His early dreams of good outstripp'd the truth,
And troubled manhood follow'd baffled youth.
- Byron


The storm is inevitable, inescapable. Itachi watches the sky turn red with chakra, malevolent and vast, and thinks nothing. It is a unique brand of terror, not to be repeated.

In the shelter the other children are crying. He alone is up here. The thought of someone saving him now, when the world is over and a monster is approaching, is inconceivable.

Shisui comes and hides Itachi's face from the Kyuubi. He does not feel safer. For Itachi the darkness only spreads deeper inside.

It stays there, and finally even the lightning-bright figure of Yondaime-sama does not chase it away.


A/N: The first of several to come, dunno when. Others to be considered for reading, on the same topic/characters:
-Long Hair (100 words)
-Killer Instinct (100 words)
I might put those in here if it proves to be useful, since they fit into the timeline.

Notes for this one:
I have always wondered about this tendency of characters in Naruto to be ultra-independent in a very cooperative village setting... and Itachi is probably a good show of this trend going wrong (but we have Naruto, in a way, doing the same, and Sasuke...)
In any case the point was that once you've seen the world ending there seems no point to get clingy to a village that cannot protect you. I'm not giving this as an excuse, but rather as a beginning in a spiral... well, that doesn't sound exactly like what I'm thinking of...

It is in a way the same thing Sasuke saw when his whole clan got slaughtered, isn't it?