Summary: Josh gets a girlfriend, but Drake is beginning to feel left out.

Pairing: None, just Drake feeling lonely and Josh being worried...WARNING: THIS IS NOT A SLASH! ...of course it isn't...err...I wouldn't even think of's gross...and...eww...

Author Notes: The lyric is "Never Far Behind" by Aly and Aj. I'd be SO happy if you give ideas or even critisizing. Err, well, and enjoy the story. I'm a sucky author, so please be honest and tell me if I suck. Just one thing: NO CUSSING. Well, just don't actually type the word. Like, you can type: wtf, and stuff, just don't like type...well, you get it. I'm sorry, I should stop typing...but it's so hard when I have so much things to say. I guess you guys are probably not even reading this, but err...sorry, I'll stop.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Drake and Josh" or the lyrics.


Chapter One: Never Far Behind

I know this really isn't you

In a loud and lively school, an empty hallway held only one person: Drake. It was a dull, regular morning, and the start of school. No one noticed the young teenager hidden

behind his locker, and getting ready for his advisement class. For what seemed to be a surprise, Josh, his stepbrother, came skipping wildly toward him. Drake rolled his

tired eyes, and said, "Tell me what you want before you continue embarrassing me with that sissy skipping."

I Know Your Heart Is Somewhere Else

Josh stopped imediately and gave a great and mighty grin. "Okay, I was just opening a door for a girl...and you would believe it-" he began.

Facing his locker, Drake interupted, "What?"

To Help You Break Out Of This Spell
I See You Following your Crowd
I Know You're Trying To Fit In
But If Your Gonna Find Yourself
You Gotta Start From Deep, Deep Within

"I just got a girl's phone number!" Josh almost sang, and twirled around happily.

"No, I wouldn't believe it," Drake rolled his eyes.

"But it's true!" Josh presented the piece of paper, his smile just getting bigger and bigger.

"No, you're no-" Drake turned around, and with widened eyes, looked at the paper. "Whoa."

"I told you!" Josh shouted, and excitedly jumped up and down.

"Yeah," Drake admitted, and sighed. "You got me, who would've thought you'd get a girl's phone number?" Giving another grief-stricken sigh, Drake whirled back to his locker. Josh instantly ceased his hysterical bouncing.

Hold On To What You Believe

"Well, dude, why aren't you cheering with me?" Josh inquired softly, "Aren't you happy for me? I got a girl's phone number."

"Cheer for you later, 'kay?" Drake promised in a distressed voice. "I have class right now." Clutching all of his textbooks, Drake exasperatedly began walking to class. Josh raised one eyebrow suspiciously, and followed Drake. "You don't have the same advisement class as me," Drake reminded him, but didn't stop walking.

I Will Always Be Your Friend
I Know Who You Are Inside
I Am With You Till The End
Never Far Behind

"Hey, wait up, since when did you go to class early?" Josh questioned. "Are you sick or somethin'?" Noticing Drake's head lowering a bit, Josh became shocked and wary. "Dude, Drake!" he called, and put a hand on Drake's shoulder. "What's up?"

Drake paused and looked up. "The ceiling," he muttered faintly, and continued sauntering.

"Hey, I'm serious!" Josh called out, and catched up with Drake.

Pausing again, Drake faced him and said, "I sound serious don't I?"

"Actually, yeah," Josh supposed, "that's kind of creepy..." Drake rolled his eyes and continued to walk for the second time. "Hey-" Josh grasped Drake's shoulder and whirled him around. "Seriously, what's wrong?" he said quietly, with serious eyes.

Drake abruptly looked away, and mumbled, "Nothing. It's nothing." Leaving Josh's grash, Drake drowsily crept into his class, and left a confused Josh sighing to himself.

I am standing in the distance
You can take your time
And I will be there waiting
Never Far Behind
Never Far Behind


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