Summary: Slade's back and this time he has the perfect plan to ensure that his little apprentice will stay loyal to the end. The Elixir is the perfect cure for any stubborn minds that will not serve him willingly. It disconnects its subject from reality, and altogether causes them to loose everything and anything they were before taking the Elixir to become an empty shell. The perfect soldier to train to become the perfect killer … it's either that, or the subject will fall into madness.

The Elixir was only tested for human mind control …

Originally planned to be given to Robin, Red X screwed up and things change drastically, for the thief had made a grave mistake in capturing a half-bred demon girl, known as Raven. From there, everything goes down hill, from the explosion of Slade's hide out to suddenly being forced to take care of the chemically pumped half-demon! X finds that that his only hope of getting the Titan off his back for good – and to get the conscious out of the back of his mind for life – is to find the antidote to get her back into stable condition.

However … as funny as this may sound, Raven doesn't seem to be getting any better.

In fact … she seems to be getting a whole lot worse!

It doesn't help that she's kept from seeing her friends because they all think she's dead.

So it's only fair for her to wonder if X really is doing this to help her … or if he has other things in mind.

-+-A Thousand Shades of Gray-+-

+The Shade of Saints+

"Pity and infamy,

Ignorance as your pull.

Don't let yourself become,

The Unforgivable."

- Unknown

((--Museum of Ancient Mysteries--))

"What have you got Cyborg?" Robin asked hopefully.

The hybrid sighed and shook his head, "A whole lot of nothing … whoever did this has got to be done in the magic department if they're brave enough to snatch an item in the middle of daylight."

Both looked to Raven for any explanation, the dark sorceress blinked, "From the moment we got within a 100 feet of the establishment to the point where I stand now there was nothing I could sense nor could I read. This was done purely by man power. Or machine."

Robin growled and glared at the podium on which the stolen item once rested a priceless pendant. The Pendant of Infinity, a beautiful gold chain necklace with diamond cuts and a breathtaking ruby the size of a fist resting in the center. Priceless, shiny, and oh-so attractive for the apparent thief that had no problems stealing it in middle of daylight where the museum was it's fullest. A rather disturbing piece of information Robin figured as he looked up when Beast Boy suddenly spoke up.

"Dudes I'm telling ya man, it's the mutant ninjas coming to make sure their treasure is safe!" Beast Boy blurted and Robin rolled his eyes walking away to stand next to Cyborg and Raven letting Starfire and Beast Boy converse about the "mutant ninjas".

With Robin being Robin he ordered, "Cyborg look up if anything from either Logan Industries or Wayne Enterprises was taken currently."

Cyborg raised a brow, "Why man?"

"Just do it and I'll explain afterwards."

With a shrug Cyborg began to look up for anything suspicious and sure enough he found something, "Yeah … Wayne Enterprises was broken into just last night. Something called a holo-flashback was taken."

"Damn," Robin cursed and shook his head, "I hoped not."

Now it was Raven's turn to raise a brow, "Robin … if a "holo-flashback" means anything like a projection of false security please fill us in."

"It is …" Robin looked around, "a small device no bigger then your thumb nail that copies a full room, then when scanning is complete and placed in the right angle can project the emptied room to be exactly that … empty."

The dots were connected and Cyborg jerked his head back, "Whoa … something like that actually exists? Man … if that's true … then all the guy needs to do is hack into the cameras and shut down security for a 5 minute window … less if you count the changing of the guards cause the report of the stolen artifact was 2 hours ago right?"

Raven nodded, "Just 3 minutes after the new shift started … the thief could have gotten anywhere with less than 2 hours … probably headed towards the city's limits if he's smart enough."

Robin growled again and spun on his heel, headed to the security room, "Don't encourage it … if Joe-Shmoe thinks he can get away with this in our city, he's dead wrong."

Cyborg sighed, "Here we go again."

Raven sneered and flicked her wrist in dismissal, "Let him go, Robin has to learn on his own that patience is a virtue … why do you think Slade keeps hammering him."

Cyborg turned to give Raven a defensive look for his buddy, but when he looked around he saw that she was staring at the spot the pendant was kept. Well more likely reading what the information box said. Tempted to just go over and get it straight that Robin works hard to capture Slade to ensure everyone's safety, Cyborg thought better, it wasn't worth the effort or the trouble.

So saving it for later Cyborg sighed again and followed after Robin to help speed up the investigation. All the while Raven glanced down and glared at the text within the box trying to understand why someone would steal this particular pendant when there were plenty more priceless jewels to be stole within the museum. To be perfectly honest the sorceress just didn't know what to make of thieves.

She knew – even if Robin preached differently – that there were some thieves out there that actually had a conscious and a moral outlook on life, if not slightly twisted and bent in their own dark deluded way. Raven knew there were good people with questionable backgrounds, but what she didn't know – or rather didn't understand – was their thought process. What gives them – the people who go about doing wrong – a reason to justify their actions?

Like … Jinx … or Red X ...

Maybe not so much Jinx since she switched sides, but Red X … what made him –

Cyborg sucked Raven back into reality, "Hey, Rae, time to split, let's go girl. Robin picked up a lead from the Chief of Police."

The Chief of Police …? Raven skeptically raised a brow, but obediently followed after the rest of her teammates nonetheless. Entering the T-car riding shot-gun since Robin brought his bike, the Teen Titans as a team headed for downtown where the Police Station was held. While on the way Raven's curiosity got the better of her, "What do we got from the Police?"

Cyborg shrugged, "Apparently, Inspector Chris might know who our mystery thief is … if not the exact person, then the person who might be buying it off the black-market."

Raven nodded finally understanding what was going on, by the time they reached the station – the station wasn't far from the museum anyway and traffic was light. Which gave room for Robin and Cyborg to actually speed through the crammed streets of Jump City, and with no time at all they were parked in front. Robin leading the way up the steps and the rest of his team close behind, they all walked up to the front desk of the station and Robin demanded the directions to the chief of police's office.

The police officer seeing who they were nodded them towards the hall and directed them to the office that read in dull gold letters Chief of Police. Yep, if that isn't blunt enough Raven didn't know what was and waited out in the hall as Robin knocked on the door, "Chief."

"What do you want?" a very unpleasant voice sounded from inside the room.

Robin calmly informed him who he was, "It's the Teen Titans, you called us up about some information you might have on the stolen Pendant down at the Museum 16 blocks from here."

Silence on the other side, a bit of shuffling and if they listened close enough a bit of grumbling to as the Chief opened the door and ushered them in. A man in his mid-40s a bit gray from all the stress work of being an officer, hard dark brown eyes and wrinkled skin from the times, he took his seat behind his desk and offered what little room he had. Sighing he eyed the group of teenagers with a bit of skepticism and scoffed, "Teenagers … what do you kids know about the criminal world huh?"

"A lot more than you think," Robin defended against the critiquing eyes of the chief, glaring at him with his cold white mask, "sir, it's within my understanding that you hold something of value to us to track down this thief and the pendant he stole."

The man flicked his wrist and dismissed the thought, "Taken care of, he's all ready in custody, got busted for a broken tail light a few blocks from here. Found that the ride he was in was reported stolen."

Robin jerked his head back, perplexed, even Raven raised a brow in question as Starfire leaned closer to the chief and asked innocently, "Excuse me sir, but it is my understanding that you have already apprehended this criminal correct?"

The chief shrugged, "That's what I just said."

"Then why call us?" Beast Boy chimed.

"Because …" the man scowled and leaned on his desk closer to the Titans, giving them each and every one hard looks, reaching into his drawer he pulled something out and tossed it across the table for all to see. Starfire gasped and brought a hand up to her mouth in a futile effort to silence her shock. Beast Boy's mouth fell open right along side Cyborg's and Robin's brow furrowed. Obviously getting angrier and far more confused by the second, Raven, being the least surprised out of the four actually reached out to the mask to check it's authenticity as the chief explained, "It was found tossed in the trunk of an illegally tuned vehicle."

White … black outlines where the eye slits were … and the unmistakable red X crossing over the right eye. It struck uncertainty in most of the Titans hearts and disbelief in at least two of them, disbelief because these two doubted that Red X could have been taken down so carelessly. If it was one thing Robin knew first hand, and Raven observed from the distance was Red X wasn't careless. He was arrogant, cocky, and overbearing … not an amateur.

"Illegally tuned?" Starfire raised a brow in confusion taking her eyes off the item within Raven's hand as she turned it flipped it and eyeballed it as close as she could with Robin hovering over her shoulder.

Cyborg explained in the language she might understand, "It's a car that's been tricked out, you know pumped up with highly explosive chemicals that'll make the car take off in a flat second and leave factory made cars in the dust if the driver can handle the power. But illegally means that all the parts on the thing might have been stolen."

"Oh …" Starfire nodded then asked, "So … does that mean … it's a sort of … race car?"

"Street racer," Robin informed as he took the item from Raven, "possibly a dragger …"

"… What's a drag –"

"Straight race from point A to point B see who gets to point B the fastest." Robin again informed as he looked up at the chief, "Where is he? You put him in a level 4 containment cell I hope."

The chief sneered, "I'm not stupid kid. After we searched his car and found that, I practically saw what he did to my men, it took at least five of us to hold that little bugger down, 7 if you count the two officers that were pointing guns to his head to get him to chill."

"Can we see him?" Robin more demanded than asked as he handed the mask back to Raven.

"Sure you can," the chief got up form his chair and lead the group towards the exit, "he's the one who called you guys here anyway."

That made the Titans stop and look at one another.

Robin shook his head and followed after the chief the rest of his team in tow, Raven pulling up the rear, pulling her hood up and floating an inch off the ground in thought. Not really liking how this was going, she felt like they – her and her team – were being set up into a trap somehow. An uneasy feeling and it only grew darker and darker as they arrived at the section of the holding cells where the level fours were kept on tight lockdown. Gray walls, gloomy as hell – pun intended – the Titans were lead to a bright white room split in half by a clear glass and as usual a two-way mirror on one side of the room.

The chief stood with them, but Robin interjected, "Um, sir, if you don't mind … is it okay if there's no surveillance of your men on this."

The chief narrowed his eyes suspiciously on Robin; of course he never knew that Robin used to be the one in the Red X suite before this Red X, but with that suspicious look on the chief's face caused Robin to sort of shuffle uncomfortably. Raven bit down on her lower lip discreetly and stayed in the near back of the room while the chief sighed and shrugged, "Whatever."

He gestured to the windows to send in the prisoner and to clear out of the mirror as he did the chief exited the room, but not without turning around and informing the crew, "By the way … in his files we found out that he goes by the name of Jax … Jax San Nicolas."

Beast Boy raised a skeptical brow, "Jax …? With an x?"

"Sounds fake …" Robin said with a deep scowl on his face.

"Actually it's quite real," all the Titans turned to look on the other side of the glass to see the man behind the mask with the vibrant drop dead gorgeous jade green eyes. Rare, jade-green eyes for a possibly 18 year old mastermind thief, charming looks – very charming – not at all what Starfire or the rest of her team had expected. In fact, he looked good enough to be considered a Hollywood star with that spiky hairstyle of his. Although, just like everyone expected though, was the unmistakable grin he had on his face, that grin all the Titans imagined was behind the mask. Arrogant, self-centered, cocky, conceded, overbearing, and egotistical, he winked at Starfire and chuckled, "Hey cutie, nice seein' you again."

Robin step in between X's view of Starfire and stood up close to the glass, growling, "Even behind bars you still can't grasp the seriousness of the situation."

X tilted his head, "Technically, kid, its glass … bulletproof too … with the right tools I can shatter it in a second."

"I'd like to see you MacGyver that trick."

"Let me out of this little play-pin and I can teach you a little something that might improve your dark side a little more," he chuckled and it sent a shiver down Starfire's spine, he sounded so promising and devious … but at the same time … awfully inviting. Cyborg and Beast Boy glanced at one another, unsure where this was going as Robin clenched his hands into tight fists. X smirked, "that's the only reason why Slade never believed your act … you're literally too good for it."

Robin took a step closer to X, who equally squared off with him close to the glass, "What would you know about Slade …"

X laughed quietly, but loud enough and soft enough for the rest of the Titans to hear as he whispered, "A lot more than you think Boy-Wonder … I mean … he was the one that paid me to get him the Pendant of Infinity."

That spiked interest and Raven came closer, "What did he want with it?"

"Wouldn't you like to know … ah-hah!" X laughed and turned his back on the Titans.

Robin, out of frustration rushed the glass and banged his fist on it, "You son of a bitch! You think everything is a goddamned game!"

"Yo! Robin! Chill man!" Cyborg came up behind him and put a hand on his friend's should to calm him down.

While X looked over his shoulder and snorted, "You got a temper on you … better get it checked or I'm gonna bounce right outta here and you'll never get the chance to see the man behind the mask."

That made Robin narrow his eyes in suspicion, "What …"

"For all my natural life, I've never stuttered kid," he turned to face them once more and crossed his arms over his chest with an almost devilish look on his charming face, "oh … have I gotten your attention? Great! Now let's get down to business shall we?"

"Hold the damn phone." Cyborg glared, not liking how this character was playing them for a fool, "What business … why'd you call us here … what's going on exactly!"

"Get real Cy," X sneered, "I'm Red X … did you really think I'd allow these Showtime Cops to seriously take me down this easily? You give me too little credit!"

"And you talk too much for a thief," Cyborg growled, "What is it you really want?"

"To help you, is it so hard to believe?" Cyborg shot him a dry look, and X scoffed, "Alright, so I've been a bit out of line here and there … but I've made up for it."

"How so?" All heads turned to the girl in the back of the room, the dark sorceress with her face mostly hidden from the white brightly lit room under her hood, she looked up and her violet eyes held X frozen in place, "So you've stopped a crazed scientist from destroying the city … saved Robin the trouble of going against an entire fleet of villains just to help him protect a secret … what gives you any right to bait us with this kind of information and actually expect us to bite. We don't even know if you're who you say you are. You could just be a poser."

X's nonchalant face fell flat for a moment, before picking him a twisted gleam in his jaded eyes as he addressed Raven directly. Gesturing her with a finger to step closer, Raven – at first – didn't budge, seeing no point in playing the criminal's little game. However, that gleam, it sent an unnerving chill down her spine and out of pure curiosity she walked up to the glass. Where X leaned against it as if wanting to whisper in her ear as he said in a soft enough tone for only her to hear, "If I'm such a faker … then how would I know that you wake up screaming in the middle of the night after having a rerun of a nightmare about your demonic father."

Raven's mouth fell open in shock, her impenetrable wall that shielded the windows to her soul shattered and suddenly she felt so exposed. Staring at X with renewed hatred, she gritted her teeth and tried so desperately hard not to lose control of her powers, "You hacked into the Tower's database …"

"You got that right … just after I stole the suit too," X winked and his grin reappeared, "have I passed you little test yet, sunshine."

"… What do you know about Slade …" Raven asked.

X backed away from the window to get a better look at the rest of the team, "Well … I'll tell you this much kiddies, Slade's a blue-blood, meaning even the police can't touch him with the amount of money he has on his hands and the only way to get close to him is the go undercover."

"I tried that already," Robin argued, "he saw right through me."

"Well, that was you and that explains that screw up of a job. Look … I know I'm not the most trustworthy of guys out there, and frankly I don't give a shit, but face it … right now, I think I'm the only chance you got at taking this guy out … so what's the plan man?"

"We'll think about it …" Robin nearly threw up at the mention of even working with X, but X couldn't have had an even bigger grin, especially when Robin turned his back and headed for the exit as fast as he could.

Unable to even look the thief in his jaded eyes, X found that he wasn't done with him yet, "Oh … yeah … and by the way … I'm going to need a partner … cuz' this'll be an undercover operation and one of you is going to have to be doing exactly as I says. Looking forward to working with ya Rob."


Robin walked out, leaving the rest of his team to storm out after him, Starfire trailed behind and glanced over her shoulder to X who was already being taken back into custody of the police. X caught her eye and he winked, Starfire shuttered and quickly caught up to her friends. Feeling completely unnerved about this whole ordeal.

((--Titan Tower--))

"Easy Rob, breath, just sit down and breath …" Cyborg ordered as Robin paced the Ops Room vigorously, glaring at the ground, steam coming out of his ears and nose. Looking ready to tear the first villain that wanted to screw with him apart, with gritted teeth and tightly clenched fists, Cyborg shook his head, starting to give up on his temperamental friend, "… I don't know man … this seems sketchy … I don't like it."

"Red X is a sketchy character," Raven chimed standing at the bay window looking out to the city with her arms folded over her chest, shrugging she sighed, trying to hide the fact that she was just as pissed as Robin was about Red X, "you can't make heads or tails of him."

"Sooo …" Beast Boy, hanging over the edge of the couch looked around at his teammates, "what's the plan of action? Take him up on his offer … cuz' I think he's the real deal."

Robin stopped to glare harshly at Beast Boy, "He claims to know who Slade really is Beast Boy! That's already a far fetched story!"

"Maybe," Starfire defended Beast Boy against Robin's wrath, "but Jax is not one of our kind … he works around … how you say? The Underground? He could know more about these kinds of things than we do."

Raven sneered, "Starfire, there is no chance that Red X can know about Slade … and even if he does, how do we know he's not working with Slade to lure us into a trap? Might I remind you what trust got us into the last time?"

"This is different," Starfire argued, "Terra was a mistake that I'm sure we all forgave her for her misdirection, in this case, Jax is actually offering us a chance to find Slade … he's not asking for our trust, he's asking for our participation."

Raven rolled her eyes and returned to staring out the window leaving the rest of the discussion to her teammates. Cyborg took the floor, "Alright, let's put that aside for now and think about this one question … is going after Slade worth the gamble of working with a criminal?"

"No." Robin immediately apposed.

Starfire apposed him, "But what choice do we have?"

"We need proof that he was working with Slade Star! We can't just throw an unfinished boat into the damn water and expect it to float!"

"Please do not swear at me Robin," Starfire pointed out as she continued her argument, "And as I recall, I do not remember you thinking properly about a way to go around capturing Slade the last time."

"You know why I did that."

"Now I do, but it hurts when you mention nothing of your plans and still go about doing it without any reassurance that it'll work. You not only nearly coast us your life, but ours as well. You might be opposed to working with Jax on a personal note, but I suspect that it is the best chance we have at finally bringing in our most dangerous criminal. As the saying is on Earth: Fight fire with fire."

Quietly, almost unheard, Raven in the corner added, "Play with fire … and you will get burned."






Robin huffed and in frustration ran his hands through his spiky hair, hating the predicament that he was in he looked among his friends, his teammates and dejectedly he mumbled, "Fine … but he said he needed a partner … to go undercover. I'm out."

Beast Boy jerked his head back in shock, "Dude … but, this is Slade! I thought you'd be like the first on the bandwagon!"

"Slade knows me … that's how he caught me in the suit the last time."

"Shoots," Beast Boy jumped to his feet enthusiastically, "I'll do it! Undercover BB at your –"


Shot down by his entire team, Beast Boy plopped back down on the couch and pouted, "Fine."

Cyborg sighed, "I'm out, I'm too conspicuous … and no offence Star, I don't think you can lie."

"It's perfectly fine," Starfire smiled brightly, "I'm not very good at acting I supposed … but I think that just leaves you … friend Raven."

Raven scowled, "Out of the question. Slade knows me as well as Robin, it's too risky."

"No he doesn't," Beast Boy argued, "Slade was just after you because your dad told him to fetch you. I don't think he technically knows you as well as Robin … with Robin … well … he was virtually a stalker."

"Big words for such a small brain," Raven sneered, "would you like some ice too cool off your head before it over heats."

"Ha, ha, very funny," Beast Boy snorted, "but I don't think the Ice Queen's willing to share her ice, your majesty."

"Ooo, he has snappy comebacks, would you like some lasagna as a reward, Garfield?"

Before Beast Boy could comeback again Robin interrupted, "Enough, it's settled, Raven, I'm sorry, but you're the only legitimate choice we have for you to go on this assignment –"

"Find someone else," Raven snapped while walking off the bay window heading for the door that'll lead her to her room, "I'm not working anywhere near that criminal. It's better if we have someone that doesn't know him or Slade anyway."

"Wrong, Raven," Robin cut in front of her, to stop her advance, keeping his white mask on her violet eyes to make sure she got the point that this was a done deal, no argument case, "we need someone that knows X's tricks so they'll know what to expect if this turns out to be a scam. You're perfect for the position."

Raven walked up in Robin's face and pointed him in the chest, "Never … never in this … or any other lifetime will you see me with that creature."

With that … she walked around Robin and vanished behind the sliding doors out of sight from her friends.

Beast Boy scoffed, "Forget about her Robin, hey! Let's call up Titans East and see if they can help!"

((--Later that Night--))

((--Interrogation Chamber--))

"… So where's the rest of your squad? Decided to go on your own kid?" Robin gritted his teeth and looked away from Red X's arrogant jade-green eyes, glaring at the white ground. The usually composed leader turned away and began to pace the room, X watched him closely smirking like the cocky thief he was he chuckled and was about to open his mouth.

However the door nearest Robin opened and in walked the last Titan he had in mind. Not even in uniform, but dressed in a plain dark green shirt that had a hood on it, tight to flaunt her surprisingly curvy features. Low-rider black jeans and steel-toed black boots, she looked no more happy to be here than in a damn funeral. Standing next to Robin, she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him … not X, Robin.

If only looks could kill Robin would be nothing but ash right about now. Robin even looked away from her and tilted his head in X's direction, his mask giving the impression that he was looking at him, but X knew, he still couldn't hold their gazes. Especially with that scowl on his face, "Whatever you do, X, goes through Raven … whatever she doesn't feel is right or necessary for this assignment it doesn't happen. Got it."

"…" X thought about it for a moment, glanced over at Raven who kept her arms crossed over her chest moving her glare from her leader to him. He chuckled and shrugged nonchalantly, "I can deal with that … a shame it won't be you going on this little fieldtrip, I could use the entertainment."

No response, but it was quite apparent that Robin had really wanted to say something, however trying to keep this strictly professional, Robin kept quiet and with Raven the two walked out of the room. X walked towards his exit and waited for his release. Robin and Raven, waiting outside of the station, Robin sitting on the steps while Raven leaned against the rails, both of them looking out to the surprisingly quiet streets with one car passing by here and there.

Robin glanced over at his teammate and got to his feet, "Raven …"

"I'm going through with it already Robin, don't try to give me an ultimatum …" Raven turned to narrow her violet eyes on him, resenting him wanting so badly to rebel for her own selfish needs. Although, however cynical Raven may appear … being selfish was not one of her strong points – surprisingly – she thought more of others than she did of herself. Henceforth the reason why she was angry with Robin, he knew no matter how much she protested, if he put everything into words just right, she can break … and she did, "… you know this is what you want."

"Raven, I want what's best for the team –"

"Just keep telling yourself that," Raven snorted and turned away from him, "you might just believe it, we both know how self righteous you can be."

"Could you give me a minute to try and explain!" Robin grunted and muttered a few curses to himself. Raven raised a brow and looked over her shoulder, a sign for Robin that he was on the clock to start talking, "Look … I know this might not be the best of decisions … but right now it's an opportunity that we can't pass up. Come on Raven, you have to agree with me on that at least."

"Robin …" Raven huffed and flipped her hair away from her face, "… just make sure Beast Boy doesn't go anywhere near my room while I'm away … that's the least you can do."

She still disagreed with him.

Robin didn't like this, they were leaving each other on shaky grounds as friends, he didn't know what it was that made him feel uneasy, but that gut wrenching feeling was there. It only got worse when the doors to the Police Station opened and out walked X, dressed in plain civilian clothes consisting of a larger gray hooded jacket, a black wife-beater under it, dark blue jeans, and Timberland steel-toed boots. He grinned at the both of them and wrapped his arms over each of their shoulders, completely catching even Raven off guard as he sucked in a deep breath and sighed happily, "Ah, nothing like the sweet smell of freedom … I love you guys."

Robin shoved him away, "Get off me."

Raven slipped form his grasp and kicked him down the steps of the Police Station, scowling, eyes coming close to glowing a deep scarlet. Her anger only grew when X's cocky attitude showed as he controlled his flight down the stairs and flipped onto the sidewalk. Holding his arms out he gracefully bowed and grinned, Raven turned to Robin and pointed at him promising death as she growled low in a dangerous tone, "You owe me."

"Let's hit the road already sunshine," X at the bottom of the stairs with his hands propped up behind his head gestured down the street, "we gotta hit up a few places to get you set up for our little mission and if you wanna do this right, we gotta do this thing tonight."

Raven scowled and walked down the stairs, "Well, aren't you the poet."

X snickered his jaded eyes strangely glowing under the near by street light, giving him that enigmatic edge, "Didn't even know it."

Raven rolled her eyes and ignored him and looked up to Robin as X pulled something out of his pocket and pressed the red button on some kind of device. Yet, instead of anything going up in smoke, a loud roar tore up the streets shattering the peaceful silence. In a fraction of a second the X-bike was right next to its rightful owner. Raven and Robin both blinked in shock, but Robin more so in suspicion, glancing down the road it came from, he frowned. Suddenly not liking this idea, he bit down on his lower lip and dismissed it as paranoia, knowing already that he could trust Raven he nodded as she stepped up to X's bike.

"See ya later Rae."

Raven nodded and climbed aboard the bike – no matter how much her stomach protested to be so close to X she waved and hesitantly wrapped her arms around his waist. Robin fisted his hands, for some reason the sight made him sick to his stomach and X knew it with that mischievous grin on his face, "Don't worry about your girl kid, I grow on people."

And like that … with the rev of his bike waking up the entire neighborhood Raven and X were gone … tearing up the street as X zoomed out of sight. Leaving Robin all alone to contemplate if he really did believe the things he'd often tell himself.


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