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Sam has a stalker. Her friends don't think she knows who it is, Jerry doesn't think she knows, and neither does anyone else. But she does know who it is, and what scares her, is that she enjoys being stalked by 'him'. Samx?

Dear diary:

… I don't know why, but it feels as if something bad is going to happen. Okay, yea. We have missions on an almost daily basis, so our lives our always in danger… but… it's the gut feeling ya know? Where you wake up in the morning, knowing something is going to go wrong when you go out that day, but you ignore it and when you leave you end up breaking some bone in your body in some accident? It's that feeling. No, no, I don't think I'll be breaking anything any time soon (I hope) but… something… I don't know what it is. But the feeling's there, and it refuses to go away.


Gotta go… I just hope that whatever this feeling is – it goes away by tomorrow. That's all I ask.

"Sam! Open this door now!"

And for some earplugs for when Clover's mad.


"Coming!" The redhead hid the small diary under her pillow (until she got the chance to remove it to a safer spot),and ran up to the door, opening it and allowing an angry Clover inside.

"Sam! Where's Alex!?" Clover, a glare set on her face, looked around the room as if her "target" was hiding in there. Sam shrugged, not having seen Alex since school ended.

"Not sure."

Clover narrowed her eyes, giving Sam a glare. "You're not hiding her from me, are you?"

Sam suppressed the urge to roll her eyes, not wanting to make Clover any madder than she already was (for some reason). "No."

Clover huffed, looking around the room once more. "Well, when you do see her, tell her she has some explaining to do!" Sam raised an eyebrow.

"What did she do, replace all the food in the fridge with carrots again?"


"Well, what's worse than that?"

"She stole my new handbag! Not only was it expensive, it was rare and made from the finest Egyptian fabric there is!" Clover shouted angrily. "And there's only five in the world that are handmade from the best designers! I have a good reason for being mad Sammie! How am I supposed to show it off to Mandy if I don't have it?"

Once again, Sam had to restrain rolling her eyes. "How do you know Alex did it?"

Clover didn't miss a beat. "I saw her with it today?"

Sam sighed. "Well maybe she has one too!"

"Why are you defending her Sam? I thought you were on my side!"

Well, this is an awkward twist of events…

"I'm making sure you don't get the wrong idea from our friend. She would never steal something of yours!"

Clover narrowed her eyes once more. "You're right Sam. Maybe she didn't steal it. Maybe you did!"

Sam gave a look of disbelief. "You're got to be kidding me! Why would I steal your handbag?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"I can't believe you!" Sam cried out as she glared at Clover.

"Because I'm right?"

"No! Because you're picking a stupid handbag over your two loyal friends!"

"Excuse me? How are you two loyal if I think you stole my handbag?"

"That makes no sense! You're being unreasonable!"

"I am not!"

"Uh! Just leave!" Sam closed the door on Clover, locking it and wiping away a tear from her eye. She would notcry because Clover was being difficult.

She looked at her digital clock.


She quickly changed out of clothes, putting on a pair of dark blue jeans and a green hoodie. She grabbed some money and wore her sneakers. Dabbing her eyes to make sure there were no signs of moisture, she picked up a book bag, placed her books and her diary in there, and climbed out the window.

She refused to even look at Clover until she got her priorities straight, such as what was more important, her friends, or some handbag.

She walked towards the library, wanting some fresh air.

After walking for fifteen minutes or so, she started to see the large library one block ahead of her. She gave a small smile, and quickened her pace.

Just as she was about to enter, she felt a drop of water hit her head, accompanied by more droplets and soon it began raining. Sam rushed in the doors, confused at why it would begin raining when the weather predicted clear skies for the next few days…

That's why you get for trusting weather men…

Sam picked a table in the back of the library, where not many people where, (to be honest, today, no one was really there), in order to get some peace and quiet.

I'll just study for tomorrow's Biology test, and hopefully, it'll get my mind off of other things…

Such as Clover.

Sam took out her Advanced Biology textbook, flipped open to a page, and started reading, intent on studying hard.

Feeling a vibration in her pocket, Sam reached in and took out her cell phone, glancing at the name and immediately furrowed her eyebrows in anger.


She ignored the call, looking back in her book while her phone was on the table. She sighed when the call ended, and the vibrations stopped.

Sam was still reading when the phone starting vibrating again. She rolled her eyes and picked up the phone, frowning when she saw the same name on the caller ID.

"Uh, why is she calling? Doesn't she know I want some peace and quiet? Oh wait, she doesn't trust her friends enough, and might think we're off stealing her newest pair of shoes…"

She put the phone away, and looked back in her textbook.

The phone vibrated again.

Grunting in anger, Sam picked up the phone, flipped it open, and caught herself before she yelled out every curse she knew into the small technical device.

"What?" She said through gritted teeth.

No reply.

Sam rolled her eyes, thinking that Clover had chickened out of what she was going to say, and shut the phone, looking back to her textbook.

The phone vibrated once more, and Sam was more than ready to ignore it, but after a while, it got annoying, and she picked up the phone in anger.

"WHAT?" Sam bit her tongue, looked around for anyone that she might have disturbed, but saw no one in sight.

Why is it so quiet… not even libraries are this quiet…

"Hello? Clover what do you want?"

"Heh, who said I was Clover?"

Sam froze, and caught the phone before it slipped out of her hands in shock. "Who is this?"

"Guess." The voice whispered.

"A-Alex, this isn't funny." Sam said sighing.

"Oh no, I'm not Alex either." The voice said in a whispered tone.

Sam's eyes widened. "Who are you?" she said slowly, not wanting to show any fear.

"I told you: guess." Sam furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, and looked at the caller ID.

That's weird… it says "Clover".

Oh duh; Clover must be playing a trick on me in order to make me say, "I stole her purse" when she probably just lost it in the first place.

"Clover, go away. I don't have time for your stupid games." Sam shut the phone and looked at the time, widening her eyes when it said "9:53 pm".

I've been here for three hours? So that's why it's so quiet… everyone must have left. The library does close at 10…

Sam quickly picked up her books, placed them in her bag, and took her phone. She walked to the front entrance, which took her a few minutes since she was all the way in the back.

She walked faster as she saw the doors, but a frown grew on her face when she saw that it was still raining outside.

What is with this weather?

She walked up to the doors, trying to open a handle.

It was locked.

What? She checked her phone. It's only 9:58… surely they couldn't have locked down by now could they?

She looked outside, with only the pouring rain out there to greet her.

Maybe they closed because of the weather?

But wouldn't they have… I don't know… made sure the library was empty?

Sam looked around her.

Hm, maybe there are guards somewhere… maybe they have a key.

Sam was about to walk around, intent on looking for a night guard, when her phone began to vibrate again.

Sam sighed. I guess I need help this time… unless I can somehow break out.


"You should have followed your instinct Sammie… it was right."

The whispering voice was back. "Who is this?" Sam said, trying to act brave.

"Heh heh, there's no use in acting brave Samantha…" the voice whispered. Sam's eyes widened.

"Clover! Stop it!"

"How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not Clover."

Sam opened her mouth to speak, but the voice interrupted her. "Nor am I Alex. Or any other of your pathetic little friends…"

Sam's mouth went agape. Who is this…?

"Who am I you ask?" the voice whispered.

"Look outside Samantha. Go back and look through the library doors Sam. And tell me what you see…"

How did this person know I was at the library?

It has to be Clover… she probably guessed I was at the library?

"Go on Samantha… tell me what you see."

Sam gulped, and turned around, slowly walking to the entrance. She bit her lip before looking out the door… not knowing what to expect.


Sam's eyes widened as she saw the sign that was clearly not there before. Was that why the library was so quiet? Because no one was in there in the first place?

"Hahaha… Samantha, Samantha, Samantha." Sam looked at the phone in her hand, and shakily brought it up to her ear.

Did this person… set this up?

"Yes, before you ask, I did plan this Sammie." The voice said, still is whispers. Sam's eyes widened again.

"Now, be a good girl, and come to the back, right where you were sitting." Sam's eyes darted to the direction where she was sitting previously. "Yes, right there."

Was this guy watching her or something?

She looked above, in all directions, looking for a way that this mysterious person was watching her by.

Her green eyes landed on a camera, and as she stared into the lens, she heard a laugh on her phone.

"You're such a smart girl Samantha, which is why I like you so very much… Come to the back, don't be shy." The voice gave another laugh.

That laugh… where did I hear it before?

She looked at her phone, contemplating on whether or not she should just hang up and break the doors open and leave, until the voice spoke again.

"Now, now Sam. Don't you dare hang up! You'll never know what to expect when you do…"

Sam glared at the phone, still scared, even though she refused to show it, and sighed in defeat. She would not even be able to call for help now…

C'mon Sam! You're a spy! Why are you so scared? You've faced worse situations than this!

But at least you knew who your enemy was, and at least Clover and Alex were with you…

Sam sighed. She looked towards to doors again, the gears in her mind spinning in order to think of a way of escaping.

"Now Samantha. Why would you leave me all alone when I've prepared all this for you? That's very rude…"

Oh yea… he can see me.

"Besides, don't you want your precious little book back?"

Sam froze.

"Oh look! It's a diary!"

Sam forced herself to move. She dropped her bag and looked through it, making a mess but not really caring. She grimaced when she saw that her diary was missing.

Oh no! This guy really does have it!

"Did you doubt me Sam?"

Uh yea…

She put her books back in her bag and marched to the back, where she was sitting. Freaky stalker or not, she knew how to fight and she would get her diary back.

"Okay! I'm here! Give me back my diary and we can get on with our lives!" Sam shouted into the phone, glancing around the area she was sitting it. It was a secluded corner; a cream-colored wall shaped in a semi-circle covered most of the area except for the entrance. There was a couch on one side, a mahogany table on the other, and maroon carpeting on the ground.

It was neither a large, nor a small area.

Sam kept a grip on her bag, intending to grab her diary and run out of here (after she gave this mysterious person a good kick).


"Hahaha…" Sam froze, hearing the man's laugh again, and looked at a dark corner of the room which she paid no attention to.

"Samantha… why so impatient?"

Sam dropped her bag and her phone in shock, her eyes widening as she recognized the voice.

"N-no… you're in jail…" she whispered, more to herself than her "stalker". The man laughed.

"Both of us are smart Sam, I was bound to break out anyway, you knew that…"

She couldn't help but nod.

The man smirked, his perfect teeth visible from the shadows. "Why so silent? You had plenty to say before."

Sam darted her eyes away from him, unable to move due to her shock.

The man walked closer to her. Coming closer he was able to caress her face, and his smirk grew wider as he saw when she shivered. He walked around her pulling her close from behind as his arm held her tight around her stomach, allowing one arm to be pressed to her side.

"Well Sammie?" He whispered in her ear as his other hand held hers and brought it to her waist, yet she was still unable to move.

Slowly, the shock began to wear off and she began to struggle. "Let me go…" she whispered angrily. She struggled even harder, even while knowing he was much stronger than she was and therefore there was no point to it.

He let out a mocking laugh. "Why? I have you here in my arms after planning so long…"

Sam realized she must have had a look of confusion on her face, because Tim Scam began to explain. "You see, it all started in the WOOHP prison. It was there that I began developing my plans.

"First, I wanted revenge. Pure revenge that would satisfy my tastes…" his grip on her tightened. "But that wasn't enough. I needed more."

Scam brushed his lips against her cheek, making Sam stiffen. "I decided, why go after all three of you at once? It never worked before, and unless I froze time and killed you there, and for a second, I was going to do that." He said, his lips still talking against her smooth skin. He moved his lips down to her jaw.

"But that would take too much time. Time that I didn't have. I wanted to kill all of you." Sam stiffened, and Tim Scam noticed. "Oh no no no, I would never want to get rid of you Samantha… you're too precious to lose."

"And so I decided, why not kill two birds with one stone? I would get rid of those pesky little friends of yours, and I would be able to keep you. Works out perfectly, don't you think?"

Sam didn't answer.

He didn't expect her to.

"But a great plan needs patience. And so, I watched. Waited and watched. And finally, came the perfect opportunity; when your idiotic blonde friend accused you of stealing the ridiculous looking purse which I faked anyway." Seeing Sam's shocked face, he continued to explain. "There was no expensive and rare Egyptian handmade cloth purse – it's barely worth fifteen dollars. Fake, all of it.

"But she believed it, I knew she would, had it been you Samantha, I knew you would recognize a fake any day." Sam looked down in order to hide the blush forming on her face, but in she knew Scam already saw it, and he knew she knew.

I should not be blushing! Tim Scam is a criminal!

"Where were we? Oh yes, my brilliant plan to get you here." Sam rolled her eyes at his arrogance.

He has reason to be arrogant. I fell for his trap didn't I?

"I knew once you two got mad, you would eventually start ignoring each other like you always do – don't give me that look Samantha, I've been watching you for a while now. Why wouldn't someone? You're such an interesting person…" Scam brushed his lips against her collarbone, and Sam had to bit her lip hard in order not to let out a moan.

"And so, I planned ideas of where you would go once you got mad. The library was my first thought. And so, I hacked into computers, planning to change the weather, making you think that it was going to be sunny all week, and it was to make sure you wouldn't know of any thunderstorms approaching…

"I knew the library closed once the weather turned tremendously bad. And so, I removed any signs of the library being closed, even breaking in and pretending it was open." He planted a kiss somewhere on her neck, planting more and more as he spoke. "I even stole Clover's phone in order to confuse you… and it worked."

His brought his face up to Sam's panting one, his lips dangerously near her own.

"And so Samantha, here we are, with you in my arms and unable to get out."

His lips crashed onto hers.

Dear diary,

I should have followed instinct.



"Girls", Jerry said, a grim smile forming upon his face. "Tim Scam has escaped."

Clover and Alex gasped, but Sam kept quiet, keeping her head bowed down this whole time.

"How?" Alex asked, her eyes widened and a look of confusion plastered on her face.

I know…Sam thought in silence. He's after me.

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