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It has been two months since that night. Ino now slept in Itachi's room permanently. She was currently staring at her object of affection. Seeing him fast asleep she decided to have some fun. She quickly did her trade mark hand signs and was sent into his mind.

She was searching around for the door that she had seen when trying to rescue Deidara. Finally she found it. It was now even more beautiful. The black rod iron gate was encompassed with flowers veining their way up to the top.

Spending more time to look at it, she found that it was an intricate lock. It would probably take at least a minute to unlock. That was something that didn't happen a lot with her abilities. As she started to work she didn't hear the person walk up behind her.

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"I would ask you the same thing," Ino said not looking Itachi in the eyes when she turned. When his gaze didn't waver she said, "Okay I saw this door before and I wanted to know what's in it?"

For a second he just looked at the door, and then he said, "I don't even remember making this door. It must have been a while ago."

Ino figured out the lock and pushed open the gate. She looked in awe as she saw one of her own memories that she shared with him.


Ino sat in her light blue sundress on the swing. Uncle Shikato and her father just left to go on a mission. Shikamaru went off with Chouji, so she was there all alone. Today was her sixth birthday, and she was all alone.

Itachi was walking home from the store after having to get bread for his mother when he saw a young girl sitting all by herself. He walked up to her and said, "Hey where are your parents?"

She looked up her eyes slightly misted, "my dad's off on a mission and I've never met my mother."

Itachi thought for a minute then held out his hand for her, "I'm going to take you out to get ice cream; you look like you need it right about now. My name's Itachi."

She shook her head and grabbed his hand. "I'm Ino and today's my birthday," she said smiling.

Itachi bent down, kissed her cheek, and whispered, "Happy birthday Ino."

End Flashback

Ino looked over to Itachi, having dismissed herself from his mind. "Why didn't I ever remember that that was you? That's one of my favorite memories, but you are usually blurred out and can't be recognized."

A smirked showed up on Itachi's face. His armed snaked around her waist and pulled her under him, "I guess I'll just have to hammer my image into your head and I have just the way to do that." He then started to trail kisses down her neck.

The next week Ino started to freak out. She was suppose to have her …well that friend that shows up once a month that no woman likes, well it hasn't shown up yet.

As she's freaking out in the bathroom, Itachi is smiling to himself. He does beat his brother in everything doesn't he?

In the Sound

Sasuke sneezed and Sakura stirred in his embrace. "I want to kill my brother."

Sakura smacked him with a pillow and said, "I'm not letting you kill my best friend's boyfriend. So just get over this whole 'I have to kill my brother' thing right now or I'll let Orochimaru have his way with you, and you know what that means."

Sasuke shuddered at the thought and decided that his brother wasn't so bad to have around.

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