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Chapter 1

Hidden Emotions


The sound of the alarm going off was enough to wake young Ryuzaki Sakuno from her dreamless slumber. She didn't even open her eyes as she turned off the annoying alarm. She wanted to go back to sleep. She had stayed up pretty late getting her things ready for today. The first day of school! She hadn't really seen anyone but Tomoka over the break. Needless-to-say she was happy to be able to see everyone again.

She rolled over onto her back as she yawned and stretched, wiping the sleep out of her eyes before she carlessly threw her blankets off of her and sat up. She knew Ryuzaki-baa-chan wasn't going to be there when she woke up because of early morning practice. Anyone that could come had to attend, and that meant she, as coach, had to be there as well. Oh well, she thought as she got out of bed completely and headed towarads the bathroom to take a shower.

She hummed a made up tune as she showered. When she got out she grabbed one towel to wrap around herself and another to wrap her hair up in. Since one just wouldn't do. She would almost have her body dried and her hair would soak it again if she didn't use two. Then she brushed her teeth and went to put on her school uniform. After she was finished she pulled off the towel and let her hair down so she could braid it as usual.

She went downstairs, grabbed a piece of toast for breakfast, and headed out the door, without forgetting her backpack. A few blocks away from her house she met Tomoka;who was ecstatic about going back to school and seeing all of their friends. Of course, Tomoka was really more interested in seeing Ryoma, but she didn't need to say anything for everyone to know that.

As they walked towards Seigaku Sakuno pretty much tuned Tomoka out and just let her body go on auto pilot while she started thinking of other things. She was definately going to have to see about getting in the tennis club again. Perhaps she would be better this year. She did practice quite a bit over the break. Although there were many good players last year, so she shouldn't get her hopes too high.

A little while later Sakuno and Tomoka finally made it to Seigaku's front gates. As they walked inside Sakuno switched back onto manual and caught the last little bit of what Tomoka was saying rather loudly. It was about her boyfriend of course, and how happy she is with him, and how good he is to her...among other things that when heard make Sakuno blush red like a tomato.

Tomoka hasn't really been hanging out with her lately. Well, more like all throughout their long break and a few weeks before that. She's been busy hanging out with her new boyfriend. He plays tennis; he just isn't a regular. He's not bad, but he's not anywhere near as good as the regulars are. He's not very tall, maybe 5'5'' at the least, maybe an inch taller. He has black hair and green eyes. He's from a rich family who decided they wanted him to play tennis and sent him to Seigaku because of the great tennis program. He doesn't like Sakuno. He's mean to her whenever he has the chance. Which is when Tomoka isn't around. She tried telling Tomoka once, but that didn't end well. Tomoka was mad at her for days. So she never brought it up again. In short, he's a prick.

Unfortunately for Sakuno, he is always waiting for Tomoka by some trees to the far left as you enter the front gates to Seigaku. He's always with his friends. They don't like Sakuno because he doesn't. Yeah. He's like the regular homecoming king. The guy everyone copies just because they think he's cool. He doesn't have a fan club though. That always makes Sakuno feel a little better when she thinks about it. Mainly after he's done something mean to her again.

"Well Sakuno, I gotta go! I won't be able to hang out tonight because Yuu and I are going out," Tomoka stated right before she ran off to jump into Yuu's arms. He gave Sakuno a dirty look and proceded in frenching Tomoka right there. His friends let out the "ooooooo's" and "awwwwww's." They all tried to make a big deal out of it just because Sakuno was standing there.

Sakuno watched for a few moments before she sighed and turned to head toward the front doors to the schoool. She had to sign up for tennis club today. Maybe she should sign up for something else as well. There might be something that catches her eye this year. Nothing but tennis did last year. That was probably Ryoma's influence. Hopefully she'll have a class with him this year. She didn't have any last year so that will be nice. Although the looks those fan club girls give you can really burn a hole in you. Luckily she doesn't really have to abide by the rules the fan club has to. She quit the fan club. They were starting to become obsessed.

She entered the front doors of the school and headed towards the office to pick up her schedule for the year. It was always better to arrive early so she would be able to get in there and get out before the crowds hit. It gets thousands of times worse when any of the regulars enter that small space.

She went into the office and up to the front desk, "Hello, excuse me, could I get my schedule please?" she asked the secretary that was there. Shortly after that she walked out of the office and headed towards her first class of the day. She has some things with her now. She supposes that she'll have to go shopping for some others as soon as she receives the official lists from her new teachers, but for now, this will do.

She walked into her new classroom, and the first thing she see's is Ryoma sitting at the last desk on the last row all the way to the left, right beside the window staring out. Apparently he didn't go to practice this morning she thought, until the bell rang signaling the time to start going to class. Ah. It's already that late. Hm.

Sakuno went over and sat down in the seat to his right and started taking out the things she thought she'd need for this class. It is Enlish first period. Hopefully, it won't be too hard this year. "Hello, Ryoma-kun," Sakuno stated shyly to the tennis prince. She didn't look directly at him, instead she chose to greet him whilst getting her things ready and making sure everything was there.

"Hello," came Ryoma's uninterested reply as he continued to look out of the window. He really didn't feel like talking to anyone, more than usual today though. Perhaps it is because he isn't a morning person, and he had to get up early this morning. He figured he'd have her in one of his classes, but he didn't think it would be one this early. Even though she didn't talk much to him; he still didn't want to hear it.

She could tell by the tone in his voice that he was completely uninterested in what she has to say. So she just gives a soft sigh and turns toward the front of the classroom without saying another word to the moody boy. She didn't think that he was going to be like this the first day back. Today has already started out sucking. Oh well, perhaps as time passes it'll get better she thought.

Finally, everyone started filing into the class. Unfortunately, that meant more dirty looks from quite a few of the people coming in. The rest just ignored her and acted like she didn't exist. Which the latter was fine for her. She'd rather them be like that instead of acting like those who'd rather shoot her glares and dirty looks among other things.

The tardy bell finally rang and everyone had taken their seats right before the sensei arrived. Shortly after he got there he took roll and began class.


Finally the lunch bell rang. Sakuno ran quick to her locker to get her lunch. Then went to sign-up real quick for the tennis club. She had already taken a quick look at the list of available clubs and various activities, and decided that none but the tennis club were for her. She then headed off to find a quiet secluded place for her to sit and eat her lunch.

Sakuno found a place under some Sakura trees that was unoccupied at the moment and decided to sit there. She kept a look out while consuming her lunch for anyone that might mess with her, but gladly, none showed up, yet. She ate quietly and quickly and got up to throw her trash away. She had given Ryoma his lunch right after first hour, seeing that she didn't know whether or not she'd see him again before lunch.

She then proceeded to the library where she could be at peace for the rest of the lunch period. She started taking a seat right in front of the librarians so that no one would mess with her in there. It is amazing that she hadn't seen any of the regulars today, other than Ryoma of course.

She didn't give that much thought though as she headed into the library, set her stuff down, and set about finding herself something to read to pass the time. They had some pretty good books in the library here. She decided to either locate a manga or a fantasy book to read. She spent quite a bit of time looking around for a book that just jumped out at her, but of course, when she finally found one...it was on the top shelf.

Greaaat she thought while trying to reach it on her tip toes. Suddenly a hand reached up and snatched the book off of the shelf right before she reached the spine. She spun around to find some of Yuu's friends giggling at her and walking away towards the librarians desk to check it out. They aren't even going to read it!

She just sighed sadly and went to find another book. She found one that was within her reach this time and quickly swiped it before anyone else could snag it like they had done. Sakuno went back to her desired place right in front of the librarians and sat down to read a few pages before she checked it out. So if she didn't like it she could put it back and try to find another before she had to go to class.

After a few moments of deliberation and getting a couple of pages read she decided that she'd take this book and went up to check it out. The librarian smiled at her and checked it out. When she handed it back she quietly thanked her and went back to get her things. Since the bell was about to ring and she had another class she needed to get to. She wanted to be one of the first ones in there so she could have first dibbs on her choice of seat. Luckily, the teachers didn't have anything against her. So she could sit wherever she wanted just like everyone else.


After school she went straight to the girls locker rooms to change into her tennis outfit. There were already quite a few girls in there, but none of them really cared that she was there. She changed quickly and grabbed her raquet and headed out onto the tennis courts to begin her warm-up. As she was warming up she looked around and found that there were quite a few girls this year. That always made it more difficult to rise in the ranks, but at least she was going to get a challenge out of this.

The sensei told them to practice their swings while some of the other girls got to play some practice games against each other. She decided that if she worked hard enough she might at least have a shot at being one of the top female players in the school by her graduating year. She hadn't given up hope yet.

She practiced her heart out and felt exhausted by the time the sensei let them go for the afternoon. The boys are still practicing so she decided to drop in and see how they're doing. She walked over to the boys courts and stood outside the fence watching for a while until someone called her name. She turned around to see Tomoka and some of Yuu's friends heading her way so she decided that it would be best for everyone if she'd just leave. It'd save everyone a lot of time and energy.

Just as she picked up her bag to leave she felt a hand grab her shoulder. Naturally, it was Tomoka. "Hey, aren't you going to stay and watch them practice?" Tomoka asked.

As she was about to say no Ryuzaki-sensei called her over. "Sorry Tomoka, I'm going to go see what Ryuzaki-baa-chan wants, and then I'm going to head home. I'm pretty tired. We had a hard practice today." Just as she expected Tomoka said something about her Yuu having much harder practices than her yet he was still able to hang out with her. She just ignored the rest of her rant until she was out of hearing range.

She walked over to Ryuzaki-baa-chan and asked her what she wanted. "Well, it seems I'm going to have to go out of town for a few weeks to a conference type thing. I can't avoid this. It is going to make sure we're updated on all of the coaching strategies and things so I must go. Will you be alright by yourself or do I need to find someone for you to stay with?"

"No, no! I'll be fine, really! It's not like you've never gone to a conference before right," came the quick reply from Sakuno. She knew she could handle it. She'd done it before a couple times.

"Okay. I warn you, this one is long. So be a good girl. Unfortunately, I have to leave early in the morning before you get up," Ryuzaki-baa-chan replied.

Sakuno nodded and headed for the gate on the other side of the courts by where the regulars were playing. It was faster than walking all the way around and easier than walking by Tomoka. She kept her emotions in check as she walked by the regulars and greeted them accordingly as they greeted her. Even Inui politely greeted her. Ryoma didn't say anything to her first but answered her with a mumbled "Hello" as he was playing Momoshiro.

Eiji greeted her ecstatically like always. The others either mumbled something loud enough for her to hear or simply waved after they hit the ball back to their opponent. She was content with that. It was the nicest thing she's received all day really. She had her emotions in check until about the time she walked out the gate. Her emotions started showing through her eyes. She hadn't realized that they had. Right before she walked out of the gate Ryoma told her to cut her hair, and when she turned around the mysterious tensai saw all of the sadness in her eyes that the others didn't because they didn't look at her directly.

She managed to laugh at him regularly enough that it wouldn't have seemed odd, but really she wanted to go home and cry. She walked off the courts towards her home and just thought about today. The entire day, except when she was at home, sucked bad.

She unlocked her door and entered. She took off her shoes, dropped her bag, and ran up the stairs to her room. She shut the door quietly and collapsed on her bed in a fit of tears.

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