Prologue: Beginning of the Team

It all started eight years ago. I was four or five tops, I was vacationing in Tokyo with my parents, and friends of theirs. The next day we were planning on going to Odeiva to visit my aunt and uncle, but right now I was in, a hotel in the beautiful heightened view terrace. I tossed and turned in my bed still unable to sleep, I felt like there was some strange force keeping me from sleeping. Suddenly a noise next to my bed woke me up. I sat up and looked in the direction of the noise, it was my parent's friend's two-year-old son Sean. He had crawled though an open door onto the balcony. He's going to be in real trouble now. Our parents had told us not to go on the balcony without them. Of course at this point in my life I hadn't realized that they wouldn't let us out there in case we'd fall, so instead of running out to the balcony to save Sean from danger I ran out there to stop him from getting him in trouble.
"Sean," I yelled at the child looking over the railing. "You're not supposed to be out here."
"Hear bird Kris!" he yelled. "Want to see."
"Pigeon," I said. "You can see them later let's go inside."
That's when the wind came up. The door slammed shut.
"Oh no," I said to myself.
I grabbed the door handle, just as I thought, locked.
"Bird!" Sean yelled pointing into the air.
"KAAAAAWWWW!!!!" something boomed that defiantly wasn't a pigeon.
I raised my head in the direction of the sound, and my mouth dropped open. Descending onto the ground was a huge green bird that looked something like a parrot. Except its wings were on it's back and it had arms where its wings should have been, plus it was a good fifty stories tall. My eyes widened in fear, Sean stared at the creature in amazement.
Suddenly a huge light erupted from the ground and struck the ground at the bird's feet. A weird voice boomed all around.
"Agumon Digivolved to..................................................Greymon!"
Now there were two monsters, the parrot, and now a huge orange tyrannosaurus like creature with brown stripes on it's back. That wasn't the weirdest part, down at the dinosaur monsters feet, were two kids, a little boy three or four years older than me and a little girl about my age.
"Koromon," the boy stuttered.
"You can call me Greymon now Tai." the dinosaur creature said.
Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning shot out of the parrot's head, striking the dinosaurs head, he collapsed. Then slowly got up.
"Nova Flame!" the dinosaur yelled firing a huge blue flame out of its mouth. The parrot creature dodged it and shot an even bigger bolt of lightning oat the dinosaur creature. The dinosaur collapsed. It seemed out. I looked up I now noticed that six other kids were on the balconies of several other buildings watching the battle. There were also four other kids in different balconies in the same building Sean and I were in.
"G-Greymon no!" the boy on the ground yelled. "Greymon get up!" The dinosaur didn't respond. "Greymon!" he yelled. The boys eyes went to the little girl's whistle. He took it from her and immediately started blowing hard into it. Between whistles yelling. "Get up Greymon! GET UP!" Tears began streaming down the boys eyes. "Please Greymon get up!"
The dinosaur's eyes opened, then slowly got up. The parrot began to form another lightning bolt.
"I don't think so!" the dinosaur yelled. He head butted the parrot stopping the bolt from forming.
"NOVA FLAME!" the dinosaur yelled a giant fireball at the parrot.
"Aaauuuuuk!" the parrot yelled flying.
Then a light shot from the sky, and both the parrot and the dinosaur began floating toward the sky into what looked like some sort of a portal.
"Greymon!" the boy yelled.
"I'll see you again Tai," the dinosaur said.
I didn't know it at the time, but while we watched the two creatures ascend into the portal light shot down on me, Sean and fourteen other kids collecting our vital data. Another thing I didn't know at the time was that, that battle between Parrotmon, and Greymon would be the beginning of some of the most important events in my life.

* * *


Those past memories were soon lost, and it wasn't until eight years after they happened that I finally remembered them. My second encounter with the Digimon was when I was eight, unlike the previous one I remember it very clearly just as millions of other people did. I woke up, once again found myself in Tokyo, Odeiva to be exact in my aunt and uncles house. I ran down to the computer, they had a more advanced one than I did, not advanced my today's standards, but compared to the computer I had, it was super hi-tech. I stepped into my uncle's study, to see the computer. It was acting weird the monitor was lit up with a weird rainbow glow.
"Cool screen saver," I said to myself.
I moved the mouse; the "screen saver" didn't go away.
"What's going on?" I asked no one.
Suddenly the glow got even brighter, and a huge beam shot out of the computer, and into my hands. It didn't hurt, but I felt something in my hand. When the light disappeared, I looked in my hands, in it there was a weird blue electronic thing. It was square, with the corners chopped out with a screen in the middle. I clipped the device to my pants, and went on playing on the computer. Little did I know that, that little device would change my life forever.

* * *

It was the next day, and I was scared out of my mind! Allot had happened in the one day that weird blue device shot out of the computer. First I saw in the news that in heightened view terrace same weird Metal dinosaur, a fire bird and a mammoth had appeared, and fought. But one thing I really noticed on the news were the kids in the background, in their hands they held the same device that I held. I was now being held captive by a strange vampire creature, who was looking for some kid called the eighth Digidestined. I had a bad feeling it was me. Those kids on the news must have been the other seven Digidestined, and I was the eighth that this Digimon called Myotismon was looking for. I was shaking, he was going to find me and destroy me. Tears streamed down my eyes, I was in line, to the test to see if I was the one they were looking for. It was the eighth Digidestined's Digimon I was going to see.
"It's not her," the cat like Digimon named Gatomon said.
The person ahead of me stepped aside, and I was pushed ahead. This is it, I thought. She's going to say it, that I'm her partner, and that I'm the eighth Digidestined and I'd be killed. But instead she said.
"It's not him either."
And I was pushed aside, but as I walked away, I noticed Gatomon look down at my waist were the blue thing that came out of the computer was clipped. She noticed it in a second, then I notice her mouth move to say quietly. "Digivice."
Digivice? Was that was what this thing is called. Anyway I was somewhat happy, I wasn't the eighth Digidestined they were looking for, but I could tell. I was indeed a Digidestined, but that meant that I was the ninth, and there was nine and not eight like everyone had thought. Little did I know there was more than just nine.

* * *

Three hours, even more happened in those three hours than in the last four hours. The eighth child was found. And together the eight Digidestined defeated, that evil Digimon Myotismon. But the threat was not over. Something had happened, the details of I wasn't clear, but it meant the Digidestined had to go back to the place where the Digimon came from in the first place, the Digital World. As I watched them ascend into the sky into the portal above, I suddenly realized that I shouldn't be here just watching I should be with them, after all like them I had a Digivice, I didn't have a Digimon partner like them but maybe I'd find one in the Digital World. Unfortunately I made my decision too late. The Digidestined entered the portal and the gate to the Digital World closed. It wasn't too late though, my mind thought up another plan. The Digivice had come out of the computer maybe I could enter the Digiworld though a computer. I eyes met a nearby computer store, closed, but the doors weren't locked. I immediately ran towards the store.
"Kris wait!" I heard my parents yell.
I ignored them and ran into the computer store, ran up to the nearest computer that was turned on, and held my Digivice up to the monitor.
"Open!" I yelled. "Let me into the Digital Word!"
However that's not what happened. Instead, the same beam that had given me my Digivice came out of it, and into my hands. When they light was gone I looked down, in my hands was a giant egg with yellow stripes on it, another object was a yellow tag with a string attached to it so I could put the tag around my neck. I looked happily at the egg.
"Digimon, Digivice, Digidestined," I said. "Then this must be a Digiegg."
I had no idea what the tag was for, but I knew what the Digiegg was for. Inside it held my Digimon partner. I may not have been able to help the other eight Digidestined in the Digital world but now that I'd soon have a partner none of that really mattered.

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