In the Shadows

Chapter 1: Dark Alliance

Summary: Alliances are made, a soul is sold, and one will die only to come back for his revenge.

X-overs: The Covenant, Ghost Rider, and The Crow - ... if you haven't seen any of these movies I suggest that you do, they are spectacular.

Chase stumbled through the woods fatally wounded. He had just narrowly escaped death at Caleb's hands. Fortunately for him, Caleb believes that he is dead. He stumbled over and overturned tree root and fell to the ground. He laid there for a few seconds, then raised his head weakly. As his eyes unfocused then focused again, he saw that someone was standing in front of him.

His eyes trailed up from the man's shoes to his face. Something about the man made Chase feel intimidated. It wasn't because of his weakened condition either. Even at his strongest, this man would still be able to make Chase feel inferior. He kneeled down to Chase's level and placed a hand on the top of his head. "You must be chase Collins." He said an a cool voice.

"W-who..." Chase started weakly.

"I am Blackheart. Son of the devil himself." Blackheart said stroking his fingers through Chase's hair as one would a kitten. "Unfortunately daddy doesn't like the competition so he locked me up after I was injured by his rider. I've learned that in the time I was out he made a deal with my lackeys the elementals." He lifted Chase's chin so that the teen was looking him in the eye. "Unfortunately I can't take on my father and the elementals on my own. So I've decided to ask for your assistance."

Blackheart gave a brief chuckle. "You may be asking yourself why the son of the devil would be asking assistance from a mere mortal. The answer is really very simple. I was searching for the darkest, most sadistic soul out there, and since my father has control over most of the demons, I found you. I watched as you uncaringly killed your adoptive parents. As, without batting an eyelash, you took your fathers powers for your own. I was there when you killed that kid at the dells. I watched on the sidelines as your plot to get that Danvers kid's powers unfolded. You gained all of their trust and slowly began torturing them. Now that brings us to tonight. You failed to get what you wanted because of some silly technicality, but you are alive. Just barely, but you are still alive, and that's what matters."

Blackheart started to stroke the side of Chase's face as he smiled sadistically. "So now, I have a deal for you. If you assist me in defeating my father I will lend you the powers you need to fight for those powers you want. If you refuse then I will leave you to die right here. "So, what will it be?"

Even with his lack of powers and his near fatal injuries Chase was able to pull off his trademark sadistic smirk. "You're kidding right?" He asked weakly. "Who would turn that down?"

"You'd be surprised." Blackheart replied and held out his hand. "Do we have a deal?"

Chase slowly raised his hand to Blackheart and grabbed hold of it. "Hell yes."

"That's very good." Blackheart said. His form shifted into what Chase thought looked like a darkling with pitch black eyes. "This may sting a little." He said and Chase felt Blackhearts demonic power course through him in painful waves.

After the transfer of power Chase was gasping for air. The power was even more intoxicating then his own. It was quickly flowing through his veins, restoring his power and healing his wounds. As soon as his strength was restored, he began to get up. "So now what?"

"Now I must train you." Blackheart said. "Your powers should have increased ten fold by now and you need to know how to control it. I will not have you recklessly flinging your powers around."

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