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Ever since he started carrying around a roll of scotch tape with him, Oshitari discovered it had many useful purposes. Not only was scotch tape able to fix up accidently ripped posters and stop a crazy fan-boying Gakuto from plotting against him, it also was useful for helping him add on to his fingerprint collection.

Yes, he collected fingerprints. It was a strange hobby, but he enjoyed it immensly. Plus, if Seigaku's resident genius collected cactus, he had every right to have a fingerprint collection. So far, he had the fingerprints of everyone on his team, just in case anyone decided to borrow any of his belongings without notifying him. An image of a certain short, red-haired team member popped into his mind. He was working on getting the fingerprints of the team members of the other schools too.

After a few weeks of carrying scotch tape, he started to believe tape could fix almost anything. And today, Yuushi was about to find a NEW method to use scotch tape.

Oshitari really didn't understand why Atobe had to make the whole team ride his private bus for an hour just to go to his private training grounds when the facilities on campus were more than sufficent. Probably to flaunt his wealthy.

"Yuuushiiii..." Gakuto whined. "I'm bored."

He was too focused with playing with the tape on his fingers to pay much attention to his red-haired doubles partner, much less entertain the hyper acrobatic. "Really?" He asked sarcastically.

"Entertain me."

Darn. Gakuto had said those dreaded two words that he could not refuse unless he wanted to be subjected to constant poking and be the target of several paper airplanes. Sighing, he carefully removed the peices of tape that he had entwined around his fingers, scrunched them up into a ball, and deposited the sticky ball onto a nearby wall of the bus. It would be a nice surprise for Atobe later.

But back to more concerning matters. He had no idea how to entertain his partner. And Oshitari was absolutely sure that Gakuto wouldn't be entertained with a dictionary this time. (1)

"Give me your hands." He said after much thought. Gakuto held out his hands with a confused expression.

"What are you going to do? Wait! -- " Before poor Gaku-chan could finish speaking, Yuushi had swiftly used up a whole roll of scotch tape tying up Gakuto's hands together in a split second. The ends of the tape were well hidden too. Yuushi thanked his amazing dexterity for the success of his amazing feat.

Gakuto stared at his own hands. He tried to pull them apart by force, but that method didn't work. He tried to twist his hands to loosen the tape, but it held steadfast and burned his wrists. Gakuto twitched. He considered asking Yuushi for help. But then that means he would be giving into his challenge! And that would never happen! After several other fruitless methods, he even started to resort to biting the tape.

Oshitari smirked, looking at his handiwork. He was right. A bit of scotch tape could fix anything. Even a bored boyfriend. Now...where did he keep that extra tape roll?

(1) Reference to Winter Marshmellow's fic, "Definition". Read it, it's nice.

A/N: This fic was dedicated to Winter Marshmellow because she converted me to an OshiGaku fan while we were chatting in a guild on neopets. Yes. I play neopets.

I never wrote a Hyoutei fic before. And I don't think I ever will again because I probably got everyone's personality wrong. And I focused way to much on only Yuu-kun and Gaku-chan because I didn't want to ruin anyone else's character.

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