Chapter 2: Usa Usa of the Moon

Author: Shoujo's Revenge

Summary: Haruka reminisces about her first kiss. Haruka x Usagi, Haruka x Michiru

A/N: I think that the Usagi x Haruka pairing is pretty cute but the Haruka x Michiru pairing is my favorite SM couple.

Haruka, where are you?" Haruka could hear Michiru's voice float out the window.

"On top of the roof!" Haruka shouted loud enough for Michiru to hear.

"What are you doing out there?" Michiru asked, sticking her head out of the upstairs window.

"Oh, nothing. Just looking at the beautiful stars and the full moon." Haruka shouted plainly, resting on her back and staring at the sky above her. "And watching out for the rabbit on the moon." She added in a whisper. Young Hotaru was sleeping on her Haruka-papa's chest. Haruka's green jacket covered her tiny frame as she snored lightly in her sleep. It was also on a beautiful night like this when Haruka and a certain someone had gotten their first kisses. The moon hung in the sky like a crystal ball. The dotted stars seemed to wink down at the two of them.

Haruka had gotten her first kiss about nine years ago...

"What are you looking at?" A six-year-old girl had asked Haruka. The latter was lying on the grassy hill, looking up at the dark night sky when Usagi's face blocked her view.

"I'm looking for the rabbit on the moon," Haruka answered nonchalantly, not taking her big eyes off the moon.

"The rabbit of the moon?" Usagi asked with curiosity. She put an index finger to her bottom lip, also looking towards the moon.

"They say you can see the rabbit during the full moon."

"Have you seen anything yet?"

"Nope. That's why I'm still out here."

"Usa-chan will wait out here with you," Usagi declared cheerfully. She sat down beside Haruka, who heard the grass rustle under Usagi's weight. The odango-atama looked up at the sparkling sky.

"Wow! The stars are so beautiful!" She exclaimed with delight, clapping her hands together.

"Naturally," Haruka said carelessly again.

Usagi didn't notice Haruka's flat tone. She was too captivated by the tiny pinpricks of light. Five, ten, twenty minutes then finally it seemed like an hour had passed but still no rabbit shaped shadows appeared. Haruka was starting to think that this rabbit thing was a hoax. She rolled over on her side to find that Usagi was fast asleep.

"Odango-atama?" She nudged Usagi's shoulder to wake her up. Usagi fussed, opened her eyes and sat up while rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"What is it? Oh! Did you see the rabbit on the moon?!" Usagi gasped, abruptly turning to face the moon.

"Nope, I think it's just one of those lies that grown ups tell you."

"Oh..." Usagi said with disappointment.

"All the same, I think I'll just lay out here for a while," the sandy-haired girl said, lying on her back again.

"Are you sad?" Usagi asked, her head blocking the view again. The light from the moon behind Usagi illuminated her angelic face. A realization hit Haruka like a ton of bricks. Haruka's widened eyes stared at the girl.

"Auughh! Usagi means 'rabbit!" Haruka reacted, pointing at her. Usagi tilted her head adorably at the humorously shocked expression on the tomboy's face. I've been looking for the rabbit of the moon when she's been next to me along!

"Usa-ko! Usa-ko! Where are you?" A familiar voice called from below the hill. Usagi turned her head towards the voice.

"That's Mamo-chan!" Usagi exclaimed brightly. She got up too excitedly and lost her balance. She fell face first onto Haruka. Usagi quickly drew back from Haruka's lips, blushing.

She covered her mouth with her small hands. Haruka's cheeks were stained with crimson, too.

"Usa-ko! Hurry up or all the chocolate will be gone soon!" Mamoru called again.

"Okay, Mamo-chan!" Usagi called, not taking her eyes off Haruka. "Um...Bye now. Ah, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to say sorry." She said, smiling lightly. Haruka watched her future queen run down the hill. Her golden pigtails bouncing up and down in the moonlight. Haruka touched her lips with her fingertips. "My first kiss..."

A soft voice whispering in Haruka's ear brought her back to the present. "Huh?"

"I asked you what you were thinking about," Michiru said, lying on the rooftop with Haruka. She placed her hand across Hotaru's slumbering body.

"Nothing special." Haruka said plainly. Michiru laid her head on Haruka's shoulder, her eyes closed. Haruka put her arm around Michiru's shoulders and pulled her closer.

I might have gotten my first kiss from Usagi, our princess and future queen but I'd rather have a last kiss from you. Haruka thought as she kissed the top of Michiru's head.



"Can you see our princess' castle on the moon?"

"No." Haruka closed her eyes and imagined Usagi's face illuminated by the moon's glow. "But I can see the rabbit eating chocolate on the moon." Michiru blinked in confusion. Hotaru was awakened by her papa's laughter and shaking body.

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