it flowing down to the middle of her back, and her mother's cinnamon eyes. She usually wears blue jeans, a pink sweater, pink and grey sneakers. Hannah has fallen in love with Isamu and acts sophisticated and mature, although she can act like a "leech" when it comes to the people she loves, particularly Isamu. She will need to learn some boundaries, especially when it comes to Isamu.

Taka (male) is eleven years old. He is the spitting image of his father, Matt, with blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears blue jeans, a white shirt with blue sleeves, black and white sneakers, navy-blue gloves, and is almost always seen with his portable CD player that he often listens to (particularly his dad's music). Taka has the crest of friendship. Taka is often quiet and observant although does stand up for what he believes in when he thinks it's necessary, and unlike his dad at first, has more friends. Taka kind of has a crush on Aiko and will fight the others over her, but looks more at Aiko like a sister. However, there are some issues between Taka and his cousin, Andy, which he needs to resolve in order to be a true friend, as well as learning some other friendship skills.

The Izumi's-Izzy and Anna (Russian digidestined) and their child: Chikako.

Izzy is the head of a major software company. Anna works as a translator between the Russian and Japanese.

Chikako (female) is ten years old. She has long, brown hair, and brown eyes. She wears a purple vest over an orange shirt, a blue, knee-length skirt, a watch over her right wrist, and purple sneakers. Chikako has the crest of knowledge. Chikako is a loner, preferring to work with books and computers than people, although she is best friends with Misty. Chikako will need to learn more about how important people are and how to properly interact with them.

The Kido's-Joe and Jun with their child: Akio.

Joe is a general physician doctor. Jun works in the human relations department.

Akio (male) is thirteen years old. Akio has his mother's brown hair and his dad's blue eyes. He wears a yellow vest over a white top, brown shorts and green sneakers. Akio is much like his dad with study habits but can get headstrong (more so like his mom) when it comes to what he believes in. He will need to learn a balance between studying and dealing with people.

The Takaishi's-TK and Kari, with their twin children: Arata (Andy) and Mitsuko (Misty).

TK is a published author. Kari is a kindergarten teacher.

Andy (male) is ten years old. Andy has his dad's blond hair and his mother's brown eyes. He wears black pants, a black, hooded sweatshirt over a white shirt, black and white sneakers, and often has his red sunglasses with him (either on his head, covering his eyes, around his neck or in his pocket). Andy, like his sister, Mindy, both share both crests of light and hope. Andy is quiet and a loner, although he cares deeply about everyone. He prefers to be by himself doing nothing and look bored, having a similar angst as his Uncle Matt used to. In reality, Andy longs for friends and to "belong". He struggles with an inner struggle with something that only his twin sister knows about, which he needs to work out on his own, before it completely consumes him.

Misty (female) is ten years old. Misty has past shoulder-length wavy blond hair and her mother's brown eyes. She wears a pink and white shirt, pink shorts, blue sneakers, and a digital camera around her neck. Like her brother, they both share both crests of light and hope. Misty is quiet and has a big heart, especially when it comes to protecting her brother from other people's insults. She will need to learn to let her brother defend himself, especially since he thinks he should be the one who protects her.

The Hida's- Cody and Keiko (one of the children with the dark spores) with their child: Chika.

Cody is a defense attorney. Keiko owns a bakery store.

Chika (female) is eight years old. She has past shoulder-length brown hair that she wears in two ponytails in pink teddy bear barrettes and pink ponytail holders, and dark brown eyes. She often wears a yellow teddy bear dress and pink buckle shoes. Chika often acts cute to get people wrapped around her little finger, although she cares about people and doesn't want to see them get in trouble. She is best friends with Akira and secretly has a crush (childhood crush) on him. Chika will need to learn not to be so spoiled.

The Ichijouji's-Ken and Yolei with their children: Michiko (Michelle), Taro (Taylor), and Akira.

Ken works with Izzy in his software company. Yolei is a housewife/mother.

Michelle (female) is thirteen years old. She has her mother's hair and her dad's eyes. Michelle wears a blue hat, a white shirt, blue overalls, and black sandals. She is more like her dad preferring to study and work on the computer, although her mother is also good with computers. Isamu and Hannah are trying to get her to open up and interact more with people. She will need to learn to spend less time with computers and more time with people.

Taylor (male) is eleven years old. He has his dad's hair and eyes. He wears a blue hat on backwards, two black wristbands, blue jeans and a blue jean shirt, and black sneakers. Taylor is more like his mother with being headstrong and determined once he's made his mind up. Like the other boys, he fights them over Aiko and is too nervous to tell her how he really feels. He doesn't let anyone bully someone around if he can help it and will always stick up for his friends. Taylor needs to learn to loosen up more.

Akira (male) is eight years old. He has his dad's hair (although shorter) and his mother's eyes. He wears a green-collared shirt over a red t-shirt, grey shorts, and blue sneakers. Akira has the crest of kindness. Akira is quiet but not in the same sense as his sister. He is more like his dad in that sense. Akira is also a sweet and gentle, little boy and tries hard to be brave. He has clued in to Chika's secret crush on him, and although he isn't interested in her, even though they're best friends, he will never say anything to her that will hurt her feelings. Akira has often felt left out when the other kids are much older than he and don't always include him. Akira tries too hard to be "one of them" and needs to learn to just be himself and not someone he isn't.


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