Forbidden Love


He's a human. She's not. She was assigned to him. There was a boundary. But when they broke it, she will be taken away from him forever. Troypay

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Hey, let's get started. But first, I have to hypnotize you… So you would forget everything about HSM when you read this…


Why don't I have HSM? Oh ya, I don't own Disney



He was just a regular boy…

Shows Troy making a basket in the gym

With the perfect life…

Shows the crowds gathering around him when he got down from the bus

And a lot of girlfriends…

Shows Troy breaking up with a girl

She was just a fairy…

Shows Sharpay with wings wearing a white dress

She was assigned for him…

Shows Sharpay and Troy talking in his room

To help him find something…

Shows Troy and Sharpay without wings playing basketball

True Love…

Shows Troy wrapping his arms around Sharpay watching a movie in his room

But when he did find his true love…

Shows Sharpay throwing a popcorn and Troy eat it with his mouth

It was the only love he couldn't have…

Shows Troy holding Sharpay's shoulder while tears falling from her eyes

There was a boundary…

Shows Sharpay watching Troy from her table at the cafeteria

Shows Troy watching Sharpay on class

And it couldn't be broken…

Shows Sharpay in a court filled with other fairies

Because they live in the different worlds…

Shows the clear blue sky

Shows the earth

Will she be able to see him again?

Shows Sharpay sitting in her room staring into space

Will he get his true love?

Shows Troy watching the sky

Or will they be apart forever…

Shows Troy throwing a basket but didn't succeeded

Shows Sharpay sitting on the edge of her bed, a single tear tricked from her eye.


Zac Efron

"What do you mean we can't be together?"

Ashley Tisdale

"We live in different worlds"

Vanessa Hudgens

"You knew him?"

Corbin Blue

"Where are you going?"

Lucas Grabeel

"We have problem"

Monique Coleman

"She seems weird… but nice"

Chris Warren Jr.

"She's just… Wow"

From the author that brings you Reminiscing…

Forbidden Love

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