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Eight years later:

"Mommy! Mommy, look what I made!" The redhead looked down to meet the face of an adorable little seven-year-old girl, one who held up a picture of their house, with their family in front of it.

"Oh Annabelle, it's beautiful!" The mother bent down to hug her daughter, planting a kiss on her forehead. She looked at the painting, and then looked back at her daughter. "You're going to be a rich and famous artist one day and you'll leave me and your daddy here to rot."

"Mommy!" The girl giggled and hugged her mom. "I wouldn't do that." The mother smiled at seeing her daughter's joy.

"Of course not my adorable little angel!"

"Hey! Where's my welcome crew!"

Annabelle cried out in joy. "Daddy's home!" She ran to the sliding glass door in the den. "Archie!" She cried out as she opened the door. "Archie, daddy's home, daddy's home!"

"Dad!" The little boy, a twin to the girl, came out soaking wet as he rose from the pool water.

"Freeze mister!" The mother yelled out, taking the towel off a chair and wrapping it around Archie. "I don't care if it's summer. Dry up first."

"But mom…"

"Don't but mom me. You're not immune to any sickness, especially colds."

He sighed. "Okay mom."

"Daddy! Hold on! Don't take off your shoes! What about my gigantic, incredible, huggable hug?" Annabelle said, peeking out from behind a wall while waiting for Archie.

"Am I done yet mom?" Archie asked impatiently, rubbing his hair with the towel.

"Yes, yes." She sighed, letting him leave to meet his father. "Go on you two."

"Yes!" Archie pumped a fist into the air, and ran off with Annabelle to see their father.

The now twenty-five-year-old Sam "Jacqueline Serard" smiled.

I… I never thought I would be this happy… ever.

She felt a tear come to her eye, but she wiped it away quickly and walked towards the man who had entered the house.

But… why do I feel like…

Something bad is going to happen?


Sam shook off her paranoia, and went to greet her husband, when her instinct came back to warn her again.

The last time I didn't follow my instinct… it had to be eight years ago. I followed my instinct all the time, and ended up with a husband and two kids I would give up the world for.

She looked at her kids.

I've followed my instinct, and usually, it's right.

But the last time I didn't…

She looked at Tim, who in turn smiled at her and then looked back to talk to his kids.

I found the reason of my happiness toady.

So… should I listen to it, or not?

"Woah princess!" Tim ("Henry") Scam ("Serard") said as Annabelle hugged him. He ruffled Archie's hair as he said a joke that he had heard from his friends.

Something's going to happen today. She thought as a frown formed on her face. I just know it.

"Mommy! Can we go to the park today? Please?" Annabelle ran to Sam with a pout forming on her face.

"Ok my little Belle. C'mon Archie, let's get you upstairs." Sam said as she ushered her kids up the stairs of the grand split-level house.

"Sam?" Sam turned around at her husband's call, but not before placing a fake smile on her face. Not that she wasn't happy to see him, but with her instincts blaring…

He came closer to her and kissed her forehead, then held her in his arms as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"Something wrong?"

Sam stuttered. "Uh, why no. Everything's… fine. It's fine." She resorted to whispering as she stared into his face and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Don't worry Tim."

A grim frown replaced his small smile. "Ok now I'm suspicious. What's up?"

She snuggled into his arms, allowing him to tighten his grip on her. "Is something wrong with the kids? Are you okay? Did something happen while I was gone-"

She cut him off by placing a finger on his lips. She smiled at his concern, and was happy he was worried. "No, it's… its just instinct. It's bothering me; don't worry about it."

"But your instinct is always right…" He murmured into her shoulder, burying his head into it.

"Yea but…I don't want to worry the kids, and-"

"Then we don't tell them. Simple as that."

She smiled.

"I just… think something bad is going to happen today. I don't know what, but…" She removed his head from her shoulder, and brought it up, looking at his eyes with her worried ones. "I don't think we're safe here." She whispered to him.

Scam stayed quiet, pondering over the situation.

"It's nothing… I shouldn't have even worried about it; I'm sure it's nothing." She removed herself from his embrace, and turned to meet her kids when he suddenly spoke.

"I think I saw Jerry today."

Sam turned around, wide-eyed. "No, that's not possible." Her eyes narrowed in thought. "He must've been someone else; Jerry doesn't leave his office unless…"

"It's been eight years Samantha. I think some things have changed." He came closer to her, but she pushed him away.

"He can't be here! Not now!"

Not when everything's so perfect.

Scam's sea-foam eyes looked down at her green ones. He took her hands in his and held them tightly. "I think he was looking for us… our aliases can't have fooled him for long. Something about the 'Serard' family must've got his attention."

"But what? We made backgrounds, new names, new looks, we even made it so it seemed we didn't pop out of nowhere!" A tear fell from her eye. "What went wrong?"

He rubbed her arms up and down, in an attempt to soother her. "I don't know, but I'm going to find out."

He turned from her, and put on his coat, and was about to press his ring when Sam held his arm.

"What about the kids?"

Scam stayed silent for a second, but then he looked up.

"Pack our bags, we're going on an family trip!"

She smiled at him, and soon his brown hair and sea-foam eyes changed to forest green eyes and black hair, his facial features changed to make him a new man.

"Quick, before I open the door." Sam nodded and pressed a button on her ring. Soon she changed, and a woman with light brown hair and rich, chocolate brown eyes with different facial features stood in front of him.

Scam sighed. "I hate seeing this side of you. It's like you're not you…"

Sam came closer and kissed him on the lips for a few seconds, and then replied. "I do too. But if it's what we have to do to keep the kids and ourselves safe, we have to do it."

"I know, I know." He kissed her again and called to his kids. "Kids!"

"Coming dad!" "One sec daddy!" could be heard coming from the stairs. Soon the twins arrived at the front door, ready to listen to their father's words. They saw the changed appearance of their parents, but they learned long ago not to question it.

Of course, Archie knew more about it than he let on, all those years of eavesdropping through the walls paid off, but he never let Annabelle know, seeing as she was really, really innocent. Too innocent…

"I have to leave for a second. But I want you to pack your bags and all your belongings-"

"Are we going on a trip daddy?" Annabelle asked, interrupting.

"Kind of." He said smiling. "Now go pack. I'll be back soon."

Sam held her smile until her kids left, and then looked at him confused. "Kind of? Why kind of?"

Scam sighed. "I don't trust WOOHP-"

"I don't either, but-"

"No listen." He resorted to a whisper. "I really don't trust them at all, and I think the kids will be more safe with Anita than here." Sam nodded. "It's better if… if we pack our bags, leave, something… just to make sure they don't find us here."

Sam nodded, but couldn't help it as a few teardrops fell from her eyes. "I hate it, I hate it! Just when everything's perfect…" She bowed her head down. "WOOHP has to come and ruin it."

"I know, I know." He wiped away the remains of tears from her face and brought her closer to him. "I'm going to do every single damn thing I can to make sure they get away from us."

Sam nodded, gave him one last hug, and turned away, intent on packing their bags, when he called to her.


The redhead turned around, with worry, concern, and compassion in her eyes. "Yes?"

Scam smiled at her. "I love you."

Sam smiled, and wiped away the water forming in her eyes. "I love you too."

He sent her another smile, and then left as his alias: Henry Serard.

Sam sighed, picked up her cell phone from the table, and went upstairs, climbing the spiral glass stairs, (which she never let her kids climb, they were forced to climb the regular, normal stairs in the back), and went into the large master bedroom. She dialed Anita's number, while opening her closet and placing her clothes on the bed, and then taking out a few suitcases.

Anita Singh and Isabella Singh were former maids who helped Sam during her pregnancy, and the two twins were only a few years older than Sam. They was also the one who knew about Alex and Clover, seeing as they took care of Sam after her anger had subsided. Now, the two were living in some large home thanks to the money Scam gave them in return for helping his Sam.

But Sam had paid them extra to ensure that if their family ever needed help, they would be there to help them.

And they did, throughout the years.

"Anita, hi! How are you?" Sam asked as she folded her clothes into her suitcase. "I'm okay. Listen, could you do me, us, a favor?" She paused as she listened to Anita. "Yea, WOOHP is back… and just when I thought we were safe, they had to go ruin it… Isabella's on her way? Already? All right, tell her to come through the back door."

"Mommy?" Sam looked her daughter, who was standing in the doorway. She held up a finger to signal her daughter to wait. "All right Anita, thank you so much. Yes, we'll be there. Thanks again."

She hung up the phone and told Annabelle to come in.

"Mommy… are we moving again? And who's WOOHP?" Sam looked at her daughter in sympathy. She walked closer to her daughter and crouched down to hug her.

"Oh sweetheart, don't worry about WOOHP. We're just going to visit Aunty Anita and Aunty Isabella, okay?" Annabelle separated herself from her mother, her eyes in delight. "Really!" Sam nodded, smiling at her daughter's happiness.

"Yes! Archie! Guess what!" Annabelle ran from the room, intent on finding her brother.

Sam resumed packing, mentally cursing WOOHP in her head as she did so.

"Hey mom?" Sam turned around to meet Archie's face, and she motioned him to come in.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked, seeing the look on Archie's face.

"Is… is WOOHP going to take dad or you from us?"

Sam's eyes widened, and she began crying when she saw her little boy cry. She crouched down and wiped away his tears. "I'm… I'm not really sure honey, but everything will be okay."

"You sure?"

Sam couldn't reply, and it hurt her to say "yes." She hugged him and told him to pack quickly.

She got up when he left, wiped away her tears and finished packing her bags and Tim's.

"Come on." She told her kids. She bought their luggage down, telling her kids to follow her. Quickly, Sam ran to the garage, putting their luggage in their car, folding down seats and putting the luggage inside. Her kids asked a few questions, but she told them she would explain later and told them to go inside.

"Sam?" Sam turned her head to face the backdoor, where Isabella was waiting. Sam nodded and told Isabelle to take her kids and stay in the car.

"If needed, can I borrow your car?" Sam asked. Isabella nodded.

"Of course."

"Thank you so much Isabella!" Sam said out of joy. She ran back into the house, removing all pictures that could reveal their identities, and kept the ones that showed their fake appearances. She made a note telling the maid to clean up, and put the note in a place where people would notice it.

Sam gathered some food and drinks and ran down to the basement where the garage was located and put the food in her car. They had prepared for this sort of thing before. She told her kids everything was all right when her phoe rang. She looked at the caller ID, and frowned when she saw Tim's name.

That's odd, Tim would never call me during these types of emergencies. It was our plan…

But wait… Her eyes widened as she realized what had happened. He said if he did call, that would mean he's been caught…

It's a trap!

Knock, knock.

Sam turned her head in the direction of the sound. No… they couldn't be here already!

"Mr. and Mrs. Serard, this is the police. We need to speak with you." Sam gulped and bit her lip.

"Mommy, what's going on?"

"I'll… I'll tell you later honey. Just be quiet now okay?"

Annabelle nodded. Sam sent a look of despair towards Isabella, who returned it.

"Isabella, please," Sam whispered in an urgent tone, "If anything happens to me, no matter my decision, I want you and Anita to take care of the kids. Please! I have a feeling, that my decision is going to be a harsh one."

"O-of course Sam, they're safe with us."

Nodding, Sam left to open the front door, something she'd rather chew off her own leg than do at the moment. Faking the appearance of "Jackie", Mrs.Serard's nickname, she opened the door, a look of confusion on her face.

"May I help you?" It was hard, she had to admit. Very, very hard. There he was, an older Jerry standing before her, with another man standing behind him, the two of them with two policemen.

"Your name miss?" The police asked her, and she had to answer.

"Jacqueline Serard."

"Maiden name?"

"Donohaven. What's with the questions?"

Jerry began to speak. "Ms. Serard-"

"-Mrs. I'm married."

"Ok, Mrs. Serard, we have suspicion to believe that your husband... is a wanted criminal."

Sam dropped the cell phone in shock. Not in shock of finding out her husband was a wanted man, but the fact that they had found her.

Of course, she wasn't about to tell them that.

"No... I think you have the wrong man." This was it, all she had to do was convince them. That was the plan. If that didn't work...

Plan B it was. But Tim wouldn't allow her to even think about it though...

"No, I think we have the right man." The unknown man behind Jerry came up and told Jerry to step aside.

"Jonathan Ketler, the to-be president of WOOHP, the World Organization of Human Protection. But I'm sure you already know that, don't you Sam?"

Oh my-

"I'm sorry?" That was it. Pretend you have no idea what he's talking about.

"Don't play dumb." Jonathan said, growling. "Henry Serard's real identity was shown, see?" He pointed his hand at the truck behind him, the doors opened. Inside were two guards holding down Tim Scam, her husband.

But "Jacqueline Serard" did nothing but gasp.

That was her job.

Jonathan looked at the women's confused expression, and he couldn't help but think that she was a very good actress.

"B-but, what does this have to do with me?" Her brown piercing eyes stared back at him, but Jonathan just stared back at her with that knowing look.

"I think you know, Samantha." Sam furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

That's it Sam, pretend you really are a women in this situation, not a former spy.


That is it! Jonathan thought angrily. He picked up her hand quickly and looked at the ring. Sam regained her energy and pulled back, and her grip actually made Jonathan work harder to keep her hand in his. He quickly pressed the button on the ring, it was tiny enough to miss, but he could see it, being so close.

And then Jacqueline Serard, a married women with two children, a woman with light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, turned into Sam, a redhead with beautiful green eyes, a former ex spy who ran away with a criminal.

She glared at Jonathan, and pulled her hand away. Before he knew it, she attempted to shut the door and to lock it, but Jonathan but his foot in the way before she could. She slammed the door against his foot, and ignoring the growl that he made, she ran back into the basement.

"Go Isabella!" She shouted to the garage, and took one last look at her kids before Jonathan got to her. Together they hit the floor, her lying on her stomach with him on top of her, holding her down.

"So, you're the backstabbing little bitch of WOOHP, nice to finally meet you." He got off of her and picked her up and hit her against the wall, smirking when he heard her grunt.

"Running away with the criminal? Are you mad woman!" He hit her against the wall again.

"WOOHP had everything to offer! Why didn't you take it and accept it! What could possibly be better than WOOHP?"

"My KIDS!" She cried out, tears streaming down her face but still managing to glare at him. "HIM!" She didn't respond to him slapping her, but he growled even more.

"Kids! You had kids with that devil-minded-"

"Shut up!"


The two looked at the figure coming down the steps, it being Jerry.

"Sam, what is going on? Jonathan, let go of her now!"

Jonathan growled again, but let go off Sam and let her drop to the floor, but thankfully her reflexes kept her body from hitting the ground.

"Get away from me Jerry!" She said, crying. "WOOHP lied to me before, and you'll do it again! Stay away!"

"What in heaven's name are you talking about Sam? I wouldn't lie to you-"

"Oh yea? Then why did you all doubt me? WHY did you remove me from WOOHP?"

Silence ensued for a moment.

"Sam, that was not us-"

"Of course it wasn't, it never is! You've done nothing but cause me trouble!"

"Believe me Sam, your name is still registered as a WOOHP superspy, we merely cannot find the evidence that you had missions. You still are a part of WOOHP."

Sam furrowed her eyebrows, her confusion being real this time.

"I see what happened." Jonathan began, a smirk on his face. "He tricked you. Made you believe WOOHP didn't want you anymore, isn't that what he said?"

She couldn't deny it, since he did say that eight years ago.

"He wanted to keep her here, and she believed him."

She did...

"Someone from the outside, even with a former registration, can only delete memories of you. But only the head of WOOHP can delete your registration.:"

"Then... why couldn't I find myself-"

"In the database? Security reasons." Jonathan couldn't help but smirk as he saw the look on her face when she realized that WOOHP was right... and she was wrong...

"Sam, I'm going to give you another chance. Would you like to come back to WOOHP, or stay here, with your, um, kids?"

Sam looked at Jerry, her eyes and face revealing nothing.


She looked at his outstretched hand.

Should I take it?

But that would mean betraying Tim...

But then again...

Inwardly she smirked as she took Jerry's hand with a sad look on her face, and he lead her out the door.

All I have to do... Sam thought as she played an innocent, Is play the prey.

She looked back at Jonathan's frowning face.

Pretend to not do anything... and that's what'll get me into WOOHP Prison Files.

Because... I want revenge.

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