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Chapter One: Leading into the War

The three demons stared at each other and then Naruto charged. He went for Ookami. Ookami jumped up and looked at Koumori who then knew what to do. Koumori went for Naruto's legs and succeeded. Once Naruto was off balance Ookami knocked out Naruto by launching himself at Naruto's head once he landed on the ground.

Ries and Trey took over their bodies again and untied Hinata then woke up Naruto. Hinata shook her head and Naruto smiled and playfully wrestled with his sons.

"Hey Ries?" Trey asked

"Yeah Trey?"

"I like my demon…Oh yeah, have you looked in a mirror yet?"

"Me two and no I haven't. Have you?"

"Yeah. I like what I look like" Trey said. He pulled out a pocket mirror he borrowed from Hinata and showed Ries what he looked like. Ries's eyes were the same but his hair had stayed like it was, long. Trey's hair also was the same and even the red stripe going down his left side was still there. The one thing that was different about his eyes was that he now had a blood red pupil in the middle of the light lavender eyes.

"Awesome" was all Ries could think to say.

"What the hell was that?" Trey said to himself as he walked to his training spot. A loud boom was easily heard from the direction of the entrance. "Don't tell me someone is trying to get in?" Trey said as he vanished to go find his brother.

Ries was sleeping on top of a boulder and was suddenly awoken by a loud banging noise. Trey appeared next to him after a few moment sand the two knew to go to the entrance to see what was up.

"Try again!" Tsunade yelled "I know its there"

A large group of Konoha ninja were beating at the entrance to Naruto's village. The ninja knew not of why but were informed that if they succeeded in breaching this imaginary, or was it, wall then they would be at war sooner than they thought.

"Oh shit!" Ries said as he slowly emerged from a viewpoint hidden from the enemy ninja. "So it has begun" Ries went back into the cave and went to inform Trey and the rest of the village.

"So. She came" Naruto said standing up from his chair in his ground floor office. He walked over to the window and opened it. There a small fox was waiting. "Take this to the watch towers." He said strapping a note to the fox's ear. They fox took off and a moment later three red flags were visible.

"People of Meimu" Naruto said (A/N: Meimu means illusion in Japanese) "Tonight we go to war with Konoha. Some of you may die, but I seriously doubt that considering we are the best of the best" At this point the whole village in the town square cheered. A moment later it was deserted as everyone went to go get their uniforms on and get ready. Most of the children, although inexperienced, went to hidden points in the cave ceiling to throw weapons at the invaders. Most of the spots they picked were surrounded by the same illusion that covered the entrance so no annoying enemy ninja could pick them off. Got to protect the future leaders.

Tsunade was just about tired of this useless banging around. She was going to end this. She walked angrily towards the current spot where her ninjas were trying and punched it as hard as she could. The rock blew back revealing an opening. Down the opening shouting could be heard and then total silence.

Tsunade waited before giving orders.

"Advance swiftly. Ready. March" Tsunade shouted. At once her massive army moved into the opening.

"Here they come!" Naruto shouted "Be ready to fire, little ones!" The concealed children up in the roof of the cave got ready to throw their weaponry as soon as Naruto gave the order.

The first Konoha ninja appeared. It was Kakashi. He had his mask up revealing his eye. Naruto gave the signal not caring who it was and half the children threw kunai and shurikan at Kakashi, which were easily deflected.

A minute passed then Tsunade's army appeared. Well only the Chuunin and Genin. Naruto gave the signal again and all the children threw their weapons. Only a few fell. Naruto gave the signal to advance and attack. Three seconds later his village and Tsunade's army were at war.

"That's ten. What about you Trey?" Ries said killing another person.

"Twenty" Trey said smiling. "Don't worry. There are plenty to go around"


Henquin and Inokari were having a tough time finding someone that wasn't fighting. They spotted Trey and Ries taking on at least thirty ninja and gaped. They ran over to join, but were stopped by a sudden burst of chakra from Ries. It made all thirty ninja fall.

"Hey is that Inokari and Henquin?" Ries asked

"I think so" Trey responded walking over to them. "Hey beautiful"

"Hey Trey" Henquin said "You just wanna chat or fight?"

"Neither, I want to leave you alone" Trey disappearing. Ries disappeared to without a word.

"How is it down there?" Naruto asked as his sons appeared in front of him

"Hectic, but we only lost ten so far. But they are only sending out their gennin and chuunin. The only Jonin I've seen was the first one and he's the one who killed the ten" Ries reported

"Kakashi….Go find him and bring him here. Along with this man if you would" Naruto said holding out a picture of Hinata's father.

"Sure dad." Trey said getting enveloped in metal and crashing through the wall which sealed up instantly. Ries sunk into the ground.

"My father?" Hinata asked

"Yeah. I want you two to catch up" Naruto said with his trademark goofy grin.

"Where is this Kakashi guy?" Trey asked

"Over there" Ries said pointing to Kakashi. They altered their running course to get in line exactly with him.

Kakashi was done killing his eleventh ninja. He sensed something coming and turned two see Trey and Ries staring at him.

"You two are the ones from the exams" Kakashi said

"Yeah. And you're the one that is known as Kakashi" Ries said

"Yeah. What of it?"

"Come with us" Trey said

"And if I don't?" Kakashi asked

"Trust us. You don't want to go there" The twins said at the exact same time.

"Eh, fine with me. Where do I go?" Kakashi said with a shrug

"Follow Trey" Ries said and Trey took off and Kakashi followed amazed at the speed Trey was traveling at.

"Okay, where is Hiashi?" Ries said to himself. A few seconds later he had found and infiltrated Hiashi's mind. Ries found that Hiashi was outside protecting the Hokage. Ries smiles and sunk into the ground.

"Tsunade. We can't keep this up forever. Just pounding away at the civilians." An ANBU with a cat on his mask said.

"I know. But we can't risk letting out jonin yet. We have to wait until Kakashi can find where the Kitsunekage is"

"I know but..."

"Wait…what is that?" Tsunade said looking down at the ground. Suddenly to her left three ANBU went flying and Hiashi was taken under the ground. "Oh shit. They are under the ground! Everyone in the trees!" Tsunade yelled. Everyone jumped to the nearest tree and Ries made his way, with Hiashi under the ground with him, to Naruto's office where Trey and Kakashi and Hinata and the number one hyperactive loudmouth ninja Naruto would be waiting.

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