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Chapter One

"Edward," I can't believe I'm having this conversation again. "You can't expect me to have the same views on marriage as you! My parents had an awful marriage."

Edward began "Bella it wouldn't be the same for us, we know we are meant for each other."

Edward was once again trying to convince me to marry him, although I think it is a bad step for our relationship. I guess I'll just have to have Carlisle change me after graduation, even though I really want Edward to do it. "Edward, I'm just not ready for that, I'm Sorry." I feel like we have had this conversation one too many times.

"There is nothing to apologize for my angel," He then pressed his cold, hard lips against mine, my heart beating frantically as always. At least this conversation always ends in a kiss. Graduation is only a month away now. I'm pretty nervous, although I would never admit that to Edward. I'm going to miss Renee, Charlie and Jake too. I should speak to Jake before it happens, he probably wouldn't want to see me though and I still have pent up anger about him bringing back the motorbikes. But soon I'll lose his friendship and I don't want to do that without saying goodbye.

"What are you thinking about, Bella?" Edward asked looking at my face curiously. I'm not sure how to answer this; I'll try to be as truthful as possibly.

"I'm thinking about spending eternity with you." Well it's partly honest.

"Ok enough thinking tonight, bed time for the human." He replied kissing me once more, I will never get used to that it surprises me every time. He then started humming my lullaby and I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning I awoke searching for Edward, when I heard his melodic laughter coming from my rocking chair. I turned around to see him smiling that crooked smile I love so much. My breathing became jagged and he came over and kissed me then he said "Breathe Bella." He is so breathtaking, my own personal god.

"Come on, breakfast time for the human, Charlie left for work already."

"Ok, just let me have a quick human minute." He then kissed me and left to make my breakfast. While I went to have my shower, I got in wanting to get down to Edward quickly but you can't rush the shower. I got up and put on a blue round neck t-shirt and my new favourite black jeans (which Alice bought without my knowledge) and then I decided my hair wasn't playing nice today so I put it up in a ponytail. I then began to leap down the stairs quickly, but of course I fell. But Edward was there to save me as always, I knew that as soon as I felt his cold arms around me.

"What am I going to do with you?" He asked rhetorically but I had to answer.

"Love me." I replied, he then kissed me and I started deepening the kiss, he then pulled away and groaned.

"Bella, behave. Anyway it's time for your breakfast, I made pancakes." Damn this god I was in love with, he could do everything so perfectly.

"Okay," I said and went to the kitchen and started eating. Once I was done he drove me to school. The next week passed pretty quickly. Edward invited me back to his place after school. We stayed in his room for a while, but then we came down stairs and started watching TV with Alice and Jasper. After about 20 minutes all three of them stuck their heads up.

"What's wrong?" I asked Edward cautiously.

"I smell werewolf." He said coldly.