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"Robin! Now?"

"You can do this, right?"

"Yes. You're a lightweight, and a pteranodon could carry Cy- no offense, man, you just weigh more than Robin. Yell out any orders- I'll hear you. Cyborg, you're ready?"


"Starfire, BB's going to take me up. You won't need your arms?"

"No, Robin, I will not."

"I hope not, if she's carrying me around- I'm too heavy for a parachute. We go in and flank, right?"

"Right- go for the smaller one. Ready?"

"I am not sure that I like this plan."

"We might feel bad if we do this- but it's Armageddon if we don't, and we're on this team to take down any threats to this city. This plot's against way more than one little California coast town."

"Guys, we don't have long. I can't talk once I'm flying around- but I can say now that the small one looks more than capable of taking us down given a chance. The big one- well, I'd believe he really is what he says he is, but the little one looks possible to beat. I won't be able to hover forever- are we good?"

"I've got enough juice left to knock the small one for a loop."

"I understand, and I will be able to do this. It just will not be pleasant."

"Like fighting me that one time, I know- but you had to, Starfire. I wouldn't have stopped for anyone, when I was that beast."

"I have to give the order, then?"

"I believe it is most fitting, Robin, as you are our leader. And if this is to be our last fight- let us make sure that we are remembered."

"BB, get ready for it- the little one's glowing again. Titans, GO!"