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Chapter Five

The Discovery

Last Time…

"Ssa. You have a lot going on right now don't you. Why doesn't Yu like you You're such a likeable person, and what about Tomoka, can't she manage having friends as well as boyfriends?" Fu didn't like what she told him about Yuu not liking her. There had to be a reason for it. One that she might not be ready to reveal to him yet.

She looked up at him, startled by his question. He's not asking questions about my life for the benefit of my company. All the questions he's asked so far have all pertained to Tomoka. So, I guess what she said this morning is true. She got an angry look to her face, "I don't know what kind of game you think you are playing, but I'm not having any of it. If you want to be with Tomoka, be with Tomoka. DON'T LEAD ME ON TO GET TO HER!"

With that said she ran off, with tears running down her cheeks, leaving behind a very bewildered and smoldering tensai. Not very many people have the gall to yell at him like that. Damn, she's a little pistol. How did I piss her off? What kind of game am I trying to play? Ssa. Don't lead me on to get to her. Ssa. I think someone has been telling phony fibs. I guess I need to pay Tomoka another visit too. Well, Eiji, Oishi, then Tomoka tomorrow. If I don't get this straightened out she probably won't ever talk to me again, and that just won't do.

To say that Fuji was shocked was an understatement. He just sat there dumbfounded as he watched her walk away. Well fuck. What should I do now? I think I might enlist a little bit of help. Not that he'll know it. I know I decided I wouldn't but… As he was contemplating his next move the bell rang, signaling the hall-time for sixth period. Perfect.

The tensai barely made it to class in time before the beginning bell rang. He walked in looking down at his feet thinking about what happened during lunch. Syusuke never would have been the one to guess that Sakuno would be the kind of person to watch something like that. I'm actually kind of surprised that she didn't hit me or anything. She was really surprised to see me there heh heh. I guess I'd be a little surprised to see someone watching me watch someone have sex on the roof too, if I was her at least; however, I'm pretty sure she has been told something outside of my knowledge, probably about me. That might be something that her and Tomoka were arguing about this morning. She got upset when I started asking questions about Tomoka. Ten to one says Tomoka told her abut what happened on the roof, or she told her we had sex. Either one would probably have this outcome.

Once class had started it was easier for him to get his mind off of Sakuno, but when the assignment of the day was given he couldn't help but fall back into thought about her. Not that it disrupted his ability to do his work or anything. In fact, Fuji was diligently doing his room work and thinking about how he could accomplish his mission when someone calling his name broke his train of thought. "Hey, Fuji! Hey man, are you listening to me? Dude!?"

"What?" Fuji snapped, annoyed at the intrusion. Not knowing exactly how he was going to handle the situation was starting to get to him. Normally, he would have thought up a solution a long time ago, but this particular problem had so many precarious points that is wasn't even funny. Who knew and who didn't? He didn't want his interference coming back on Sakuno. When he looked up to see who it was he relaxed a little bit. It was only Shiro.

"Hey dude, like what's up with you man? You aren't looking so hot man. I was kickin it with some chicks in the back and saw ya walk it. Didn't get a chance to talk to ya before class started so I thought I'd come over and check you out." A boy with blue-black hair down to his shoulder blades tied in a ponytail and bright hazel eyes looked at him in interest. He wore a peace symbol on a chain around his neck and smelled of cigarettes and Axe mixed with something that Fuji couldn't quite put his finger on.

Heh heh. Bingo. "Ssa. Well, I seem to have a small problem with a friend of mine." Syusuke finally decided to, unknowingly to his best friend, enlist the help of Shiro Nasuke. Every school has that weird guy that's friends with everyone, but all the teachers hate time and all of the prudes think he's the worst thing to every have set foot in Seigaku with the exception of the sexy tensai himself. Well, Shiro is that guy. It's only because they're scared of me…heh heh.

"Really? I don't know you to generally have any kind of trouble with your friends, and if your friends are having trouble they sure as hell don't go crying to you." Shiro was eyeing him suspiciously. He still wasn't entirely sure that he could trust the elated tensai so it's best to be cautious. He's been around for a while, and Fuji tends to accidentally step into some of the most fucked up shit sometimes. Shit that most of the time he'd rather stay out of, but he's gotten into some deep shit a couple times too.

"Heheh. Yeah, I know. Weird huh? See I think my friend might have heard something from someone in school that isn't quite the truth, and you of all people should understand how that can…put a damper on things."

The suspicious look faded away into understanding. "Yeah. Yeah, that's a plausible assumption. I haven't heard nothing, but that doesn't mean anything. I haven't been listening for anything either. The chicks I've been hangin' out with lately have all been pretty out of it. Most of them haven't been gossiping all that much either. Hey man, between you and me dude. I think there's something going on with the ladies here. They're not acting…ah, never mind dude. I'm paranoid. They're probably just really ripped."

The tensai looked daown at what he was sorking on before the interrutption and sighed deeply. Here's your last chance. You'll either reel him in or lose him forever. I have to get him interested somehow…"The girl who has the problem happens to be an innocent victim of sorts…"

Shiro looked at the tennis pro and felt for him. It's hard to get a certain piece of ass when there's a bunch of rumors flying around sometimes. "Hey man, you know what, I've got some hotties waitin' for me at the back," Syusuke looked up at him. "Those girls are probably looserenfuck, but they know almost everybody. I swear. I'll see what I can dig up-anonymously of course." As Nasuke said this he pulled out a joint, flashed it in front of Syusuke's eyes, and took off towards the back of the room.

Damn. I forgot how much of a slut Nasuke is; however, he'll come in handy for getting information considering he knows everyone, or knows people that know everyone else. This way, maybe, just maybe I won't have to go talk to Tomoka personally. That would be great. I guess the less I talk to Tomoka, the better, considering she's trying to start shit and screw everything up, unknowingly as it seems. She's probably just trying to get at Sakuno, just like everyone else. Syusuke watched Nasuke work those girls into a tizzy at the back of the classroom before turning around and promptly finishing his History room work.

It was after school before he saw any more of the Regulars. Unfortunately, today just had to be the day Tezuka ran them half to death. So he didn't have time during actual practice to talk to Eiji and Oishi, but now they were changing in the locker room. Yes, they had already checked for cameras, even Tezuka. So he had all the time in the world. He hoped they wouldn't think anything of it, but he had to wait and keep them there until Echizen left. The hard part was not letting Echizen know that he was purposely keeping them there until after he left.

Fuji thought it would be better if he talked to them at school. He never really goes anywhere to play tennis with them like that because he's a singles guy. He can play doubles, but he prefers singles. Plus, in order for him to get them to go and have a private tennis match he'd have to bring someone else along. So that pretty much settles that.

Syusuke looked around while he was undressing. Echizen normally got in and out pretty quickly so Eiji and Oishi should still be there by the time he leaves, but, just in case, he'd better divert their attention for a few minutes. After he got his towel he went straight into the showers. He started humming a trite little tune while he washed himself, and then seeing that Echizen was behind Eiji he decided that he was going to have to take things into his own hands. "Hey, Eiji, what is that? It's really shiny."

Echizen turned off the shower and wrapped his towel around his waist. As he walked out of the shower he paused to look at Eiji bouncing around the shower room looking for the nonexistent object that Fuji had sent him searching for. He just shook his head and headed out into the locker room to change into his clothes so he could go have a burger and go home. He didn't forget to give the tensai a watchful glance out of the corner of his eye as he walked by, confident that he would be able to tell should the tensai be concocting anything sneaky.

Fuji wasn't stupid. He knew Echizen was watching him. How he longed to make that boy suffer, but not yet, he had to wait. If he did anything now it would come back on poor Sakuno, and though right now they were having problems…he still didn't want Echizen touching her-at all. "Come now Eiji, surely you have figured out that I was just messing with you. Rinse the rest of the soap out of your hair and stop throwing it all over the place." He calmly told Eiji the truth, merrily chuckling the whole time, and sent him to resuming the washing of his hair, all the way boo-hooing about the sadistic tensai and his stupid head games.

After Echizen stalked out of the shower room Momo looked at Fuji with wary eyes. He had seen the way Echizen and Fuji had been acting toward each other the last couple days. When they were in a small space together the air seemed to thicken with tension. It was worse today than it had been any other day, so some thing must have happened. This was starting to worry him. They were teammates. Teammates weren't supposed to act this way. There was something going on here that they weren't telling anybody.

The others filed out one after the next after Echizen left. Fuji wasn't worried about Oishi leaving. He wouldn't leave without Eiji. Echizen would be the first one to leave. Hopefully, Tezuka would be right behind him. He really didn't want to get Tezuka involved if he really didn't have to. That would be a disaster. He dressed and waited for his opportunity to strike. As predicted Tezuka left right behind Echizen. Then out piled the others until there was only Fuji, Eiji, and Oishi.

"Eiji, Oishi." He slid his shirt on, "I have something I need to discuss with you." Then he sat down to put on his shoes and socks. Syusuke glanced up at them as he sat down to make sure they were listening. "Tomoka was telling me just the other day that you guys helped Sakuno out a few days ago."

Eiji and Oishi looked at each other real quick before Oishi said, "Yeah, she was in some trouble in the hallway. This man was trying to force her to go into the women's restroom as we walked around the corner heading to class." Oishi looked really worried. He knew what that man wanted from their little friend. He just couldn't understand why someone would do that to Sakuno of all people. They had told the principal and the nurse about what they saw and no one did a thing.

Kikumaru piped up loud and clear with visible anger in his voice, "No kidding, nya, I yelled at him, and I'm not sure if he shoved her forward or if he just dropped her, but anyway he hurt her. We ran down the hallway to see if she was okay. We got to her and she screamed at us to please leave her alone and ran away." Eiji had been thinking about this off and on since it happened, and he was now even more upset about it than he was when it first happened.

The vice-captain gave Eiji a sympathetic look. He felt for him. He had seen the look she gave Eiji when he ran up to her to see if she was okay. No one is afraid of Kikumaru Eiji. There's no need to be. He's a jokester, but he's essentially harmless. "We followed her anyway. We found her out by the tennis courts in that dead end corner bawling. She tried to move back when she saw us come in, but she was already in the corner. I asked her if she was alright again before we started walking toward her."

Eiji looked down at his shoelaces so he could get them tied, "I crept up real close and she just looked at me. I held my hand out so maybe she'd take it and we could take her to the principal's office and get it all straightened out. She did take it, but when she stood up and went to talk toward me, she fainted. I caught her. Then Oishi carried her to the nurses office, and we told them about what happened."

"They haven't done anything then I suppose. I mean you wouldn't be asking about it if they had. It wouldn't be an issue anymore." Oishi had to wonder why Fuji was even asking about it. When was he hanging out with Tomoka? Fuji can't stand Tomoka. Oishi stood there and watched Fuji while he listened to Eiji give his personal opinion of the matter.

"I think that something needs to be done here. Things like that shouldn't be happening here. It's wrong for some guy to be able to treat women like that and get away with it." Eiji had a long tie to make up his mind about the entire situation, and he thought it stank.

Oh Eiji, whomever it is isn't going to be getting away with anything. "Well, that does shed some light on the situation. It's amazing that this boy hasn't been caught yet." Fuji scowled as he stood up to grab his bag. "Thanks for helping me out a bit. You know Tomoka. I had to see if what she was saying rang true."

Oishi couldn't put his finger on it, but he had the sneaking suspicion that they told the wrong people the first time. It was as good as taken care of now. If Fuji had an interest in it there had to be a reason. He didn't really care what that was. He was just glad that Sakuno had someone other than himself and Eiji on her side. They can't watch her all of the time. Especially since they have two totally different schedules, Eiji, Oishi, and Sakuno. "Welcome Fuji. We'll be seeing you, got some things to do." He made sure to reply as he practically drug Eiji out the door. This had been a big issue with Eiji since it happened.

It's bullshit that they told the office about it, and they did nothing. Syusuke waited a few moments before stepping out the door like his teammates before him, and heading toward the front of the school so he could go and get a bite to eat before he goes home to check his cactus. I have to finish my History homework too.

Sakuno walked out of the front doors of the school intent on heading to the burger place so she could get a burger and maybe see Ryoma. I bet Fuji won't ever talk to me again. I don't understand why I screamed at him like that. I was just going to ask him if it was true. Then all those questions about Tomoka. I guess I just got a little jealous. I wanted him to be really trying to be my friend so badly I guess it hurt a little when all he wanted to talk about was Tomoka. I didn't really want to face the truth, but I know now that what Tomoka said must be true.

Miss. Ryuzaki was having a hard time dealing with what she did to Fuji at lunch today for some reason. It's almost like she regretted yelling at him, but couldn't find the wrong in it on her part so she wasn't going to apologize to him; however, she really didn't see any way that she could keep him as her friend now. He probably hated her now.

She didn't stop to think that Fuji had the same practice hours as Ryoma. Unfortunately, for her fragile state of mind that was a big whoopsie. Which was what she was currently berating herself for because low and behold there he was sitting with Ryoma and Momoshiro. They had already seen her, so she couldn't turn back now. "Konichiwa Ryoma, Momo, Fuji. How was your after school practice?"

Momo instantly replied happily, "It was great. I almost beat Echizen here, and Eiji and Oishi say our doubles are improving." Momo liked Sakuno, as a friend she was cool. He knew she was having a few problems lately. He'd overheard Eiji and Oishi talking about it a few days ago. He'd help her if she asked him to, or if he just happened to be there, no problem.

Ryoma tilted his head in her direction so he could see her. He didn't reply since he was stuffing his mouth with lots of hamburgers. Fuji looked at her and saw she was turning red. This made him smile his tensai smile. Whew, I thought she was going to be really mad at me. Now all I have to do is find out the problem, straight from the horses mouth. Well, Nasuke can just dig up some rumors, if there are any, and that way I'll know what's going on around so I can ease her mind should she need it. "Sakuno, I didn't mean to insult you at lunch earlier," Ryoma looked at Fuji then at Sakuno, "I was merely curious is all."

Considering his sadistic nature she was lucky she got even a smidgeon of an apology. If it had been anyone else, except maybe Tezuka, they would have been shit out of luck. Her face reddened considerably more.

"It's alright Fuji, I guess I just lost myself." She didn't have to say anymore than that. He scooted over so she could sit down by him since Momo sat with Echizen. Momoshiro doesn't ever sit right by the tensai, too scared.

Momo finished his food and bid them farewell pretty quickly. He still wasn't sure exactly what Fuji and Echizen's beef was yet, so he thought it best to steer clear. He knew that whatever it was it wouldn't touch Sakuno. They wouldn't fight in front of her. If Echizen had a problem with Fuji he'd catch Fuji alone and vise versa. Which was actually pretty scary in and of itself. I mean Fuji around other people is scary. Imagine how scary it'd be if you were by yourself with him. shiver. "I'm heading out. Catch you guys later!"

It didn't take long for Echizen to finish his burgers. When he was finished he aloofly asked, "So what happened at lunch?" Sakuno felt the fear in her chest like a fifty pound weight. If he found out they were hanging out today he would be so mad. Especially since he told her to stay away from Fuji. She knew she should do what Echizen said, but she really enjoyed Fuji's company. It could get so lonely sometimes.

Fuji smirked. So this was how Echizen intended to play. Quickly, before Sakuno had the chance to say anything, he intervened, "We collided at the top of the stairs as she was walking down and I was going up to deliver you a note from Tezuka." He knew that got them busted knowing about his little tryst, but it was one or the other. They couldn't get caught hanging out. Echizen might do more than just slap her next time.

Ryoma looked from one of them to the other. He knew that they had both been up there because of the lunch and the note, but he didn't expect to find out that they had crossed paths because of him. Now that was crappy. How the hell am I supposed to keep her the hell away from him if they keep crossing paths on my account. I'm going to have to ask Buchou if he'll ask someone else to deliver his messages from now on. "Yes, but you apologized, so that couldn't have been all that happened."

Ssa. Nosy little prick. "Well, she almost fell down the stairs, and I caught her, but in doing so I'm afraid I accidentally put my hands someplace they shouldn't have been, and she slapped me." Fuji knew what Echizen was fishing for, and so help him Kami, he wasn't going to find it. He looked at Sakuno and could instantly tell that what he had said embarrassed her pretty badly. Everybody at the table knew what Echizen had been doing at lunch.

Ryoma simply looked from one of them to the other. Sakuno was blushing, but he wasn't sure what for. In order for them to have set that stuff on his bag they had to go around that first corner, and he wasn't making her be quiet. They knew. He knew. Now he was going to make them pretty much say as much-out loud-just to make absolutely sure. "So how long did you stay up on the roof?"

Fuji turned back to Echizen in a snap. "I delivered your lunch and Tezuka's note since Sakuno seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere." He wasn't having any of this shit. Echizen was not going to win here. Yes, they heard, and Sakuno watched, but he wasn't going to tell him that. That was exactly what Echizen wanted to hear, or else he wouldn't have mentioned anything. He's trying to pick at Sakuno, but Syusuke wasn't going to let him. Sure he knows Fuji was, indeed, up there, but as far as he knows. Sakuno wasn't.

Sakuno watched both of the boys very intently. They weren't saying it, but this was turning into a battle of wits. One which she wasn't entirely sure Ryoma could win. She had heard the same rumors as everyone else about the tensai of Seigaku. She couldn't be more grateful to him for taking Ryoma's little questionnaire. Ryoma would be so angry with her if he found out that she not only watched him have sex with that girl, but she watched him with Fuji. That thought made her turn even redder.

Echizen figured out real quick that he wasn't going to have the usual effect on Sakuno with Fuji around. Now, he knew Fuji knew for sure about the girl, but not if Sakuno knew. If she did what did it matter. She pretty much knew about all of his flings anyway. She gives him lunch everyday after all. He always sets his bag there so she has to come around and see to put his lunch down where he will find it. "I need to get home. I have some homework to finish."

The two of them watched him get up and throw away his trash then head out the door. Fuji spoke up so that maybe she wouldn't leave too quickly. Homework could wait. This was much more important. Besides, he could get his homework done anytime. "Sakuno, I'm going to snag a burger and go to the park a few blocks away to eat, would you like to come along?"

Sakuno looked at him with eyes twice their normal size. "A-After what happened at lunch today? A-And what about Ryoma, I-I mean if he catches us, well me, I'm through." She was scared. Not of Fuji, but of what Ryoma might do to her if he found out she had been hanging out with Fuji behind his back. From their conversation first thing this morning it seemed he didn't want her having anything to do with the beloved tensai.

"What about Ryoma? He's going home to do his homework like a good little boy. Besides, if he does see us do you think I would let him hurt you?" Syusuke knew why she was so scared, but there was no way for him to console her unless he told her that he was spying on her and Echizen that morning.

She looked at him with wide eyes. "Y-You're serious. You wouldn't let Ryoma do anything if he saw us?" Miss. Ryuzaki couldn't believe what she was hearing. He just said that he wouldn't let Ryoma hurt her did he not? As Syusuke was just looking at her and did not reply she took that as a yes and nodded her head and smiled. "Okay, I guess I'll tag along then, I am kind of hungry."

He smiled and asked her what she wanted. They had an argument over who was going to pay for Sakuno's meal, which the tensai quickly won, and they headed on their way. "Sakuno, are you afraid of me?" Fuji would really like to know the answer to this question. It would be so much easier if she wasn't afraid of him, or if she was, he could ease her mind.

"No." Her instantaneous reply gladdened Fuji. "Tomoka told me a few things this morning though." She said the last part rather quietly, but he still heard her. He saw the huge bunch of trees where he liked to sit and gently steered her that way.

"Are we going in there?"

"Yes. Now what exactly did Tomoka tell you about me?" Now, finally, he was going to get this out of the way. "Don't worry, we're going to be alone in there, so no one will be able to see us unless they're looking for us. I don't think anyone else knows about this spot of mine though."

She stopped walking just before they entered the trees. There was a bench hidden in there. She had never been fortunate enough to find it, but then she's never really tried either. "We-We're going to be alone?" She whispered.

He stopped with her and studied her for a second. He was always having to gently guide her with his hands on her lower back. He knew for a fact that he could touch her that way, and she wouldn't get all bent out of shape. So he scooted over and got ready to guide her a little more…hands on…than before. Syusuke leaned down close to her ear and whispered, "Yes, does that frighten you?"

Sakuno froze as she felt the light, warm breath on her ear and heard the words he uttered with such softness. "No," she whispered just as softly yet the strength that resonated from the simple answer shocked the tennis prodigy. She turned her head to look at him so she could see the expression on his face; however, she didn't expect their lips to be so close to hers. She wasn't paying any attention to the blush that crept over her cheeks as she looked into his eyes, beautiful, cerulean blue. Those eyes seemed to seemed to see right into her soul.

As if in a trance Sakuno started to lean toward him… "Sakuno," Syusuke ventured to brake the heated silence that had seemed to fill in for the uneasiness that had appeared a moment ago. She stopped, and shook herself out of the daze she had fallen into, embarrassed at what she had been about to do. She spun around quickly and ran away from him in the direction of her house, leaving him standing there alone staring after her in shock at what had just happened.

She almost kissed me…

Shit. I still don't know what Tomoka told her…

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