Gimme a Hug

Gimme a Hug!

Summary: Josh gets a girlfriend, but Drake is beginning to feel left out.

Author Note: Ok, sorry I didn't continue the story! But it's cuz I had school and then I started a new story…well, it doesn't matter. This chapter might be a little short because I have to go to church and my neighbor's party. The lyrics are "These Hard Times" by Matchbox Twenty.

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Chapter Three – These Hard Times

Morning falls like rain into the city life
There goes another night
Losing my breath in waves
Knowing that every crash is bleeding the hourglass
and taking the strife from all our lives

Drake woke up instantly at five in the morning and leaned over his bed. "Josh, are you awake?" he called out into the darkness. There was no answer. "Good." He quickly got out of bed and left the room. Slowly, he got descended down the stairs without making a single noise. With only the sound of a creaking door, Drake left the house.

Everyone keeps talking
They promise you everything
But they don't mean anything

It was fairly cold outside, and all Drake wore was his pajamas. If he had dressed into something warmer, he would've made a lot of noise and woken up somebody. He was already used to this already. Sneaking out of the house and crossing the street over to the cemetery. It was all normal for him. Well, he just started it two days ago, but he was used to it anyways.

We may loose our focus
There's just too many words
We're never meant to learn
And we don't feel so alive

As he walked in through the gates of the cemetery, he scanned the area for a certain one. The one that took his real father's soul. The one that took his only father away. There it was. He kneeled by it and read the plaque. "Hi, Dad, it's me, Drake," he whispered with a little emptiness in his voice. "I guess you're wondering why I keep visiting you. I'm actually trying to answer that question, too." Drake forced a little laugh and he could see his own breath in the air.

So goodbye, these days are gone
and we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Though these hard times
Through these hard times

"Hey, Walter," Drake said, tossing an orange up and down, "Mom says to go do the dishes."

"Oh, good, I've been waiting to do it," Walter exclaimed, surprisingly happy. He even had a delightful smile planted on his face. "I'll do it right now."

"Uh, you're happy?"

"Of course!" Walter shouted even louder, almost cracking his voice. "You see, before my previous wife and I divorced, she used to make me do the dishes every day. But now Audrey has been doing the dishes, and I sort of missed when I used to do it. I guess that doesn't make sense…"

"No, it does," Drake interrupted. "My dad died when I was like…ten or something. And I was seriously disappointed that you were going to be my stepfather. Trust me, he was nothing like you."

Walter ignored that comment, and was just happy to be having an actual conversation with his stepson. "Well, I know I suck as a dad, but I really try."

"Yeah, whatever," Drake sighed, and left. The sudden memory of his father drilled a hole in his heart. "Who cares, he's never going to come back."

Move your hands in circles
Keeping me hypnotized
The power behind your eyes
Move around your bedroom cursing the naked sky
You should be here tonight
But you stay alone and cry

"Dad, I don't even know how you died, but I hope it wasn't suicide," Drake said. "You know, for some reason, ever since you left us, I've been feeling lonely. And then all of a sudden, when I get into high school, mom marries this klutz who has an even klutzier son. But now he just became, like, my best friend. And, I don't think I'm ever going to be lonely again. Maybe it was a good thing you left us." Drake stood up from the grave and dusted himself off. He stood silently for a long while, but shook his head and left the cemetery.


Say goodbye, these days are gone
and we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(whoa) There's something missing
(Oh whoa) You'll never feel it but you
(Oh whoa) You're gonna feel it when it's gone
When it's gone

When he opened the door to his house, Megan was standing there, arms crossed and a fighting expression on her face. "I am so telling on you," she says in a challenging voice.

"God, Megan, you don't even know where I went," Drake fought back. "Anyways, I already have a lot of pressure on my shoulders, so could you please not add onto it." Drake pushed his sister aside and started to go up the stairs.

"What's buggin' you?" Megan asked, and rested her arm against railing of the stairs. "You won't tell Josh, so I know it's about him."

"If I don't tell him, do you seriously think I'll tell you?" Drake shook his head and continued to go up the stairs. But then he paused, and looked over his shoulder at Megan, "But you are right, it is about him."


Say goodbye, these days are gone
and we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(hey) these Hard times
(oh no now) Hard times
Hard times

During dinner, Drake excused himself and disappeared up the stairs. Walter and Audrey didn't seem to have any clue that Drake was acting odd. Walter just went on and on about how great he did in last night's weather report. Josh thought that was really selfish and decided to pipe in. "So, about Drake, he's been acting pretty weird, right?"

Walter exchanged looks with Audrey. "Well," Walter said, "he does look depressed, but hey, he's a teenager. What else do you expect?" Walter chuckled, but found himself being the only one laughing.

The rest of dinner was very quiet, and when it was finally over, Megan pushed Josh into the kitchen, but with some difficulty because Josh was really heavy. "I know something's up with Drake," she whispered, "and I know what it's about."

"What is-" Josh said, but saw Drake coming downstairs. "Tell me later."

Say goodbye, these days are gone
Say goodbye, these days are gone
These days are gone


Author Notes: Well, I still have an hour till I go to my neighbor's party, but I need to get ready. So sorry again that this chapter is really short. But I think it's longer that the two others, though.